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The Best Homeschool Planners in 2023

best homeschool planners

Undoubtedly, homeschool planners will change the way your kids will learn, and for the better. With these tools, you will be able to organize your homeschool lectures and activities, making the learning process not just more efficient but also easier.

Technically, you can use any notebook as a homeschool planner. However, drawing the rows and columns yourself can be quite a hassle, especially if you are a stickler when it comes to details. This is where a dedicated homeschool planner comes in. It has all the sections you will need to keep your lessons organized and all of them are uniform.

To help you choose the most suitable homeschool planner for mom, here are some of the best options that are currently available.

Top 5 Homeschool Planners Reviews

1. Journaltastic Home School Planners

journaltastic home school planners

I usually bring my child’s planner with me wherever I go so I can immediately jot down any ideas that come to mind. With that, I realized that having a durable notebook is essential. This planner has double-wire binding and stiff plastic covers, so the pages do not fold even when I stuff the notebook in my bag.

Speaking of the cover, I love the stiff plastic that it is made from. This allows me to write down things even when I am on the train or at the bus stop. If you are out and about quite a lot, you will find that this notebook’s cover will provide you with a stable base.

I have tried other book-bound notebooks before and I hated how they would not stay flat when you lay them on the table. This notebook has double spring binding, which allows the pages to always lay flat when you open the notebook. I find it rather enjoyable to write on it.

The pages are also made from rather thick paper, which makes them resistant to bleed-through. I mainly use ballpoint pens for writing in my homeschool planner, but I do sometimes use markers, and even with those, there is very little ink that bleeds through the other side.

  • The paper used for the pages is above average quality
  • The pages are all pre-lined and categorized
  • There are clearly printed tabs on the sides
  • Sturdy and stiff plastic covers
  • Lay-flat design for easy use
  • There is only one cover design available
  • Would have been better if the month tabs were easier to flip through

If you are all about keeping your homeschooling lessons clean and organized, this notebook is just the thing that you need. There is more than enough space for the monthly activities and the pages for the daily notes are ample as well. Although the cover is pretty, it might not have the same appeal to everyone.

2. Jennifer Pepito Homeschool Planners

jennifer pepito homeschool planners

This is not just a notebook that you can repurpose but a dedicated homeschooling planner. It even says so in its name. The Homeschooling Planner is a complete homeschooling planner that you can use to guide and monitor your children’s education. With this, you do not even need to make labels. Everything you need is right there.

Aside from the cover, the binding is also quite nice. Unlike most book-bound notebooks, this spring-bound notebook always lays flat. I have used other notebooks before, and they always bulged in the middle when I get to that spot.

This is never a problem with this homeschool planner. It does not matter which page I am on as it always lies flat on the table.

As mentioned, you do not have to create your page sections. Every page has its purpose. For instance, there is a page where you can write down your own and your kids’ goals for the school year.

With that, you can easily look back later and check how far you have progressed. Of course, there are also pages for the usual things, like calendar dates for appointments, and spaces at the margins for your notes.

The build quality of the notebook is also quite excellent. The cover is made from thick and heavy cardboard. You won’t be able to fold or crease it unless you try hard. The pages are also made from quality paper.

The weight is nice and the tooth feels good to write on. The thickness is also above average. It is not completely impervious to bleeding but it resists it well enough.

  • Highly durable construction – It feels solid in the hands
  • Clearly labeled pages – This means that there is a need to do it yourself
  • Spring-bound – It always lays flat on work surfaces
  • Comes with color-coded page tabs for easy navigation
  • The paper is good but not up to my expectations
  • The packaging does not protect the notebook at all

If you are the type of person who wants to personalize their homeschool planner, then this might not be your cup of tea. However, if you are looking for a planner that has everything already done for you and you just need to fill it in, then I am sure you will love this.

3. Mega Homeschool Organizer Planners

mega homeschool organizer planners

The nice thing about this homeschool planner is its sheer simplicity. Yes, the pages are pre-labeled but there is still a lot of room left for personalization. This planner is almost the perfect mix of uniformity and spontaneity, which is of the utmost importance when you are homeschooling.

I also like how there are plenty of blank pages because it allowed me to jot down important notes. There are also plenty of pages so that if you ever make a mistake, you will have lots of pages to spare. In addition, the pages are not pre-dated, so even if you rip out pages in the calendar pages, you will not be missing any days.

Another good thing about this planner is its size. This is essentially the same size as a regular notebook. This means you can bring this notebook everywhere you go, which I happen to do quite often. You do not even need a bigger bag because the notebook is book-bound, so it will not take up that much space.

However, because the notebook is book-bound, there is a problem with it not laying flat, especially if you reach the middle of the notebook. This is not that big of a deal for most folks, but I find it kind of annoying sometimes.

On the other hand, the binding of the pages is quite strong and I had no issues with pages suddenly falling off after a couple of months.

  • Has a nice and compact size that makes it perfect for EDC bags
  • The pages provide plenty of structure but still have space for notes
  • Sturdy bookbinding can last for many years
  • Paper quality is above-average and quite resistant to bleeding
  • Does not lay flat due to the way it is bound
  • Can only be used for one student

Parents who like a bit of structure and space for spontaneity will like this homeschooling planner. The pages are all labeled for all the things you will need to plan out your children’s lessons properly.

However, you can also rest assured that it is not so rigid that you cannot make any changes whenever needed. Despite it looking just like any ordinary notebook, it is a solid customizable homeschool planner that you should at least try.

4. Amy Sharony A+ Homeschool Planners

amy sharony a+ homeschool planners

If you are a first-time homeschooling parent, this daily planner for homeschooling is the best choice for you. You are not only getting a planner that you can fill up with all the information needed for your children’s education but you are also gaining a highly-detailed guide written by an expert on the subject.

