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The Best Drawing Pencils for 2024

best drawing pencils

There’s no denying that investing in the best drawing pencils of your caliber takes more than just the brand’s attractive packaging; a thorough research and comparative review should do.

This detailed guide will do that for you.

Settle for less than you need, chances are you’ll end up compromising the quality of your work. Opt for the best drawing pencil sets, you get to highlight your skills and draw your finest artwork efficiently. Apparently, we want the latter part.

If that’s been your goal whether to sketch for an art commission or draw your painting’s composition, it all goes down to these correlated factors: the pencil’s grade and your level or preferred technique.

But there’s more you need to know as you read on.

Best Drawing Pencils Reviews

1. Dyvicl Professional Drawing Sketching Pencils

dyvicl professional drawing sketching pencils

This top-grade set comes with an array of 12 pre-sharpened pencils, varying from soft to hard, ensuring that every stroke is a masterpiece in the making. But the best part? They’re all blendable.

I find them really easy to blend, especially when the drawings or sketches call for seamless layers of dark values. That said, even a young artist or a beginner artist can easily get a hang of these pencils and explore different sketching styles.

The amazing diversity of the pencil range unravels the opportunity to explore different textures and depths and achieve a high level of precision. That said, I consider these the best pencils for hyper realistic drawing.

The 10B pencil can create incredibly rich and dark shadows, while the 6H pencil lends itself perfectly to delicate outlines. The assortment makes the pencils ideal for rendering various depths and shading techniques.

Aside from that, what I truly appreciate about these non-toxic and eco-friendly pencils is their premium quality and feel.

Not to mention the hexagonal barrel feels sturdy in my hand, giving me the control I need to create precise lines. The unique barrel shape also lends an ergonomic grip, allowing artists to work comfortably for extended periods.

Moreover, this pencil set is remarkably versatile. Therefore, if you want to recreate a still-life scene or sketch a portrait, I suggest giving these pencils a try for seamless applications. These pencils can transition from light, feathery strokes to bold, dramatic lines.

However, I’ll be candid about one minor downside I observed. While I appreciate the soft leads for their remarkable shading capabilities, they did seem to wear down a tad quicker than the harder ones.

  • Wide range of hardness for different techniques
  • Sturdy hexagonal barrel for precision
  • Smooth graphite that blends effortlessly
  • Unique barrel design for comfortable use
  • Versatile for artists of all levels
  • Softer leads may wear down faster, requiring more frequent sharpening

Needless to say, this drawing pencil set is an ideal option for both beginners and experienced artists looking to elevate their artwork with various tonal values and realistic details. The blendability of these pencils can also make seamless applications achievable.

2. Prismacolor Ebony Graphite Drawing Pencils

prismacolor ebony graphite drawing pencils

The intense darkness of these Ebony Graphite Drawing Pencils by Prismacolor lends an air of depth to my sketches, setting them apart from the usual. This set always allows users to effortlessly transition from sketching to maze-like detailing without missing a beat.

I’ve always admired the versatility of these pencils. The ability to practice shadows, mid-tones, and fine details within a single set made exploring different techniques an absolute joy. Thus, if you’re a beginner, I suggest trying this set as well.

The cores of these ebony graphite drawing pencils held up exceptionally well, resisting the urge to crumble or break, even during extended sessions of intricate cross-hatching.

What I also love about these pencils is their velvety smooth lay-down. With each stroke, the pencil glided across the paper, leaving behind rich and well-defined lines. It also allowed me to capture the nuances of facial expressions and body contours.

One area where these pencils truly shine is their suitability for portrait and figure drawing. The 2B grade offered a delicate balance between creating dark, bold lines and achieving subtle shading.

In addition, whether I was sketching the delicate petals of a flower or boldly contrasting light and shadow, these pencils gave me the confidence to stretch my creative boundaries.

However, I must mention one minor drawback: the lead, while excellent for its purpose, is a bit fragile. While this allows for exquisite precision, it also requires a certain level of care to prevent breakage.

  • Intense ebony graphite for standout sketches
  • Velvety smooth laydown for rich lines
  • Resilient cores resist cracking and breakage
  • Versatile 2B grade for portrait and figure drawing
  • Encourages creative experimentation
  • Lead is fragile and requires careful handling to prevent breakage

Despite that minor drawback, these pencils are one of the ultimate picks for the blackest black hues should your artwork need enhanced dark values. Designed to freely explore different values, beginners can use these pencils to practice and enhance their shading techniques.

