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The Best Glue for Cardboard in 2023

best glue for cardboard

If you are using cardboard in one of your arts and crafts projects, you will need the correct type of adhesive to do the project successfully. Unfortunately, the paper structure of the cardboard does not bond well with regular glue.

Are you wondering what is the best glue for cardboard? Our team tested several glue brands today to find the best adhesive for cardboard. We have listed eight of them in this article, including all the related information about each glue.

Top 8 Glue for Cardboard Reviews

1. 3M Super 77 Cardboard Spray Adhesive Glues

3m super 77 cardboard spray adhesive glues

If you are looking for suitable glues for cardboard boxes, this multipurpose adhesive glue from 3M Store is an excellent option. This product takes pride in its versatility as it can be used on cardboard and a wide range of materials, including plastic, metal, wood, felt, fiberglass, foam, and leather.

This glue provides permanent adhesion when applied to cardboard and other materials. It can bond flat surfaces together as it seriously sticks and dries after 12 to 24 hours. The adhesion will be instant and permanent upon using this product.

I am also impressed by how this glue provides lots of spray control to prevent over-spraying. However, it is highly recommended that you spray in a well-ventilated area. It is worth noting that this product comes with an anti-clog nozzle which is handy for multiple uses. The spray nozzle is also accurate and precise to minimize wasting the glue.

Also, this glue provides a fast and aggressive tack that provides a quick bond, ultimately reducing set time. This glue for cardboard is also repositionable but still provides long-lasting strength once bonded into the materials.

Lastly, this product comes with a direction on how to use it properly. It is essential to follow the instruction manual to prevent over-spraying. Remember, cleaning the glue once it sticks to the surface is difficult. This glue emits a foul smell after the application but will eventually be gone, primarily if you work in an area with good ventilation.

  • It provides versatility as it can be used on different types of surfaces aside from cardboard
  • Made to provide aggressive tack for a quick bond that ultimately reduces set time
  • Provides industrial strength for different types of applications
  • Initially repositionable but still provides long-lasting strength
  • With a spray nozzle that allows precision to minimize unnecessary usage
  • It emits a foul smell

This glue for cardboard crafts is for art enthusiasts looking for reliable glue that sticks and bonds quickly. The product offers versatility as it can be used on different materials aside from cardboard and is built with a spray nozzle that provides precision and accuracy when used.

2. Avery Nontoxic Glue Stick

avery nontoxic glue stick

This product from Avery Store is an excellent option if you are looking for the perfect glue for cardboard crafts. Since it is a glue stick, it is much easier to use as it bonds to different surfaces besides cardboard. This glue for cardboard bonds with paper, photos, foam board, fabric, and glass.

Speaking of easy usage, this product comes with a twist and turn on the bottom, which allows you to control the amount of glue that comes out. This product feature is helpful in having only the right amount of glue to be used at any given time, thus eliminating wasting of the glue.

In terms of its texture, the glue stick is like a paste but is in glue form, which I like. The best thing about this product is once you use it on paper, you only need to spread it evenly without leaving a gunk, and you can expect an excellent result for your project.

Also, this product holds stuff well. Expect your project to stick easily using this glue stick since it is a strong and permanent adhesive. On the other hand, despite the strong adhesive property, this product can also be washed easily, which is a great advantage when accidentally putting it in your hands. You can easily remove the wasted glue on any given surface.

Based on experience, please note that this glue stick is repositionable during the first couple of minutes but becomes permanent after several minutes of a strong application. So, if you want a permanent bond, you can apply a good amount of glue to the cardboard’s surface for a permanent bond.

  • Made to bond a variety of surfaces such as cardboard, paper, foam board, and plastic
  • Easy to use as the glue bonds smoothly, minimizing clumping or wrinkling
  • It can be washed off easily off the hands or any surface
  • Twist and turn feature allows easy control of the amount of glue to be used
  • Non-toxic and acid-free
  • With a clear barrel that shows how much glue is left inside
  • You can go through the sticks quite quickly

This product is for arts and crafts enthusiasts looking for the strongest glue for cardboard. This glue goes on easily and is not lumpy. The product stays fresh for a long time if you put the cap back on after every usage.

3. Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glues

gorilla dual temp mini hot glues

This product from Gorilla Store features a mini glue gun and 30 hot glue sticks that can be used to bond cardboard and other materials. The best thing about having a glue gun is you are more accurate with the application as it comes with a precision nozzle, built-in stand, and other safety features.

Based on my experience using the glue gun, there were no drips and no glue strings, and I was very precise with the placement of the glue during the application. It is really different if you do it manually without the gun, as you will be wasting so much glue during the course of the application.

With the glue gun, this glue for cardboard is much easier to use. The amount of glue to be used is excellent and controllable. In fact, it is easy to get a small amount if you want to. Also, the base is very stable, while the kickstand is easy to engage, even with one hand.

The trigger also works precisely, as you can quickly start or stop if you want it to. I noticed that there were little drippings of glue when the glue gun was not in use. And this glue gun is easy to refill as the feed zone when you insert the new stick is long enough to take the stick quickly and easily.

Lastly, the dual setting is also on point. So, if you want high heat, the glue gun provides as expected. For lightweight paper, it is recommended to use the warm temperature setting. With the glue gun, it’s the most common glue to glue cardboard together as it dries quickly and provides a strong bond.

  • It comes with a glue gun that helps with easy and precise application on the surface
  • The glue sticks are built to withstand indoor and outdoor weather conditions
  • With dual temperature features that work best on different types of materials
  • Provides excellent adhesion and bond
  • Glue gun comes with a built-in stand
  • With squeaky spring noise
  • Not for children

This product is for users looking for the best glue for paper to cardboard. With the glue gun, the application was straightforward and precise, with no glue waste, as it works like a charm on all arts and crafts projects.

4. Aleene’s All Purpose Tacky Glues

aleene's all purpose tacky glues

If you are looking for the most preferred glue for corrugated cardboard, Aleene’s All Purpose Tacky Glue is an excellent option. This non-toxic and all-purpose adhesive can be used for various surfaces, such as felt, foam, wood, metal, fabrics, and ceramics.

One thing that I noticed about this glue is its thickness. The thickness becomes tacky after just a few seconds of application. Because of the thickness, it might not quickly bond porous materials such as wood, but it will still provide a strong bond on any surface. It is an excellent, thick glue that dries off clearly and is very strong.

Another upside of this product is it’s easy to use. It has a twist cap and an application nozzle that will prevent the user from being messy and makes an exact application on the surface. As for the product container, it’s big enough to contain so much glue.

On top of that, this product is an excellent option anytime you need strong glue with a quick tack. If you do not get the application as smoothly as you want it, this product comes with a self-leveling effect to prevent wrinkles on the surface.

Since this product is an all-purpose glue, it can be used for other purposes besides your simple arts and crafts projects. As a matter of fact, I know someone who has used this glue to repair a car tint that failed to stick. It only shows that this glue can be used in many ways and is very effective.

  • The glue dries clear and flexible
  • Built to be clean easily using just water in case of mess
  • Manufactured with a non-toxic formula for safe usage
  • All-purpose glue can be used on different types of surfaces and usage
  • With customizable glue tip
  • Holds on contact with super-strong adhesion
  • The container tip needs to be cleaned consistently to prevent clogging

This product is for users looking for a user-friendly product. It comes with a nozzle that provides efficiency and ease of control when using glue. This glue also dries quickly and neatly and can be used on different surfaces.

5. Mod Podge CS11303 Waterbase Sealer Glues

mod podge cs11303 waterbase sealer glues

This product from Mod Podge is a water-based sealer, a glue, and a finish ruled into one. It’s a multi-purpose, all-in-one glue that is non-toxic and safe for all users. This product can also be used in so many applications and materials.

This product is an excellent choice if you are looking for the most suitable glue for fabric to cardboard. Since it is all-purpose, it can be used on a lot of surfaces apart from cardboard. I used it to bond fabric to cardboard, and the result was quite impressive.

