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The Best Colored Pencils For Adult Coloring Books in 2024

best coloring pencils for adults coloring books

The best coloring pencils for adults coloring books have distinct features that yield stunning blends of pigmented colors, premium quality cores, and effortless color laydowns.

So if you think you can simply pick up any coloring pencil set and expect to flourish the complex patterns or present vibrant hues in your coloring book, you’re probably off to a rough start. In that case, this in-depth guide perfectly suits you.

As you read on, you will find unbiased reviews of the top picks for the best coloring pencils suitable for adult coloring books. This guide also includes detailed buying factors that will help you choose the ultimate coloring pencil set for your preferences.

Let’s go further in this article and find your favorite pick!

Best Coloring Pencils For Adult Coloring Books Reviews

1. Zenacolor Coloring Pencils for Adult Coloring Books

zenacolor coloring pencils for adult coloring books

The highlight of these Zenacolor colored pencils is the 3.3mm oil-based lead that is ideal for filling complex patterns of adult coloring books. Since they are pre-sharpened, the pointed tips allow smooth and effortless coloring even in the narrowest corners.

As some of the coloring pencils I’ve tried typically broke or crumble when drawn on paper, I am surprised that these colored pencils did not crumble when I tested the pencils for quick initial strokes.

Perhaps, that’s the best thing about oil-based colored pencils such as this set: sharp, precise, and clean applications.

That said, artists and beginner colorists can fill in every steep space and even the challenging shapes in an adult coloring book without all the messy crumbs and pigment residues.

Besides that, the stunning range of 120 unique shades provide a sheer diversity of colors from the classic black and white to the mesmerizing metallic and dry pastels. The possibilities are endless, especially when working on different patterns and shapes.

The highly pigmented colors did not disappoint, presenting vibrant hues that can easily be blended and customized according to one’s preferred depth. I like how the soft and bold cores produce solid colors that do not appear greasy or overly dry.

Moreover, the sturdy and compact cardboard box, consisting of three layers with 40 pencils each, offers organization, safety, and portability.

My only concern is the color discrepancy on some shades. For instance, shades like Peach Puff, Apricot, Honey Orange, and Sand Brown appear a bit identical.

Nevertheless, I find this set a great value for money, considering the quality and the vast color assortment.

  • Offers an exceedingly vast range of 120 unique and vibrant colors
  • 3.3mm oil-based lead for soft, bold, and precise strokes
  • Portable design with a sturdy cardboard box for easy storage and transportation
  • Versatile application for various art tasks
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • There’s a color discrepancy on some shades

Overall, I consider this the best brand of colouring pencils for experienced artists as well as beginner colorists who are after clean and precise applications. These coloring pencils have durable pigmented cores that will help them fill complex patterns and shapes effortlessly.

2. Black Widow Colored Pencils For Adult Coloring

black widow colored pencils for adult coloring

I usually opt for wax-based colored pencils when the shapes and patterns of adult coloring books call for smooth and effortless applications. That means seamless color blends and gradients that do not smudge too quickly.

For that reason, I’m happy to share my experience with this Black Widow colored pencil set, which is all about rich pigments and creamy textures. Surprisingly, they blend so easily with little to no gaps between colors.

They have waxy cores that render silky smooth applications, gliding effortlessly across the page without smudging. I usually find the results satisfactorily, with the creamy, velvety finish that can customize color dimensions.

Mind you, a little goes a long way with these pencils. So, I suggest you be careful when coloring, especially when shading around delicate patterns or details.

Thus, these pencils only require minimal pressure or friction to achieve smooth and vivid color laydowns.

I must also mention the durability of the colored pencils in this set. While they have soft and waxy cores, the leads do not crumble or break easily, which is an advantage when sharpening or coloring for extended periods.

Apart from that, the color chart and unique color names and number codes as well as the comfortable grip make these coloring pencils accessible and convenient to use.

The only slight downside is the limited color selection. I hope the manufacturer would offer a wider color count than 24.

  • Silky smooth coloring experience
  • Vibrant colors without duplicates
  • Blendable pigments that create a velvety finish
  • Durable pencil core that resists breakage
  • Comfortable grip with non-rolling design
  • Limited color selection

Needless to say, this set would be the best colored pencils for coloring books for experienced artists who need supplemental shades. Meanwhile, beginner colorists can take advantage of this set’s exclusive color selection to practice their shading and blending techniques.