3. BRISON Sketching Drawing Pencil Set

brison sketching drawing pencil set

As someone who’s perpetually chasing that perfect shade and stroke, the Brison Sketching Pencil Set seemed tailor-made to elevate my sketches. One standout feature that captured my attention was the meticulously curated selection of pencils.

The range of pencil grades beckoned me to explore the spectrum of tones and textures. I could effortlessly transition from complex details to sweeping strokes, resulting in sketches that exuded depth and emotion.

Ranging from the delicate HB to the rich 12B, these pencils offered a spectrum of tones that allowed me to capture the essence of my subjects. What also impressed me was how each pencil seemed to whisper secrets of shading and depth.

In terms of the tactile experience, I was drawn to the smooth texture of the environmentally-friendly wood. The way the pencils nestled comfortably in my hand felt like a partnership between artist and tool.

Another true gem in this set was the portable bag. A small detail, yet one that had a profound impact on my artistic endeavors. It became my art command center, neatly organizing my pencils, colors, brushes, and other essentials.

Amid the sheer brilliance, I encountered a small hiccup-those pencil holder snaps. They didn’t quite align seamlessly.

  • Thoughtfully curated range of pencil grades for detailed artwork
  • Artistically satisfying texture of environmentally-friendly wood
  • Portable bag for organized and convenient storage
  • Suitable for artists of all skill levels
  • Versatile set with a variety of drawing tools
  • Pencil holder snaps may not align perfectly, affecting the closure

In a nutshell, from its diverse range of pencils that dance across the grayscale to the carefully considered design elements like the portable bag, I think every aspect of this set feels like an invitation to create and explore.

4. Faber-Castell 9000 Graphite Sketch Pencils

dyvicl professional drawing sketching pencils

This Graphite Sketch Pencil Set by Faber-Castell set resonated with me on a deeply personal level. The leads are indeed the result of a meticulous blend of finely ground graphite and clay, effortlessly glided across the paper.

The richness of the lead brought a palpable depth to my sketches, creating a combination of light and shadow that added a layer of realism I had always longed for. With every line, an intricate interplay of darkness and intensity emerges.

Aside from that, the ability to achieve gradients and transitions felt effortless as the pencil glided across the surface, leaving behind a trail of gorgeous shades.

The range of 16 lead hardness degrees ensured that I had the perfect tool for every artistic venture. Composing bold strokes or even the finest details has always been achievable. It was as if these pencils anticipated my needs!

There were certain perks that subtly enhanced my experience. The pencils’ comfortable grip and ergonomic design allowed me to lose myself in the act of creation, free from discomfort or strain.

Furthermore, the pencils retained their sharpness exceptionally well even in long drawing sessions, sparing me the hassle of frequent sharpening interruptions.

While functional, I noticed a slight lack of sturdiness in the pencil case that left me wishing for a more durable enclosure, though it is only a small drawback that fades into insignificance when compared to the remarkable performance of the pencils themselves.

  • Leads made of finely ground graphite and clay
  • Offers a range of 16 degrees of lead hardness
  • Intensity in lines adds depth and drama to sketches
  • Comfortable grip and ergonomic barrel design
  • Pencils retain sharpness exceptionally well; ideal for long drawing sessions
  • The case, while functional, lacks optimal sturdiness

This set, with its finely crafted leads, versatile range, and unique richness, makes it a must-have to your art arsenal. I think these pencils can offer you a passage to explore, create, and etch your unique mark onto the canvas of imagination.

5. Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black Art Pencils

staedtler mars lumograph black art pencils

Venturing into multiple sketching tools, I found myself immersed in the Assorted Black Sketch Pencils by Staedtler. This set, boasting an array of six degrees of graphite hardness, unveiled a spectrum from velvety 8B to the balanced medium softness of HB.

The quality of these sketching pencils can embrace you, whether you are a fledgling artist or one who relies on drawing for a livelihood. Their smoothness resonated with every stroke, and the spectrum of shading capabilities they offered was captivating.

A standout trait was their resilience. These art pencils, unique in their bonded lead mechanism, defied the common breakage struggle while sharpening. It proved resilient during extensive drawing sessions and sharpening.

From the deepest abyss of black to the gentle grays, these pencils became my accomplice in developing difficult shading techniques and unusual tones. The 100B lead emerged as an intriguing revelation – it became my chief drawing tool.