The best thing about this glue for cardboard is its clear and matt finish. Applying this to a surface of cardboard will still preserve the beauty of the surface and the cardboard in general. It also dries quickly, which is a tremendous advantage when working on cardboard.

Another upside when using this glue is it’s easy to clean up. This feature is very useful when your work becomes messy, and you need to clean a part of your project. All you have to do is clean up with soap and water while it is wet.

Lastly, versatility is also the biggest asset of this glue for cardboard. Since it comes in various finishes, you can use your creativity when it comes to using it in any project or task. This product has many uses as it provides versatility for different applications.

  • Built to provide convenience and versatility
  • With a durable but clear finish that preserves the beauty of any given surface
  • With quick-drying properties but can also be easily cleaned while wet
  • The product is safe as it contains non-toxic ingredients
  • Available in various finishes
  • The quality of the container needs to improve

This glue for cardboard dries very clearly and is so easy to use. It is for arts and crafts enthusiasts looking for multi-purpose glue. This product can also be washed easily with soap and water when wet.

6. Elmer’s E1321 Glue-All Liquid Glues

elmer's e1321 glue-all liquid glues

This product provides multiple functionalities as it bonds with cardboard, paper, fabric, wood, ceramics, leather, and other surfaces. Elmer’s glue is perfect when you craft, repair or do any other projects that need strong glue.

I have been a user of this glue for so many years, and they have reformulated their glue. The result? It’s the best result since it works very well with cardboard. It’s sticky but can easily clean up with water. The formulation today is much better compared to the previous one.

This glue is one of the most versatile and effective adhesives I have used for cardboard. Applying it on cardboard will make you feel like it was made of multiple layers since it was tightly and completely bonded. My project is so strong because of the adhesion of the glue.

This product is also an all-purpose glue. It cleans up nicely and dries transparent, which is perfect for any crafting project. In addition, this glue is safe, non-toxic, and comes with quick-drying properties.

Lastly, this glue for cardboard can also be used to create toys for children, such as slime and paper clay. Since it is non-toxic, you will never worry about the safety of your children when they play with the toys created by this glue.

  • Built to bond different types of materials such as ceramics, leather, fabric, and wood
  • With a fast-drying and non-toxic formula
  • Designed for crafts, light repairs, and school projects
  • It can be used in the kitchen, workshop, and garage
  • It can be used to make slime at home or in school
  • Subpar packaging

This product is for crafters looking for an effective glue for cardboard and other materials. Its non-toxic and quick-drying formula is perfect for anyone, especially young users. This glue can also be used to make slime which is quite unique.

7. Scotch Super 77 Cardboard Adhesive Spray

scotch super 77 cardboard adhesive spray

This product from Scotch Store is different from your ordinary glue. It’s a spray glue that can be used to form a strong and durable bond when applied to cardboard or any other surface. Its quick-drying property is also an advantage when doing crafting projects.

The best thing about this glue for cardboard is its low-moisture content. Meaning, when you are spraying, it does not soak wet as the glue stays on the surface and does not absorb on the cardboard. When the glue dries, it may become a little tacky but does not harden or become brittle.

Another upside when using this glue is its versatility and quick-drying properties, which are perfect when making various crafting projects. This glue works perfectly with cardboard but can also be used on other surfaces such as fabric, plastic, metal, and wood. It’s perfect for art projects, school projects, photo albums, and some repair activities.

In terms of effectiveness, this glue sticks well, forming a strong and durable bond. Since this glue tends to get into your hands, you can use gloves to cover or protect your hands during the application.

You should be familiar with how this product sprays. This glue sprays on a flat line, so if you want to be precise, you need to familiarize how to use your hands for accuracy properly, or you will just spread the glue all over the place.

  • Spray glue that forms a strong and durable bond
  • It works on a broad range of surfaces apart from cardboard
  • It can be used for crafting, school projects, repairs, and other activities
  • Made clean and easy to use
  • With a fine mist spray feature
  • Flammable
  • It needs proper ventilation during the application

This product is for crafters looking for glue that can be applied in a spray. It’s the perfect glue for cardboard to metal which is easy to use as the spray comes out as a line. This product is super sticky but needs to be applied in a well-ventilated area.