3. FUNLAVIE Art Drawing Pencil for Adults Coloring Books

funlavie art drawing pencil for adults coloring books

As dainty as this set might be, every colored pencil is a treat for its sturdy core, pigmented color, and durable design.

The 24 color count seems adequate for beginner artists and those who need additional textures and effects when working with mixed media. Plus, they’re encased in a portable case.

But beyond these amazing features, I think the ultimate merit belongs to their premium wood construction. Crafted with care from solid beech, these colored pencils offer unparalleled protection for the delicate lead.

Such an aspect makes these colored pencils resistant to breakage, thereby ensuring long-lasting quality even when sharpened multiple times. For an oil-based colored pencil set, I did expect that level of durability and fortunately, these pencils are not a letdown.

But of course, the pigment quality also stands out as every pencil lends a beautiful color payoff. From deep blues and rich purples to eye-pleasing yellows and warm oranges, the range of shades is simply mesmerizing.

Moreover, these colored pencils are as pigmented as some of the wax-based colored pencils I’ve tried. The colors are brilliant, creating an array of pigmented hues, especially when laid down on the intricacies of an adult coloring book.

Besides that, these pencils are non-toxic and eco-friendly, making them safe to use for young and adult colorists.

On a different note, the caveat falls under the blending capabilities. They do create stunning depths and color combinations but not as seamlessly as I want them to be.

  • Premium wood construction for enhanced barrel durability
  • A vibrant range of 24 colors that offer an exceptional color payoff
  • Perfect for coloring books, adding depth and life to intricate designs
  • Glides on the surface seamlessly
  • Convenient packaging for easy transportation and storage
  • A bit difficult to blend

This may not be the best pick for blendable coloring pencils but they are reliable for producing impeccable color pigments and smooth laydowns. The rigidness of the cores will also be suitable for beginners to render colors with better control.

4. Wanshui Color Pencil Set for Adult Coloring Books

wanshui color pencil set for adult coloring books

First of all, the stunning collection of 120 colors is a lavish treat for every amateur or professional colorist. Not to mention the pre-sharpened tips. But apart from this beautiful color selection, the artist-grade quality of these color pencils is the true star.

Of all the professional coloring pencil brands I’ve tried, like Prismacolor, Derwent, and Faber-Castell, this Wanshui surprisingly comes close to their performance and quality but of course, at a more affordable price.

As one of the top alternatives for the best professional coloring pencils I have used, these pencils present highly pigmented blendable colors – all thanks to their soft leads.

The soft and creamy textures make it easy to get right into delicate spaces and lay down colors in my adult coloring book.

Luckily, they do not crumble or smudge. And the softness of the cores might seem a disadvantage, it actually isn’t as the leads are thick and rigid. That’s why they can withstand the test of time without any pesky breakage.

Moreover, the curated collection of vibrant pigments results in artwork that bursts with intensity. I like how each color appears solid and vivid but easily blendable when layered with other shades.

Aside from that, this set comes neatly arranged in individual trays within a sturdy box, which allows accessible and organized storage.

Meanwhile, there’s some color discrepancy among the pencils, specifically the fluorescent colors.

  • Impressive artist quality with robust leads for durability
  • A broad collection of 120 captivating colors that boost creativity
  • Thoughtfully organized packaging for easy access and storage
  • Pre-sharpened tips for instant artistic gratification
  • Great for adding depth and dimension to every art detail
  • There’s a color discrepancy with the fluorescent shades

I suggest giving these coloring pencils a try for experienced and beginner artists who seek adult-friendly and affordable alternatives for professional quality coloring pencils. It’s an inexpensive way to start and practice with broader shades to expand your palette.

5. Magicfly Art Colored Pencils for Coloring Books

magicfly art colored pencils for coloring books

Magicfly coloring pencils are like a burst of artistry in my hands, with their 72 vivid and bright colors – each stroke feels like a dance of vibrant hues. If you’ve just started with adult coloring books, you’ll find their thick oil-based leads effortlessly gliding across the paper.

Upon testing, I can tell that the pencils have high-quality cores that can distribute colors evenly. Mixing and playing with different hues, you can easily blend them well with one another to achieve your preferred color palette.

That’s why I recommend this set for beginner colorists. They’ll find the pencils easy to use and blend as they practice their shading techniques.

What also sets these pencils apart is the attention to detail in their design. Every pencil is marked with its color name, number, and lightfastness, making it a breeze to find the perfect shade for my masterpiece.

