best kneaded eraser

The Best Kneaded Eraser for 2023

Also known as putty rubber, a kneaded eraser is a flexible erasing tool used by artists to remove or highlight mediums such as charcoal, chalk, pastel, and graphite. Other uses include pruning lines and performing …

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best pens for zentangle

The Best Pens for Zentangle in 2023

Many artists practice Zentangle to present exquisite patterns and structured decorative designs, exhibiting complex yet precise details that can enhance your drawing and illustration techniques. But for some, this method is a therapeutic form of …

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how to dry puffy paint fast

How to Dry Puffy Paint Fast

Dimensional fabric paint or more popularly known as puffy paint is one of the preferred paints of crafters, teachers, and parents. Puffy paint, however, takes quite a while to completely dry out. If you don’t …

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what paint is safe for babies

What Paint is Safe for Babies

Doing a painting job inside your house for improvement is always a good sign. But when it comes to painting and decorating with your baby’s presence, you must consider first the safety of your child. …

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