8. Super Glues 15187

super glues 15187

The Super Glue multipack comes with 12 pcs. of 2-gram super glue tubes that can be used for various surfaces such as cardboard, wood, ceramic, fingernails, metal, pottery, and plastics. This glue forms the strongest bonds, especially on non-porous materials.

The upside of using this product is being in small tubes. Small tubes are the best way to go, as you can maximize the usage of each tube in every project. And the best thing about this tube is it allows you to reseal it for future use. Also, big bottles from other products tend to clog. Mind you, these tiny tubes save a lot of money.

In addition, the tube comes with a precision dropper tip that allows the user to easily apply the glue to a specific place on the project. I also like that each tube has a safety o-ring which, once removed, allows a hole to be punctured in a new tube by closing the nozzle and the cap. As mentioned earlier, if you do not use the whole tube, you can reseal it and use it some other time.

In terms of effectiveness, this glue works really well and can bond to almost any surface. It comes with a fast-drying formula that allows the glue to bond instantly. The glue sets for around 10 to 30 seconds.

The only downside with this product is the packaging. It is difficult to open or close as you need to use a little bit of force. A child cannot open the packaging alone and needs assistance.

  • Provides strong bonds on different types of materials
  • With a fast-drying formula that allows the glue to bond quickly
  • Built with precision applications to eliminate runs and drips
  • Each pack comes with 12 smaller glue tubes
  • With reusable storage
  • Packaging difficult to open

This product is for crafters looking for a reliable glue that provides value in all crafting projects. This product offers many features and functionalities apart from being an effective glue. This product provides strong bonds to different types of surfaces.

How to Choose a Glue for Cardboard

best adhesive for cardboard

Choosing the right glue for your crafting project can be challenging since there are different types of glue in the market today. But there are certain product features you need to find in a particular glue if you want to find a suitable glue for your crafting project. See below.

Adhesion Quality

It’s the most important factor when looking for glue for cardboard. With many types of glue in the market, you need to find a product that bonds instantly and sticks with the cardboard for a long time. You want the adhesion to be permanent for your crafting project, which is why adhesion quality is essential.

Easy to Use

You also need to find glue that is easy to use for your cardboard crafting project. Look for glue that is easy to apply on the cardboard. I suggest looking for a glue that has a customizable tip in the container, as it allows you to apply the glue on any given surface easily.

The quality of the glue container is key for easy usage. Look for something that allows the user more control when applying the glue. In addition, hot glue that uses a glue gun is also easy to use and allows the user to have more control over the quantity of glue that must be applied on the surface.

Easy to Clean

glue for cardboard crafts

Attaching cardboard to other materials is not always smooth sailing when doing various crafting projects. Sometimes, you will mess up the surface as it gets dirty. However, the mess will not be fine if you use washable and easy-to-clean glue. Look for a washable and easy-to-clean glue when crafting, as it removes the unnecessary mess on the cardboard surface.

When you make a mistake or a mess when making your crafting project, look for water-based glue if you want something easy to remove with water.

Non-Toxic Formula

If you are looking for glue, you need to look for a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. Since the glue is made of chemicals, you must be aware of the content of the glue you are using. Ensure that the glue is non-toxic, especially if you buy it for your kid. This article recommends many non-toxic types of glue because we want all users to be safe all the time.

If you are using non-toxic glue, it means it is safe to handle, especially with your kids. After all, safety is always our priority when doing any crafting activities. So, when looking for glue, look for a non-toxic one to ensure safety when it is used.


If you can find a versatile and flexible glue, the better. Meaning, the product should not only work for cardboard but also for other materials as well. This feature allows the user to use it in other applications, which is an excellent advantage.


Since there are different types of glue, a good glue for cardboard works best on the materials you use. They say that cardboard is the most difficult to use when crafting, but a suitable glue will provide the best adhesion to your project needs. This article listed the best glue you can use when using cardboard in your project.

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