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American Crafter Round 1: Pallet Wedding Gift

First off: If your name starts with Tabatha, ends with Dase, and is soon to change, you might not want to read further if you want your wedding gift to be a surprise. Just sayin’.

I am so thrilled and honored to be chosen as a competitor for the American Crafter series hosted by Nap Time Crafters and the competition starts today!

For this week’s challenge, we were required to use something found at a hardware store. Now, I really was convinced that I was going to do something unexpected and out of the box. In fact, I made the Husband and kidlets roam our local Lowe’s for an hour this past weekend as I struggled to come up with something that would fit that “unexpected” project that I was trying to create.

If I’ve learned anything over my nearly 30 years {yuck}, it’s been that I can’t force something that just isn’t happening. Instead of coming up with something groundbreaking, I went with something that was in my heart and something that I’ve wanted to create for a good many months. I introduce to you my Pallet Wedding Art:

After I posted my first attempt at Pallet Art, I had many readers ask me how I created it. I’ve been wanting to do another one to show step-by-step how to recreate it; instead of showing that one, I made a new one that will be easier for the average crafter to make on their own. I hope you like it!


  • {7} 2×4 at 32 inches
  • {2} 2×4 at 24 inches
  • nails
  • hammer
  • gray acrylic paint
  • black acrylic paint
  • red acrylic paint
  • white acrylic paint
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Antique
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Finish
  • paint brushes


Let me say that I did not have the luxury of having 2 pieces cut to the shorter lengths already. I was lucky enough to use this sweet tree saw to cut my two smaller pieces. Be jealous. 🙂 Lay the two shorter pieces out and line up the longer pieces on top. Nail two nails into each piece of wood at each juncture.

When you’ve got all of your boards nailed into place, it’s time to paint! Because I wasn’t looking for a perfect finish, I used the least expensive craft paint I could find. Also because of the size of my board, I didn’t mess with putting paint out on a plate first. Go straight to the source and put paint straight onto the boards. {Word to the wise: don’t put squiggles of paint; make it come out in long lines. It’ll look more like wood grain.}

After the paint has dried, you’ll follow the directions on the back of the Antiquing medium. It’s a super simple process of mixing paint and Antique medium. Apply a heavy coat on top of the painted surface. Let this dry thoroughly too.

To create the heart, I free hand cut a heart from tissue paper and then traced it onto the pallet. Paint inside the traced line with the red paint. Let the paint dry; do you see a pattern here? When the heart was dry, instead of applying vinyl this time, I simply painted the happy couple’s married name and wedding date. This way, if you don’t have access to vinyl or a cutter, you have an easy solution. When everything is dry, apply two hefty coats of the satin finish.

Once that is dried, your amazing piece of art is ready to go!

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