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The Best Bullet Journals for 2024

best bullet journals

The use of a bullet journal allows you to take advantage of a creative organizational system, which serves as a great substitute for the weekly or monthly planner people traditionally use. If you are searching for the best bullet journals to use, then be aware that a good one has a grid dot format, promoting ease in customizing the layouts.

Despite that, some are more in favor of using blank or ruled pages. The choice of the best brands for bullet journal will, therefore, be based on individual preferences. When making your choice, you have to consider a few factors, including paperweight, binding, and type of cover.

Even if there are several factors you have to consider when looking for the best journals for bullet journaling, you will still be able to receive help through the remaining content of this article.

Top Best Bullet Journals Reviews

1. Lemome Dotted Bullet Notebook Journals

lemome dotted bullet notebook journals

Do you want a bullet journal that is so aesthetically pleasing? Then I think this dotted bullet notebook/journal from Lemome may give you satisfaction. I am really happy with the cover’s leather appearance as well as how detailed the stitching is along the spine.

The paper is also ivory in color – with each piece having easily visible dots. I am satisfied with the appearance of these dots as they do not cause any distractions to my layouts. I am also impressed with how nice and heavy each piece of paper in the journal is.

Another favorable and nice feature of this option for the best beginner bullet journal is its highly durable and waterproof hardcover. I find this part of the journal highly sturdy and durable. I’m sure you will also fall in love with the gradient blue cover of this bullet journal. It features a logo in gold saying “Do what you love”, further boosting its style.

Another impressive built-in feature is the elastic closure. I find this one useful when it comes to giving the bullet journal a more secure and sturdy closing. You will also feel the convenience linked to the built-in pocket inside. What’s so nice about this particular pocket is that it is expandable, meaning you can store more inside it.

You will not also experience any problem carrying this journal everywhere, thanks to its lightness and compact size. The cover used is water-resistant plus each page of paper inside the journal is thick, further increasing its durability.

In addition, your writing experience will greatly improve with this journal because of its 180-degree lie-flat opening. In my opinion, though, the dots are too bold and dark to my liking. I would have preferred it if the dots were only minimally visible, just giving a slight guide for writing and making sketches.

  • Aesthetically pleasing and well-designed
  • Water-resistant and durable cover
  • Comes in a light and compact size
  • Features a secure and sturdy closing
  • Bolder and darker dots compared to other bullet journals

Overall, the quality of this bullet journal is remarkable. It is an incredible choice for those in search of a handy bullet journal that can be easily carried everywhere.

2. STM A5 Dotted Thick Paper Bullet Journals

stm a5 dotted thick paper bullet journals

If you are in search of the best beginner bullet journal, then you may want to consider checking out the Scribbles That Matter bullet journal. Even if you are still new to bullet journaling, I think the use of this notebook will still guide you throughout the process.

It’s nice to see it containing all the things you need to start making bullet journaling a part of your everyday routine. Among these things and features are the index pages, key code pages, and dotted numbered pages. You can use such features, along with a couple of color-coded bookmarks, to remain organized.

I am greatly satisfied with the exceptional thickness of the paper, too. Every page of this notebook has a weight of only around 160 gsm. Such weight and thickness make it possible to experiment using different types of media, like Sharpies. You can do this without having to worry that they will bleed through.

I like the fact that this dotted notebook features an attractive design. You are allowed to choose from its different colors, including deep purple and soft white. Regardless of your choice of color, you are assured that it will look beautiful. It also has a cover constructed from ethically sourced and high-quality vegan leather.

Moreover, this notebook comes with center and edge guides, making it possible for you to form spreads without counting dots. There are also pen test pages that are useful in testing new markers and pens, allowing you to find which ones are compatible.

Another nice feature is the expandable back pocket that you can use to keep and store things, such as tickets and receipts. However, take note that it is not intended for those who prefer to put numbers in their journal since this product already has prenumbered pages.

  • Good for beginners in bullet journalling
  • Beautifully and attractively designed
  • Has the right amount of thickness and weight
  • Has an expandable back pocket to organize things, such as tickets and receipts
  • Not ideal for those who prefer numbering their journals

It’s a minor and easy-to-accept flaw, though, but the overall performance of this bullet journal is pretty good. It also seems to deliver a pretty nice job as an option for the best bullet journal for beginners.