The Lumograph series, grounded in sustainable sourcing, encompassed an array of leads suitable for diverse surfaces, which allowed me to draw not only on paper but on practically any flat surface.

On the other hand, the 8B pencil, while exceptional in many regards, did exhibit a certain scratchiness. Luckily, this minor downside seemed to yield a unique texture, which I found to be an asset in certain artistic contexts.

  • A diverse spectrum of six graphite hardness degrees
  • Unmatched smoothness and shading capabilities for all skill levels
  • Lead specially bonded to resist breakage during sharpening and drawing
  • Suitable for a wide range of shading and tones
  • Ensures accessibility to professional sketching surfaces
  • The 8B pencil may exhibit a slight scratchiness

Indeed, talking about pencil drawings that mimic realism or hyperrealism, this set proved to be an indispensable asset. Their capacity to deliver inky darkness, exceptional performance, and durability, makes it a highly recommended drawing arsenal.

6. MISULOVE Art Sketching Pencil Set

misulove art sketching pencil set

This affordable set of Sketch Pencils by MISULOVE offers the fusion of quality and value – the 12 pre-sharpened professional graphite pencils showcased exceptional craftsmanship while fitting snugly into the frugal artist’s palette.

One revelation that stood out was the utilization of a real brush tip within this set. With each stroke, I explored the vast spectrum of graphite hardness, spanning from the delicate lines of 4H to the intense darkness of 12B.

This array of pencil shades became a symphony of possibilities, allowing me to paint with lines and gradients, expressing my visions with multiple tones. The H-range pencils lent a lighter, nuanced touch; the B-range exuded rich depths.

I also observed that the specialized bonding that fortified the graphite leads rendered them resilient, minimizing breakage and amplifying their lifespan.

The exquisite interplay between the high-quality graphite and the lightweight yet durable basswood encasement was a delight. I marveled at the resilience of the core, which allowed me to achieve stunning coverage without frequent breakages.

Aside from that, the pencils interact harmoniously with the paper’s surface, leaving a mark that resonates with authenticity. The varying hardness of the graphite led to profound revelations.

While sketching, the realization dawned that these pencils were crafted with environmental consciousness in mind. Their non-toxic and eco-friendly composition conformed to stringent standards.

Yet, in this tapestry of creativity, a minor drawback revealed itself-I encountered a challenge when sharpening them using an electric sharpener. Thus, I was forced to only sharpen it using traditional sharpeners.

  • Incredible value for high-quality pencils
  • Real brush tip offers versatility in graphite hardness
  • Graphite leads are fortified with special bonding for durability
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic composition conforms to standards
  • Versatile across all artistic levels and purposes
  • May pose challenges when sharpened using an electric sharpener

Despite that small issue, the enduring advantages these pencils offered eclipsed this hurdle. Its affordability, artist-level quality, and versatility convinced me to recommend it to my fellow artists as well as aficionados.

7. Creative Mark Cezanne White Pencils

creative mark cezanne white pencils

This 12-piece set of white drawing pencils from Cezanne is definitely a steal for artists looking to elevate their drawings or sketches with shadows or highlights. I would also recommend this if you’re working with conventional colored pencils for adult coloring books.

Mind you, these pencils do not come in grades as black drawing pencils do. But all of them are reasonably soft, rigid, and highly blendable, which I believe many artists would want in a reliable pencil set.

Since these pencils all come in white, you can use them as a supplemental set for your preferred set of colored or black drawing pencils. I love how the pencils lend soft and smooth strokes, allowing you to easily create layers for enhanced depths and creative illustrations.

For a pack of 12, I find this practical to use for large-scale artwork projects or drawing sessions. Otherwise, the extra pencils would work great as backup should some of them wear out after extensive use.

The pencils also arrived pre-sharpened for hassle-free applications. They are easy to use, making them ideal for both beginners and advanced artists.

Impressively, the leads do not break too quickly even when being sharpened. However, I did notice that they do not hold their tips well, which is why precision isn’t their best feature.

Nonetheless, these pencils have soft but durable cores that blend beautifully to accentuate shadows, highlights, or light sources. I’ve also used them to add sheerness to my artwork to present an elegant flair.

