how to revive acrylic paint

How to Revive Acrylic Paint

As an artist, I understand the frustration that comes with finding a tube of acrylic paint that has dried up or become unusable. Acrylic paint is a popular medium among artists due to its fast-drying …

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how to get marker off hands

How to Get Marker Off Hands

It does not matter how carefully you use your markers. You will still get a bit of ink on your hands. Thankfully, unlike tattoo ink, marker ink will only lie on the surface of the …

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how to clean watercolor brushes

How to Clean Watercolor Brushes

For a professional watercolor artist or hobbyist like you, watercolor brushes must be your prized possession. You might have invested in premium quality synthetic or natural brushes to showcase your watercolor art in the best …

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what paint is safe for babies

What Paint is Safe for Babies

Doing a painting job inside your house for improvement is always a good sign. But when it comes to painting and decorating with your baby’s presence, you must consider first the safety of your child. …

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canvas board vs stretched canvas

Canvas Board vs Stretched Canvas

If you are a beginner at painting and you are wondering which is better, canvas board vs stretched canvas, this article will help you decide. These two painting surfaces may look similar from afar, but …

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gouache vs watercolor vs acrylic

Gouache vs Watercolor vs Acrylic

Are you a beginner at painting and you are currently at a crossroads because you cannot choose from gouache vs watercolor vs acrylic? Ideally, artists should be knowledgeable about all kinds of paint types. However, …

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best pens for zentangle

The Best Pens for Zentangle in 2023

Many artists practice Zentangle to present exquisite patterns and structured decorative designs, exhibiting complex yet precise details that can enhance your drawing and illustration techniques. But for some, this method is a therapeutic form of …

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