Seelhoff vs. Welch

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Interview With Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff
Helen Hegener

News Watch
Special Report

Linda Dobson

The Truth
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Shay Seaborne

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Seelhoff vs. Welch

Seelhoff vs. Welch

Seelhoff vs. Welch

Document Notes
Notes on Documentation
How to obtain court documents
Link to full copy of the transcripts
How to read these documents
More About Sherman Anti-Trust Act

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Notes on Documentation

It is doubtful that anyone can know exactly what happened during the past few years, concerning the events surrounding this case. We are offering the citations to the court documents so the reader can examine the records from which the author composed her summary of these proceedings. To skim over these issues and conclude 'All I need to know is that Cheryl's actions were wrong,' or 'All I need to know is that Sue Welch is guilty,' would be simple, but it would be an error, and the true significance of this information would be missed. There are much larger questions and issues raised by this situation, and we encourage everyone to carefully research the transcripts and exhibits, weigh the information presented, and make sense for yourself about the outcome. We present this information to help foster a clearer understanding of the various dynamics at work within the homeschooling community.
We also encourage you to review the instructions to the jury and in particular, Judge Burgess' instructions regarding the information presented in this case.

Transcripts excerpted from Trial Volumes 1 through 7: August 31, 1998 through September 8, 1998.
Volume 1 August 31, 1998 Pages 1-209
Volume 2 September 1, 1998 Pages 210-445
Volume 3 September 2, 1998 Pages 446-683
Volume 4 September 3, 1998 Pages 684-920
Volume 5 September 4, 1998 Pages 921-1090
Volume 6 September 8, 1998 Pages 1091-1317
Volume 7 September 9, 1998 Pages 1318-1323

In general, we have cited to Exhibits which were admitted at trial, but in a few instances we have cited to additional documents which were filed with the Court during the course of the lawsuit but which were not admitted as Trial Exhibits. These documents and all of the documents filed with the Court from the time the case was filed until it was finally settled are also available at the Federal Courthouse.

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Obtaining Court Documents

Documents can be ordered directly form the court by writing to:
US District Court
Western District of Washington
P.O. Box 1935
Tacoma, Washington 98401

A complete copy of the transcripts is available on an independent web site.

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How to Read Transcripts

Bracketed references are links to excerpts from the court transcripts and exhibits filed with the court. When you click on a link you will be taken to a passage that reflects the authors reference. In most cases we have attempted to offer enough transcript to give the reader a contextual sense for the reference. The numbers on the far left are page numbers and the indented numbers (1 to 25) just right of the text are line numbers.
Care should be taken to note the names in the brackets. For example: [Burgess, 1254] references the words of the Honorable Franklin D. Burgess, United States District Judge, from page 1254 of the transcripts. And we encourage you to review the instructions to the jury and in particular Judge Burgess' instruction regarding information presented in this case.

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More Information on the Sherman Act

Judge Burgess' instruction on the law to the jury begins, "Members of the jury, now you have heard all the evidence that you are going to hear in this case. It is my duty to instruct you on the law which applies to this case. You will have a copy of these instructions in the jury room. You will also have the exhibits received into evidence." [Burgess, 1254]
The judge says in his instructions, "To establish that the defendants violated the Sherman Act, the plaintiff has the burden of proving each of the following propositions: (1) an agreement, conspiracy, or combination among two or more persons; (2) that is specifically intended to harm unreasonably or restrain competition; (3) that one or more of the defendants' acts was in furtherance of an agreement, conspiracy or combination; and (4) that defendants acts actually caused injury to competition within the field of commerce in which the plaintiff is engaged. [Burgess, 1254]
Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute provides a good informational website for those interested in learning more about the Sherman Act: du/topics/antitrust.html

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Special Report: Seelhoff vs. Welch


Interview With Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff - Helen Hegener

News Watch Special Report - Linda Dobson

The Truth About Cheryl - Shay Seaborne

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