best watercolor sketchbook

The Best Watercolor Sketchbook for 2023

This article lists ten of the best watercolor sketchbooks you can use today. We all know that this is a specialized sketchbook designed specifically for creating watercolor artworks and sketches. Additionally, artists use watercolor sketchbooks …

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how to display canvas art

How to Display Canvas Art

There is no better way to feel accomplished and satisfied after finishing a canvas art than to display and show it to others. Many artists said that canvas pieces are the easiest artwork to display …

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gouache vs watercolor vs acrylic

Gouache vs Watercolor vs Acrylic

Are you a beginner at painting and you are currently at a crossroads because you cannot choose from gouache vs watercolor vs acrylic? Ideally, artists should be knowledgeable about all kinds of paint types. However, …

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what paint is safe for babies

What Paint is Safe for Babies

Doing a painting job inside your house for improvement is always a good sign. But when it comes to painting and decorating with your baby’s presence, you must consider first the safety of your child. …

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