3. Dingbats Earth Dotted Proof Paper Notebooks

dingbats earth dotted proof paper notebooks

Another recommendation for the best bullet journal notebook is this earth-dotted medium-sized notebook from Dingbats. It has nice craftsmanship and expert design, making it nicely attractive. The fact that this wonderfully designed notebook is handmade means that every material used in creating it is well-chosen.

I also discovered how this brand was so particular in terms of sourcing. This is the reason why it is FSC-approved. The primary materials of this notebook are 100 percent recyclable and vegan, which means that Dingbats is an incredible companion in case you want to bring it anywhere so you can write down your thoughts anytime.

Among the things that left a positive impression on me are the notebook’s cream-colored pages. These are smooth enough and have zero chance of bleeding through. This notebook is also highly durable, which, I’m sure, you will be able to feel and witness, thanks to its strong binding and sturdy cover.

I am also happy that this notebook is made to be portable and light. With that, I have no problems carrying it around with me. I can even easily fit this notebook in my purse or bag. The included pre-numbered pages, page tabs, and future log, among many others, are the features that make using the notebook so convenient.

The lines used in each page of this notebook come at the right size and height, specifically intended to take notes conveniently. Each line is large enough, thereby preventing you from cramping your letters.

I am also fond of the built-in elastic strap, which tends to close and allows the book to be held securely shut as you carry it. Moreover, I am happy with the presence of the elastic pen loop found on the notebook’s side. You can use it to keep your pen securely attached to your notebook or bullet journal.

As for the downsides, I find only one that is minor – that is the fact that the notebook does not completely lay flat. Still, you can rest assured that it will not bother you at all and will not hamper your writing.

  • Nice and attractive craftsmanship and design
  • Has an elastic strap that will securely hold your notebook
  • Smooth pages with a low risk of bleed-through
  • Highly durable and strong binding and cover
  • Does not completely lay flat

In terms of design and performance, this bullet journal delivers. It is a high-quality bullet journal that’s meant to make your bullet journaling experience amazing.

4. Artfan Hard Cover Bullet Dotted Journals

artfan hard cover bullet dotted journals

If what you are looking for is the best affordable bullet journal, then this Artfan bullet-dotted journal may just be the one for you. The quality of this bullet journal is decent enough, which, I think, you will immediately notice from its feel and built-in details. You are assured of such quality even if this journal costs less than the others.

The quality of the pages of this journal is also impressive. It prevents any markers or pens from bleeding through. Another thing that I am so fond of about the pages of this dotted journal is that they are numbered.

The fact that it is numbered means it will be easier for any user, like me, to list down some parts or sections in the TOC (table of contents). Another impressive feature is the folded pocket, which you can see at the back. You can use it for storing items you intend to keep together with the dotted journal.

I am also happy that these are not stitched or glued in tiny parts or sections. With that, you have an assurance that each page you are using will lay flat. This is a good thing, especially when you create or use the pages of your dotted journal.

I am also glad that this dotted journal has rounded arc corners. The reason is that these can prevent you from cutting your hands accidentally. It is also compact and portable, thereby promoting ease in carrying it wherever you decide to go.

You will also have a more comfortable experience reading and taking notes with a 180-degree opening. You will get to write by hand without worrying about any distractions.
There is a downside in this dotted journal, though – that is the fact that its cover does not have any texture in the grain. With that, even the slightest crease or dent can show up.

  • Reasonably priced despite its impressive quality
  • Compact and portable, promoting ease in carrying it anywhere
  • Allows you to read more comfortably and take notes more efficiently
  • Features a folded pocket to store some items
  • Lack of texture in the cover’s grain

Overall, this affordable bullet journal will not let its users down. The performance and quality of this bullet journal are top-notch, so it’s worth including in your list of choices if you are in search of the best books for bullet journaling.

5. ZenART Soft Cover B5 Dotted Journals

zenart soft cover b5 dotted journals

If you are in desperate search of the best notebooks for bullet journal, then you may want to consider getting the Lay Flat B5 dotted journal offered by ZenArt Supplies Store. One advantage of this dotted journal is that it comes at a decent size at B5, which means that it is flexible enough to deal with all the things you intend to give to it.