When it comes to safety, no need to fret. These pencils are made of non-toxic materials. You can immerse yourself in the joy of creating without worrying about any harmful substances.

While these pencils offer an incredible coloring experience, it’s important to handle them with care and apply gentle pressure. The leads, although thick in appearance, can be delicate and prone to breakage if excessive pressure is applied.

I would also suggest sharpening them manually and carefully rather than use an electric pencil sharpener to preserve the integrity of the coloring pencils.

  • Comes with 72 bright and high-quality colors
  • Thoughtful design with color identification and convenient storage
  • Compatibility with thin paper for precise and bleed-proof coloring
  • Versatility for sketching, shading, and coloring books
  • Safe and non-toxic materials for worry-free art sessions
  • Requires gentle handling to avoid lead breakage

Since these coloring pencils are easy to use, they would be a great set for amateur colorists or hobbyists who are practicing their blending techniques. Besides that, the detailed color names and numbers will help beginners to switch between colors more easily.

6. JOYSTAR Premier Colored Pencils for Coloring Books

joystar premier colored pencils for coloring books

These Joystar coloring pencils are all about premium quality and versatile performance. It allows you to create a myriad of bold, vivid, subtle, and stunning shading effects.

When it comes to adult coloring books, the 3.5mm soft core and unique design of these pencils have been a game-changer for me.

The leads are thick, rigid but soft enough to provide smooth color laydowns. I also like using these pencils to cover larger spaces.

Similar to the Black Widow adult coloring pencils, every application goes a long way for these colored pencils. So if you’re heavy-handed, you might want to go lightly as you navigate and fill in the complex patterns and shapes.

In addition, I found the consecutive numbering and color labeling on each pencil helpful as they make it effortless for me to find the perfect shade, even in the midst of a colorful adventure.

Meanwhile, I personally love the purely handwoven canvas pencil wrap as it adds a touch of elegance as well as provides excellent storage. Plus, a sharpener, a specialized eraser, and a pencil extender are included.

Just a heads-up, the pencils don’t seem to hold pointed tips well when I sharpened them. Hence, manual sharpening should be done carefully to prevent breakage.

  • Premium quality and versatility for achieving bold effects
  • Strong 3.5mm soft core for pigmented color payoff and large coverage
  • Features detailed labeling to easily switch between colors
  • Additional premium accessories; a handmade pencil wrap and quality sharpener
  • The pencils don’t seem to hold pointed tips well

Despite that issue, the thick and large leads of these coloring pencils can help both experienced and beginner colorists cover large areas. Moreover, they can render smooth color laydowns even with light applications.

7. Soucolor Artist Colored Pencils Set for Coloring Books

soucolor artist colored pencils set for coloring books

If you are looking for a massive set of colored pencils for your coloring book endeavors, I recommend this Soucolor set to use with your best pens for adult coloring books. This incredible set features a whopping 180 bright colors!

This set is a treasure trove of vision, all thoughtfully numbered and housed in a stylish metal tin box. However, one of the greatest assets of these pencils is the balance between firmness and softness.

As I apply them to the paper, I can feel the perfect amount of resistance, allowing me to effortlessly control the depth of color. Whether I’m a light touch artist or someone who enjoys applying a bit more pressure, these pencils adapt beautifully to my technique.

Additionally, with 180 vibrant hues to choose from, I find myself constantly inspired to experiment and push the boundaries of my creativity.

From rich earth tones to dazzling jewel-like shades, these pencils deliver a consistent color payoff, making even the simplest illustration burst with life.

Aside from that, these pencils possess a velvety and blendable texture that transitions from one color to another.

Whether I’m adding depth to a landscape or adding subtle highlights to my coloring book, these pencils deliver outstanding results.

On the other hand, you may need a bit more finesse and patience if you want nuanced shading effects. Although the pencils perform exceptionally well in vibrant color application, I believe mastering delicate shading may take some practice and experimentation.

Nonetheless, once you become familiar with the pencils’ characteristics, you can still achieve impressive shading results.

  • A staggering collection of 180 vibrant and numbered colors
  • Perfect balance between firmness and softness
  • Effortless blending capabilities for creating seamless transitions
  • Stylish metal tin box for easy storage and quick color selection
  • Delicate shading effects may require practice and finesse

Since these coloring pencils are only slightly forgiving when used for shading, I recommend this set for experienced colorists to achieve the ideal color impressions. The vast color selection would also serve as their color pool to explore more color combinations.

