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Berry Gift Basket

Sometimes I wander through the aisles of my local craft stores just for fun. Sometimes I have coupons to use, sometimes the kids and I just need to get out, but no matter how you stack it up, I just feel at home strolling through aisle after aisle of crafty, inspirational goodness.

This past Saturday was no exception.

I think that the combination of extreme heat happening around here (I’m talking 108 degrees here people) and dealing with the chaos that comes with the end of a school year, the kids and I needed a break. And if I’m being honest, Momma couldn’t handle anymore Octonauts or Doc McStuffins while breaking up fights over broken Happy Meal toys; you know what I’m talking about.

On this particular Saturday, I found inspiration as I was trying to stretch our excursion out for every possible extra second by walking down the scrapbook aisle for the fifth time since we’d entered the store. Here is what I came up with:

Sweet, right? She’s actually super simple to re-create on your own, cross my heart!

Here’s what brought on the brain storm:

I’m a true sucker for all things girly, vintage-y, and glittered. This pack of paper (DCWV The Spring Fling Stack) encompasses all of those things and there was absolutely no way to not put it in my cart. It just spoke to me…if paper could do that. 😉 I also knew that I had these amazing Berry Container Dies from Lifestyle Crafts. Hello! Marriage made in craft heaven, if I do say so myself.


  • Epic 6 * Berry Container Die
  • Weave Border Die * patterned paper
  • Glue stick * tissue paper
  • pop-up glue spots

To create your own Berry Gift Basket, start by using the Epic 6, the Berry Container Die, and the Weave Border Die to cut out your pieces. I chose to cut the border in a contrasting color, but it’s totally up to you. Using the glue stick, glue the bases of the berry box die-cuts like the #1 picture. Take the border piece and glue the center of it to one side of the berry container. You’ll end up using the border to glue the rest of the the sides of the berry container together. Cut one sheet of the tissue paper into strips to serve as the filler. The other nice part about the paper stack is that it had a couple sheets of cute tags. I cut one out and added the glue spots to the back so the tag stands out a little.

Done! I’m using this as an End-Of-The-Year Teacher gift, but you can use this super cute gift basket for just about anything. How fabulous would this be stuffed with some fun flowers or a gift card? So many ideas!

Don’t forget, you can always get 20% off your Lifestyle Crafts purchases by using the coupon code SWEET!

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