The size is also compact, light, and small enough that popping it inside your bag is easy. I am specifically fond of the 180-degree lay-flat spine of this dotted journal. The reason is that I find it useful in making the journal remain open when necessary, giving you a quick glimpse or overview of what’s inside.

The dotted grids also have perfect alignments with their 5-mm spacing each. With such nicely aligned dotted grids, you can easily use it for writing and organizing even large plans. It is devoid of any lines that will most likely end up ruining your bullets. What it has are small dots to make your writing more organized.

I am also impressed with the included practical index pages. You will find these pages useful in composing writeups based on the manner you intended to. I am also happy that there is an expandable inner pocket, which can be found at the back.

It is meant for storing and organizing some important notes and items. Moreover, there are indexing and archiving stickers that you can use in monitoring things. However, one issue I have with this bullet journal is that its elastic band is not as durable as I initially expected. I feel like it would snap anytime soon.

  • Good and flexible size at B5
  • Compact, light, and small, making it easier to bring anywhere
  • Allows you to compose writeups based on your preferences
  • Comes with indexing and archiving stickers
  • The built-in elastic band is not that durable

Overall, most users say that this bullet journal has everything they want and need from this type of product. The feel of each page, the overall appeal of the journal, and its durability and versatility are something to look forward to when using it.

6. SeQeS Bullet Bleedproof Dotted Grid Notebooks

seqes bullet bleedproof dotted grid notebooks

Another option for the best bullet-dotted journal today is the one from SeQes. I think the ultimate best feature of this dotted journal is its 160gsm thick paper. Each piece of paper comes at just the right amount of thickness, giving users an incomparable experience when it comes to writing.

I noticed that the thickness of the paper makes writing using the pen smooth and effortless. It also lowers the risk of the ink bleeding into the pages of the paper. With the help of this dotted journal, you can make your imagination and creativity run wild.

It gives several opportunities for vibrantly and precisely putting your ideas and thoughts to fruition. This dotted journal is beautifully made and gives you a couple of options when it comes to its grid dot versions – including the ginkgo leaves, oak leaf, and bee.

I am also impressed with how tight the bindings are. This is a big help in ensuring that all the pages are secure. The cover also has a nice color and design plus the paper is thick enough that you don’t have to worry whenever you write in it.

Even the extras included in this journal are super helpful, including the marker ribbons, elastic close, pocket, and pen loop. In addition, you will be able to use the other add-ons in this product, like the stickers, ruler/stencil, and designer paper clips.

The dots in this journal are also light. They are evenly spaced, which is a good thing for people like me who prefer symmetry and coordination. With that, I can make consistent drawings since the dots are in a similar spot all the time. The fact that each dot is light also means that it will only guide you, instead of interfering with your drawings.

One thing I noticed in this dotted journal, though, is that its pages are fewer compared to other journals because of the thickness of each page. I also find the ribbons of the bookmarks quite flimsy.

  • Thick pages, making it ideal for writing
  • Has a low chance of bleeding through
  • Beautifully made and well-constructed
  • Has plenty of add-ons, including marker ribbons, stickers, and designer paper clips
  • The number of pages is fewer compared to other dotted journals

To conclude, this product is highly satisfying. I discovered that it is a great choice, especially for beginners who wish to give bullet journaling a try.

7. LEUCHTTURM1917 Softcover A5-123 Dotted Notebooks

leuchtturm1917 softcover a5-123 dotted notebooks

I think that this dotted journal/notebook from LEUCHTTURM1917 is a perfect fit for beginners as well as advanced users of bullet journals. Among the most noteworthy features of this notebook are its well-printed dotted lines as they promote ease in forming your preferred organized and structured system.

I am also happy that this dotted softcover notebook comes in a convenient and comfortable size. At A5, I’m sure I will never have problems putting this inside my bag or purse. It also has different versions in terms of colors. In other words, you have several options depending on what you wish your journal to portray.

This notebook also seems to deliver a good performance in terms of recording thoughts, travel details, drawings, art, or anything that I’d like to record. It even functions nicely whenever I need to stuff it with certain items, specifically from the places where I visit.