  • Soft and highly blendable white drawing pencils for smooth applications
  • Can be used to accentuate shadows, highlights, and light sources
  • A set of 12; Ideal for large-scale projects
  • Leads do not break too quickly
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced artists
  • Not able to hold pointed tips well

Overall, these are the best pencils for realistic drawing as the white shade can add depth as well as produce shadows and highlights. They are soft, blendable, and ideal for amateur and advanced artists.

8. MARKART Drawing Sketching Pencils

markart drawing sketching pencils

For a variety of textures and tonal values, I bet the diverse selection of this MARKART professional sketch pencils would suffice. Not to mention the affordable price that would be a great deal for artists on a tight budget.

From different shading techniques to realistic details and values, the vast pencil range in this set can make those tasks achievable. This 14-piece set offers different grades, ranging from hard to soft leads.

The 10B lends ultra-dark values while the 4H pencil produces light values and precise details. I also like the inclusion of the standard HB pencil in this set, which sets the balance between dark and light values.

Moreover, the HB pencil is also an ideal option for amateur artists who need a drawing pencil to start with. Thus, I recommend using this set if you want to amplify your drawings, illustrations, or sketches whether you’re a beginner or a professional artist.

Meanwhile, the premium quality leads deliver refinement to any artwork, whether they are professional drawings that depict realism or sketch outlines of a painting. They are really easy to use.

The durable cores are pigmented, rendering a good amount of graphite even without pressing the pencils too hard. Because of this, the pencils don’t wear out too quickly even when you use them for blending or shading.

These pre-sharpened pencils, especially the H pencils, can hold their pointed tips well, which works great for precise applications. And even when being sharpened, the leads don’t break easily.

However, the softer graphite should still be used with extra care since they are relatively more delicate than the hard ones. When used with too much pressure, they tend to run dull faster than usual.

  • Offers a wide selection of pencil ranges for versatile applications
  • Professional quality leads that don’t break easily
  • Can be used to render various tonal values
  • Suitable for beginners and professional artists
  • Affordable
  • Softer pencils tend to grow dull faster when used with too much pressure

These are the best cheap drawing pencils for all artists who want to deliver great outputs like a pro. Since they provide a wide selection of pencil ranges, this set can explore vast textures and values that can ramp up one’s drawings or sketches.

9. Derwent Skintone ColourSoft Drawing Pencils

derwent skintone coloursoft drawing pencils

I find exclusive drawing pencil sets a worthy investment because they can achieve particular color depths and techniques that multicolor sets can’t always accomplish.

For example, this 6-piece skin tone ColourSoft pencil set from Derwent falls among the best pencils for portrait drawing. It includes the fundamental hues needed to illustrate complexions and enhance their details for realistic representations.

These pencils are indeed soft, which makes them highly blendable, especially when you want to mix and layer the colors. Besides that, it works well even with other brands of colored pencils.

Upon testing them, I find the pencils easy to work with, much more so as they don’t have that scratchy feeling when you draw with them. They lend soft and smooth strokes, suitable for effortless laydowns.

Their soft leads allow you to explore different textures or experiment with various color blends to perfect your portrait’s skin tone. I love how you can keep the details sharp and sophisticated without any pencil residues.

Although they are soft, the cores are rigid and don’t break too easily. With such quality and performance, I can tell they’re for professional use. After all, it’s Derwent.

But even if you’re an art beginner looking to explore shades of skin tones, I would recommend trying this set. Plus, it comes in a fancy and sturdy metal tin case for secure storage.

Perhaps, the only downside of this set is the expensive price. But I must say, it’s definitely worth every penny.

  • A professional quality set of skin tone pencils to present realistic complexion hues
  • Soft yet durable cores
  • Highly blendable; Great for mixing and experimenting with shades to perfect skin tone colors
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Secure and sturdy metal tin case for storage
  • Expensive

If you’re after the best quality pencils for drawing and perfecting skin tones, I suggest giving this set a try. Besides the essential tones needed for this particular task, the pencils are crafted with high-quality soft leads to deliver professional-quality drawings.

10. Pentel GraphGear 500 Automatic Drafting Pencil

pentel graphgear 500 automatic drafting pencil

This next pencil on our list is all about professional work, specifically designed for technical drawings and draftings for engineering or architectural tasks. This Pentel drafting pencil comes in a 0.5mm line size to ensure precision in every stroke.

At first glance, this pencil looks sleek and elegant, highlighting its metallic accents and black barrel. But besides the aesthetic features, the delicate beveled design is all about control and comfort so drafters can write efficiently with minimal to no fatigue.

