how to clean oil paint palette

How to Clean Oil Paint Palette

If you are into oil painting, you know the importance of the painting palette to your hobby. However, many painting hobbyists do not enjoy the cleaning and maintenance side of it. It is a fact …

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how to dry puffy paint fast

How to Dry Puffy Paint Fast

Dimensional fabric paint or more popularly known as puffy paint is one of the preferred paints of crafters, teachers, and parents. Puffy paint, however, takes quite a while to completely dry out. If you don’t …

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best pens for zentangle

The Best Pens for Zentangle in 2023

Many artists practice Zentangle to present exquisite patterns and structured decorative designs, exhibiting complex yet precise details that can enhance your drawing and illustration techniques. But for some, this method is a therapeutic form of …

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how to make candles from crayons

How to Make Candles from Crayons

Here’s a bright idea: why not try creating colorful candles out of crayons? After all, crayons consist of wax and pigment. But how to make candles from crayons, that is the question. In this post, …

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how to get marker off hands

How to Get Marker Off Hands

It does not matter how carefully you use your markers. You will still get a bit of ink on your hands. Thankfully, unlike tattoo ink, marker ink will only lie on the surface of the …

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