8. Art-n-Fly Oil Pastel Coloring Pencils

art-n-fly oil pastel coloring pencils

As an artist who seeks to unleash my imaginativeness on adult coloring books, I also experienced hopping on a colorful journey with the Art-n-Fly coloring pencils.

What sets these pencils apart is their innovative oil-based core. Unlike traditional wax-based pencils, these gems offer a sturdiness and intensity that elevates your artistry to a whole new level. They maintain a fine point and do not have any waxy residue.

These pencils glide on the paper with a velvety smoothness, enabling seamless blending. With a color palette of 48 shades, including a white pencil and skin tone options, this set offers a diverse range to satisfy any artful vision.

Furthermore, I was particularly captivated by the high lightfastness of these pencils. Even when exposed to the elements, my creations remained vibrant; the colors did not fade or dim.

Therefore, you can expect your coloring books to last long, especially if you want to put your artwork on display.

On the contrary, the case is my least favorite. I wish they were more durable and pleasing to look at.

  • Remarkable quality with long-lasting colors
  • Innovative oil-based core for precise detailing and intense pigmentation
  • High lightfastness ensures your artwork remains vibrant for years
  • Smooth blending capabilities
  • 48 diverse colors, including skin tones
  • Case quality needs improvement

Despite the minor drawback, these coloring pencils do not disappoint with color quality and lightfastness. That said, hobbyists and artists of all levels can benefit from these pencils if they wish to display their artwork or prolong its quality.

9. COOL BANK Artist Pencils Set for Coloring Books

cool bank artist pencils set for coloring books

Unveiling a symphony of 180 brilliant colors, each pencil in this collection by Cool Bank is a gateway to maximum creativity. Not to mention the affordable price for this extensive color selection.

When I tested them, I was impressed by the smooth glide and flawless blending capabilities of these pencils considering their caliber. Mind you, they aren’t artist-grade colored pencils as one might expect but would be a nice oil-based coloring pencil set for first-timers.

With every stroke, I noticed a decent pigment quality, which can amplify your artwork with a mesmerizing vibrancy. I can tell that the pigments are carefully formulated to ensure vibrant and true-to-life hues.

In addition, the cores are specially designed to resist breakage and crumbling, allowing for uninterrupted coloring in your coloring book. I have observed that they offer just the right amount of resistance on the paper, allowing for precise strokes and effortless shading.

Inside the set, you will also find a wooden sharpener and a metal sharpener, ensuring that your pencils are always sharpened to perfection. The two pencil extenders also allow you to prolong the life of your pencils by securely holding shorter pencil stubs.

Each pencil is meticulously labeled and numbered, ensuring easy color identification and quick access during your creative process. It also features a rubber eraser and a kneaded eraser, providing you with two versatile options for correcting and refining your work.

The storage case is durable as it is made out of metal. However, the trays that hold the pencils are constructed of thin and flimsy plastic.

  • 180 brilliant colors for limitless creative expression
  • Incredible color accuracy and consistency
  • Durable cores that resist breakage and deliver smooth, controlled coloring
  • Meticulously labeled and numbered for easy color identification
  • Includes sharpeners, two pencil extenders, a rubber eraser, and a kneaded eraser
  • The trays within the metal storage case are quite flimsy

Overall, this set is a perfecting starting kit for hobbyists and amateur colorists looking to practice and enhance their shading and blending techniques. They can play and experiment with an array of colors without spending a massive outlay.

10. Bajotien Wood Barrels Pencils for Adult Coloring Books

bajotien wood barrels pencils for adult coloring books

The vast spectrum of 180 mesmerizing colors is the highlight of these Bajotien colored pencils for adult coloring books. These pencils glide effortlessly due to their velvety touch, allowing me to create captivating compositions.

The rich pigments of the coloring pencils effortlessly blend with one another, which allow for effortless and seamless color layering. I remember crafting a vibrant sunset and a delicate floral pattern that seemed easy to color using these pencils.

Amazingly, the coloring pencils boast a watercolor effect. You can simply dip a brush into water and apply it to the colored pencil strokes on your paper. This allows me to create unique gradients and explore varying textures together with other art media.

Moreover, the premium lead soft core of these pencils delivers a sensory experience. The well-crafted barrel design also ensures their durability, allowing me to color with confidence and without interruption.

One drawback is that these coloring pencils are not as creamy as I want them to be. You might find that they feel slightly sketchy or require multiple layers of coloring to achieve the desired effects, particularly when working with lighter tones.