The inclusion of the pocket at the back of this dotted notebook also makes using it very convenient. I am also fond of the elastic band as it comes with a certain pull. I can also say that it is a fantastic substitute for moleskin. I am satisfied with the soft cover since it is lightweight plus rolling over each page is highly convenient.

There are also several extras in this softcover notebook. It has a sheet with lines, labels, as well as a grid paper, which allows you to place it behind the page while writing in an almost straight manner. I am satisfied with the pocket at the notebook’s back inner cover as it is useful for storing mementos.

One thing I dislike about this dotted notebook, though, is that it is prone to bleed through. I found out that the paper was not thick enough, causing some pens to bleed.

  • Has well-printed dotted lines
  • Comes in a comfortable and convenient size that you can easily bring with you
  • Has different colors and versions to choose from
  • Features several add-ons and extras, like the lines, labels, and pocket
  • Prone to bleed-through

Despite the issue with bleed-through, this dotted notebook is still worthwhile to include in your list of choices for the best bullet journal. It still delivers on its promise but you just have to be careful with the pen you use to lower the risk of bleeding.

8. Ottergami Bullet Dotted Journal Set

ottergami bullet dotted journal set

Another beautiful journal that works nicely when used for bullet journaling is this bullet-dotted journal from Ottergami. I can say that it does not fail its users in terms of delivering what it promises. For one, the weight of the paper matches the 150 GSM indicated in the description.

The paper is heavy and thick, so there is a low chance for pens to bleed through. This gives the paper a high-quality feel. I am also satisfied with the thickness of the cover as well as the decent quality of the lay-flat spine.

I am thrilled to say that the cover of this dotted journal is soft without losing its sturdiness. It is of impressive quality and each paper is smooth. It has a good weight that really prevents the pens or any other writing material you use from bleeding.

One more thing I like about this dotted journal is the pocket at the back. It helps a lot in holding the stencils that come with it as well as the tiny papers you wish to store and keep.

Aside from the thick and nice quality paper, it also has excellent printing. The cover has a cute and nice design and it has a box filled with a lot of extras – among which are the stencils, bookmark ribbon, elastic closed keeper, pen holder, and stash pocket. It also comes at an affordable price while having the same quality as other high-end brands.

However, there is one drawback to this bullet-dotted journal – that is it does not have numbered pages. This is a hassle, especially if you are like me who does not want to add a number to each page manually.

  • Heavy and thick paper with a low chance of bleed-through
  • The lay-flat spine is of impressive quality.
  • Each page of the paper is smooth, promoting ease of writing
  • Nicely designed cover
  • Lacks numbered pages

Still, it is a decent bullet journal that delivers a good performance despite being priced low.

9. Vivid Scribbles Bleed Proof Thick Dotted Journals

vivid scribbles bleed proof thick dotted journals

Are you in search of a dotted journal that promotes self-expression? Then this journal from Vivid Scribbles Store will not let you down. This well-designed dotted notebook is sure to motivate you to become more creative in expressing yourself.

It has lovely and premium designs that inspire you to put in anything you can think of there, including your thoughts, ideas, quotes, calendars, and lists, among many others. I am amazed at the perfect size of this journal, too. The size is just right and convenient to carry around while inside your purse, backpack, or bag.

The quality of each piece of paper included in this notebook is quite good. The paper for each page is thick enough that it stops any user from worrying about the possibility of a bleed-through. You will also love the nicely designed small box where it is enclosed. It keeps the notebook secured while showing off its creativity.

The cover of the dotted journal is made of thick cardboard, which showcases its durability. You can also see the pages being stitched in, instead of being glued or stapled. This keeps each page secure.

Another nice and nifty feature I like in this dotted journal is the small pocket, which you can find at the back, specifically at the opening to the spine. Apart from the inside pockets, I’m pretty sure you will also be fond of the numbered pages of the notebook.

There is a minor flaw in this dotted journal, though – that is the stickers included are made of paper. Still, if you rarely use stickers, the features and benefits of this dotted journal will be more than enough.

  • Allows self-expression
  • A well-designed journal that is suitable for writing creatively or taking down notes
  • Convenient to carry around, thanks to its good size
  • Stitched pages, making them secure and sturdy
  • The added stickers are only made of paper

Despite the minor flaw, Vivid Scribbles dotted journal still delivers on its promises and fulfills them. It does a great job as a journal that people can use for bullet journaling.