Initially, I was a bit skeptical about drafting or mechanical pencils because of their weight. But this one’s an exception as they are thoughtfully engineered to feel at ease at your fingertips.

Thus, the weight feels nice and convenient, allowing professional artists or drafters to work comfortably even for extended periods. Not to mention the premium quality and solid construction that will surely last.

Besides that, the Hi-Polymer leads are surprisingly durable and very pigmented. It can produce dark and vivid lines needed for template work and drafting.

I love how the leads do not break easily, which is what every artist would want for a long and productive work. Plus, it operates smoothly – no jamming or faulty issues when being used.

However, this mechanical pencil may not be the best drawing pencil for beginners since it requires meticulous hand control to deliver precise results. Also, the extra leads should be purchased separately.

  • Rigid pen design that can last for a long time
  • Engineered with strong leads to prevent breakage
  • Weighted design that feels comfortable while writing or drawing
  • Produces dark and vivid precise lines
  • Operates smoothly
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Additional leads need to be purchased separately

Needless to say, this stylish and durable mechanical pencil is tailored to cater to professional applications, primarily drafting and technical drawings. It offers solid construction and strong leads that ensure long-lasting quality.

11. Norberg & Linden XL Drawing Pencils Set

norberg & linden xl drawing pencils set

This Norberg & Linden set is a stunning collection of drawing essentials, providing a complete layout for beginners to start with. The highlight is the selection of premium quality pencils, varying from hard to soft ranges.

The hardest or the lightest is the 5H pencil, which can produce light tonal values and precise strokes, which are also suitable for rendering sharp lines and technical illustrations.

For the softest or the blackest shade, the 8B pencil stands out, providing an intense black color ideal for filling areas that require dark shading. Aside from that, I love how this pencil produces very dark hues even without applying too much pressure.

But even with a bit of pressure applied, the rigidity of the leads prevents the pencils from wearing out too quickly or totally breaking. But, of course, I’d still be careful if I were you, especially with the B pencils as little goes a long way with them.

It’s also nice that the set comes in a sturdy and secure carrying storage case, keeping all the tools travel-friendly, compact, and accessible wherever you go. Plus, they’re giftable!

This creative set also includes a 100-page sketch pad, charcoal sticks, erasers, a blending stump, an art knife, a kit folio, and a sandpaper block.

Thus, I recommend this for advanced artists who need a complete set to work with, not to mention the vast range of pencils for versatile applications.

Amateur artists, on the other hand, can get to know more about different drawing tools and pencils and indulge in a variety of creative projects.

While this set may seem a treat for many beginner artists, some may find the collection an overkill, particularly for the first-time artists who aren’t knowledgeable about different pencil ranges and their purposes.

  • A complete set of drawing essentials for limitless creative possibilities
  • Offers 12 premium quality pencils for dark and light values
  • Durable leads to prevent breakage
  • Suitable for rendering precise strokes and intense dark shades
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • The pencil range can be overwhelming for first-time users

Nonetheless, there’s no need to shy away from this set if you’re a beginner and looking for a good head start in drawing or sketching. Regardless of your skill and level, this set offers a vast lineup of pencils that allow you to explore various shading techniques and tonal values.

12. H & B Drawing Pencils Set

h & b drawing pencils set

If you’re all about extensive drawing sets, I would recommend this beautiful collection from H & B.

Similar to the Norberg & Linden XL set, this one comes with a selection of twelve high-quality drawing pencils with 5H the hardest or lightest and 8B the softest or darkest.

Looking closely at the pencils’ quality, they all stayed true to their designated grades. For example, the 8B and 6B pencils did great rendering ultra-dark shades, especially when working on areas that require seamless black tones.

The lightest or hardest ones, meanwhile, have been pretty reliable for intricate and precise applications. I’m impressed by how they can hold their points well, keeping the leads resistant to breaking.

With regard to their design, they feel like any regular pencils I’ve used before. Thus, the familiar feel lends ultimate comfort, which is great when sketching or drawing for long periods.

Apart from that, the additional tools are a bonus. This set also has paper pens, chalk paint brushes, a sketch pad, sandpaper, an art knife, erasers, sharpeners, and a convenient carrying storage case.

The major downside? Like most extensive sketching or drawing sets, this one can be a bit confusing to use for the first time. I’d recommend this to beginners who want to elevate their skills and explore a wider selection of pencil grades.