That said, if you’re an artist seeking for professional quality blending capabilities, this set might not be it.

  • An amazing selection of 180 vibrant and diverse colors
  • Good blendability for seamless transitions
  • Can be used to achieve watercolor effects
  • Premium lead with a velvety soft core
  • Durable barrel design
  • Less creamy; may need additional layering

Nonetheless, this set would be suitable for hobbyists and beginners to produce smooth color laydowns and versatile shading techniques in their adult coloring books. Although their blendability is not their ultimate merit, they can use this to render solid colors and intricate strokes.

What to Look for When Buying Coloring Pencils for Adult Coloring Books

best professional coloring pencils

Core Quality

The core quality is paramount in determining how well the colored pencils perform on paper, especially on adult coloring books. This also means sharpness, precision, ample coverage, or smooth distribution.

Colored pencils generally come in two main types of cores: wax-based and oil-based.

Wax-Based Cores – These are popular and affordable, making them ideal for beginners. They offer a soft texture that allows for easy blending and layering of colors. However, a downside to wax-based pencils is the potential for wax bloom.

Oil-Based Cores – These cores are harder, enabling precise sharpening to achieve fine points. These pencils deliver vibrant colors that resist bloom and have excellent longevity on the page.


Blendability is crucial for achieving smooth gradients and seamless color transitions. Colored pencils can be blended through techniques such as layering, burnishing, or using solvents, blending pencils, or oil-based components.

This enables the creation of beautifully blended colors, akin to oil paintings.

Pigment Grade

Normally, the pigment grade of coloring pencils for adult coloring books is classified into two types: artist-grade and student-grade colored pencils.

Artist-Grade Colored Pencils – Artist-grade pencils are the best colored pencils for professional artists. They are carefully formulated to provide intense pigmentation and achieve vivid colors in a single stroke.

With superior blending capabilities, they provide an immersive coloring experience.

Student-Grade Colored Pencils – While they may not possess the same level of vibrancy or blending capabilities as artist-grade pencils, student-grade options still offer a satisfying coloring experience, which is ideal for beginners and hobbyists.

Color Options

Having an extensive range of colors and shades of coloring pencils empowers you to tackle diverse coloring projects, be it nature scenes, underwater worlds, portraits, or abstract compositions.

Always consider the color options that align with your preferred coloring themes.


Lightfastness refers to the resistance of colored pencil art to fading when exposed to light. While it may not be a primary concern for casual colorists or experts, it becomes significant for those aiming to preserve or sell their original artwork over time.

Colored pencils with high lightfastness ratings ensure that your creations retain their vibrancy and remain visually captivating for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

best brand of colouring pencils

What are the challenges of using colored pencils for adult coloring books?

The first challenge lies in achieving seamless color blending, especially when dealing with the intricate details or difficult shapes in an adult coloring book.

Factors such as pencil quality, initial color selection, and individual experience or skill can make color blending a lot of work or even seem impossible to do to achieve the desired results.

Additionally, some pencils may not yield deep colors with a single application, which may require adding multiple layers for desired color intensity. Erasing can also prove challenging, as most coloring pencils do not offer easy erasability.

What is the best way to color in an adult coloring book?

When coloring in an adult coloring book, employing specific techniques ensures superior results. Begin with a gentle touch while applying strokes, particularly if you are a novice.

The preferred methodology involves transitioning from light to dark shades, although the reverse approach can prevent excessive blending. Applying shading techniques helps you create seamless color transitions with depth and dimensions.

If you are struggling with shading, it is to stop and take short breaks rather than adding multiple layers.

What is the best type of colored pencil in a coloring book?

Determining the optimal colored pencil type for coloring books depends on personal preferences and the desired outcome. Wax-based colored pencils are generally easier to erase and exhibit a softer texture, facilitating layering and swift burnishing.

Conversely, oil-based colored pencils employ vegetable oil as a binder, resulting in harder leads that retain sharp points and encounter fewer instances of breakage.


Being familiar with the best coloring pencils for adult coloring books is of utmost importance for any coloring enthusiast. The right coloring pencils can enhance your coloring experience with adult coloring books and yield astounding results in your artwork.

Keep in mind that when searching for coloring pencils, it is essential to consider factors such as core quality, blendability, pigment grade, color options, and lightfastness. These factors greatly influence your performance and art results.

I hope this article helped you in finding the best coloring pencil set. Happy coloring!

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