10. String & Space Bullet Dotted Grid Notebook Journals

string & space bullet dotted grid notebook journals

Last but surely not least is the String and Space Store bullet dotted journal. It was made with quality materials and a very nice design, which is a good thing as it can inspire you to become even more productive and creative.

The cover has a classic look and design. You can find the cover embossed with a star design while having rose gold gilded edges. I am so happy with the overall convenient size of this notebook as it means I will never have a hard time putting any idea or thought I have into paper.

This journal is thick at 170gsm. It is thicker compared to other journals that may have been introduced to you. This thickness is good as it can give each page a sturdy and quality feel.

I am also satisfied with the fact that this notebook opens flat effortlessly and conveniently regardless of the page you open. With that, I have an easier time forming and creating spreads. It is also a big advantage that this dotted grid paper is made to be ghost-proof and bleed-proof. It suits almost all paints and inks.

The number of pages in this bullet journal is also good enough at 160. This usually gives you enough space that you can use for your short-term projects as well as any long-term planning you have in mind. It also makes this journal more versatile, making users more productive and organized.

What I don’t like in this bullet journal, though, is the initial smell, which is kind of overpowering. Still, you have an assurance that this smell will go away after regular use.

  • Nice classic look and overall design
  • Convenient size for storing in bags
  • Thicker compared to other journals, making it sturdier and better in quality
  • Ghost-proof and bleed-proof
  • The initial smell is kind of overpowering

In general, I can say that this bullet journal is well thought out. From the neat packaging to the number of pages and the quality of the paper, no one can question the ability of this bullet journal to earn a high user satisfaction rating.

How to Choose a Bullet Journals

best beginner bullet journal

Do you want to choose the right bullet journal from your numerous choices? If you answer yes, then here are some attributes, qualities, and features you should look for when searching for the best bullet journal for you:

Good and reasonable size

It should not be too small or too big. If you go for a very big journal, you will end up not being able to bring it anywhere. However, if the journal is too small, your use of it will not be maximized.

As much as possible, pick a medium-sized one that provides a lot of space for forming different spreads. You should also be able to carry it with you or fit it inside your bag conveniently and comfortably.


best notebooks for bullet journal

You also have to take into account the GSM, which means grams per square meter. This can be defined as the paper’s weight. If the GSM is higher, expect the paper to be thicker, more durable, and heavier, too.

Since you will be using the notebook for bullet journaling, avoid going for a flimsy paperweight similar to the marble notebook since it may cause the marks of your pen to bleed through.

Choose a sturdier paperweight, so you can use your preferred markers and pens to scribble, draw, or jot without the risk of bleeding or ghosting. The best GSM number for journaling is at least 100.


best brands for bullet journal

Choose the right type of cover for the bullet journal, too. In this case, you can choose from softcover or hardcover and bound or spiral. When it comes to choosing between softcover and hardcover, you can make your choice based on your preference and how and where you intend to journal.

In case you intend to do your bullet journaling tasks in front of your desk, then expect the softcover to work nicely. However, if you wish to bring your journal anywhere you want to go, then go for a hardcover. That way, you are assured that your notebook will receive extra protection.

You may also want to choose between bound and spiral journals. Go for hardbound bullet journals if you want this item to have a classy look. In that case, stay away from a hardbound journal, which opens flat; otherwise, you may end up having problems writing on it.

You can avoid this problem if you choose a spiral journal. The fact that there is a spiral design also means you get to focus on one page rather than two simultaneously.

Thick pages

best books for bullet journaling

Look for a bullet notebook or journal that has thick pages. This is so you can lessen ink bleeds and show-throughs. This is especially important if you consider the fact that artist’s or felt-tip pens are the preferred choice when it comes to bullet journaling.

Without ink bleeds, you can use your creativity when using your bullet journal. You can also embellish or decorate each page without worries.


Finding the best bullet journals will surely help jumpstart your desire to start the nice hobby of bullet journaling. As much as possible, pick a bullet journal made of premium paper that has a sturdy and quality construction, as well as a compact size. It should also be reasonably priced, especially if you are still a beginner.

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