Otherwise, you can start with fewer choices or the basic pencil grades.

  • An extensive collection of different pencil ranges for versatile shading and drawing techniques
  • Designed with break-resistant leads
  • Includes the essential pencil grades for dark and light shades
  • Compact and convenient
  • The additional tools and extensive pencil range can be confusing for first-time drawing or sketch artists

Overall, this drawing set offers good value for money, allowing all artists to try and explore various shading techniques and creative applications. Should they need a complete pencil set for light and dark shades, this set would be it.

What to Look for When Buying Drawing Pencils

best brand of drawing pencils

Pencil Grades (Lead Hardness or Softness Level)

Showcasing the lightest and blackest or darkest marks on your drawings or sketches relies on the pencil grades you use. The harder the lead, the lighter the pencil is, whereas softer leads create darker shades.

To put it simply, soft pencils are ideal for artists who want to present rich contrast and expressive illustrations. Hard pencils are great for technical drawing and showcasing accurate details.

You may also take note of the following values:

  • H – Hardness
  • B – Blackness Level or Soft Lead
  • F – Fine
  • HB – Hard Black (Standard drawing pencil; most popular option)

HB pencil is the most popular option for drawing pencils. Beginners can start with this pencil grade and explore different grades as they learn more shading or sketching techniques gradually.

On the other hand, H and B leads are alphabet codes that are typically preceded by a numeric figure that determines the softness or hardness of the pencil lead.

For example, if you need a drawing pencil for technical drawing or that will illustrate clean, detailed, and sharp lines, you may opt for H leads (2H, 4H, 6H, or higher). The higher the number, the harder and lighter the pencil lead is.

For drawing pencils that can produce intense darkness or dark shading, B leads (2B, 3B, 4B, 6B, or higher) are the ideal option. The higher the number, the softer and darker the pencil lead is.

Meanwhile, F pencils fall between H and B leads. Thus, these drawing pencils can also produce darker or blacker and lighter marks and are ideal for rendering intricate or complex details.

Unlike H and B pencils, the F drawing pencils have the ability to hold sharp points for longer periods.

Design and Comfort

best pencils for realistic drawing

Besides the barrel design, drawing pencils may feel different, depending on the pencil lead quality and range. The pencil’s size and weight may also affect the overall comfort. Consider which design works best for you.

Therefore, it is important to determine how one pencil feels in your hand, especially when you’re sketching or rendering accurate details. The more comfortable you are with your drawing tools, the more enjoyable, efficient, and productive your drawing sessions will be.

Consider Your Skills and Techniques

Understanding your abilities and drawing techniques will help you identify the best brand of drawing pencils that accommodates your needs and preferences. Since drawing pencils vary in grades and fall under vast variants, your skills can help narrow down your choices, realigning your options between student-grade or artist-grade sets.

Pencil Variant and Count

best pencils for portrait drawing

Drawing pencils are also available in sets that include a variety of pencil grades to cater to different sketching and drawing techniques. The variants may range from extra soft to very hard pencil cores or either of these types.

Amateur artists, hobbyists, and users alike can start with beginner sets that are approximately ten drawing pencils or less. They can stick with a lower selection until they’re ready to expand their options for more challenging and complex techniques.

While most drawing pencils are diversified based on their dark or light values, other brands come in different color selections, whether they are assorted hues or an exclusive color collection. Ultimately, it will all go down to your preferences and drawing demands.

Brand Reputation

It is better to consider the brand’s reputation when the drawing pencil set options seem a bit overwhelming. You may consider some of the well-known brands like Prismacolor, Arteza, Faber-Castell, Derwent, or Dyvicl.

These brands are pioneers in the art supply industry such as drawing pencils, making them an excellent option if you want to invest in great quality pencils regardless of the price range.

However, take note that the best drawing pencils in the world need not be the finest brand or most expensive one but the ones that comply with your needs and skills.


While it’s good to know there are a lot of options to choose from, that’s when the challenge also sets in. Fortunately, this article covered all the fundamental factors to narrow down the choices for the best drawing pencils.

As mentioned in this article, drawing pencils are categorized by grades, depending on the light and dark values – the softer the core, the darker they are, whereas, the harder the core, the lighter the pencils are.

Apart from that, the design, comfort, and brand are significant factors to take note of as well. Just always make sure to consider your skills, preferences, and needs to be able to determine which pencil grades and variants best suit you.

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