how to dry puffy paint fast

How to Dry Puffy Paint Fast

Dimensional fabric paint or more popularly known as puffy paint is one of the preferred paints of crafters, teachers, and parents. Puffy paint, however, takes quite a while to completely dry out. If you don’t …

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canvas board vs stretched canvas

Canvas Board vs Stretched Canvas

If you are a beginner at painting and you are wondering which is better, canvas board vs stretched canvas, this article will help you decide. These two painting surfaces may look similar from afar, but …

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how to display canvas art

How to Display Canvas Art

There is no better way to feel accomplished and satisfied after finishing a canvas art than to display and show it to others. Many artists said that canvas pieces are the easiest artwork to display …

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how to make candles from crayons

How to Make Candles from Crayons

Here’s a bright idea: why not try creating colorful candles out of crayons? After all, crayons consist of wax and pigment. But how to make candles from crayons, that is the question. In this post, …

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