This planner is also for homeschooling more than one child, and because their lesson plans are in just one book, it is much more convenient to use compared to switching between two or more planners. It can be quite confusing having to deal with multiple planners, so having the best homeschool planner for multiple students is great.

Aside from being a homeschooling planner, this can also serve other purposes. There are extra pages for whatever use you might need down the line. For instance, you can use the space to record the accomplishments of your kids. It is also possible to use them to write down your thoughts after each day. It is sort of like a journal.

Now, onto the build quality of the planner, I think it is not that good. The pages are book bound, which can make it hard to write when you reach the middle. On the other hand, the paper material is quite excellent, thick, and highly resistant to bleeding.

However, the surface is a bit too glossy. It is glossy that writing using a ballpoint pen can be difficult.

  • The planner comes with short guides to help beginners with homeschooling
  • The paper quality is excellent and the pages are all color-coded for convenience
  • There are extra pages for whatever other uses you might need them for
  • Has enough space for more than one student
  • The binding of the book is not that good
  • The surface of the paper is a bit too smooth

This organized homeschool planner is one of the best choices for parents who are new to it. However, even those with many years of experience in the subject can also find this planner useful. Everyone can learn something new every day.

If you are scared that you will not be able to homeschool your child, this planner will not just guide you through your journey. There are also nice snippets from the author that will inspire you to continue.

5. Megan Van Sipe Homeschool Lesson Planning

megan van sipe homeschool lesson planning

If you are just starting on your homeschooling journey, having a planner that you can follow can be a great help. This homeschooling planner has all the templates that you will need to help plan out your child’s educational journey, so you do not necessarily have to jump into this venture cluelessly.

Unlike some of the other planners, the calendar pages are not pre-dated so you can start whenever you want. This is great because you don’t have to follow the traditional school calendar, which can lessen the stress on you and your children. This also provides you with enough time to prepare.

I also like the overall design of this homeschooling planner. Unlike some of the planners in the market these days, this planner has a minimalist design. I do enjoy using planners that have pretty margins.

The inspirational quotes do help sometimes, too. However, there are also times when you just like something more formal so you can concentrate on the lesson plans.

Although this planner does have a minimalist feel, the pages do come with helpful templates. This means you do not have to label each page depending on what you need to use them for.

In addition, this planner already has calendar pages that you can use to schedule your children’s activities, not just their classes. You also get pages that you can use to monitor your kids’ progress throughout the school year.

  • The planner has a minimalist design. This means there will be no distractions from any important information
  • Provides the user with all the templates needed for homeschooling
  • The calendar pages are not pre-dated
  • There are lots of extra pages for the inevitable mistakes
  • The quality of the planner itself is not the best
  • The paper used is a bit thin – Be extra careful when using markers

Although this planner is not quite as high-quality as the others in this list, it does have a lot of utilitarian benefits. The minimalist design means you have more space on each page for jotting down your lesson plans and notes, which is the most important.

6. Emmeline Bloom Homeschool Mama Planners

emmeline bloom homeschool mama planners

This is a basic homeschooling planner, which is great when you just want a simple template. This means if you have been homeschooling for quite some time now, then you would like this planner.

It has everything you need to keep your children’s studies organized and easier to track. On the other hand, the templates also help beginners at homeschooling as they do not need to start with an empty slate, literally.

Aside from the planner pages, you will also get a lot of extras. For instance, you can get grade trackers, book reading logs, and even a final report card. There is no need to deal with separate notebooks for calendar events, lesson plans, and notes. Everything that pertains to your children’s education will fit into just one homeschooling planner.

Speaking of the contents, there are slots for up to 7 subjects in one planner, so there is more than enough space for all the classes for the year. There are also 180 assignment slots so there is always space for the extra activities that you have in mind for your homeschooled child.

However, I would have wanted this planner to be thicker so that it can accommodate more than just one student.

  • Provides all the templates parents will need for homeschooling
  • Also comes with spaces for monitoring the student’s progress
  • Minimalist-designed pages provide extra spaces for notes
  • Comes with enough tabs for up to 7 subjects
  • Has a basic design, which will not distract you from the important information
  • The paper is quite thin, so it may not hold up to markers
  • Can only accommodate one student

If you have been homeschooling your kids for a while now, then you probably do not need a homeschooling guide that works as a planner as well. This product provides you with all the necessary templates, which is quite convenient.

However, this also gives you enough leeway to customize your children’s educational program. If this sounds great to you, you should try this no-nonsense homeschool planner.

How to Choose a Homeschool Planners

best homeschool planner for multiple students

When you are out shopping for a homeschooling journal, you might get a bit overwhelmed by the huge number of choices that you will find. To help you narrow down your options, here are some of the qualities that you need to actively search for:

Materials Used

You might think that just any old planner with flimsy material will do, but you will surely regret it later. You need to have a homeschooling planner that can at least last until the end of the school year.

This means that the paper used should be thick enough that you will not be able to tear it accidentally. Also, the cover should at least be made of stiff material to prevent creases in the page contents.

The most important thing that you need to look for is a planner that uses good-quality paper. The pages should at least be thick enough that you can write on them using a fine-tip marker without too much bleed-through.

There are some cheap planners out there that can get bleed-through even with just ballpoint pens.

Construction Quality

daily planner for homeschooling

You also need to check out if the homeschooling journal is built with durability in mind. First, you should check the binding of the pages. Most planners are typically glued at the spine and it should be all right if the glue is strong.

However, if the glue is not that good or not enough of it is used, the pages will start falling off way before the school year ends. Ideally, the planner should be ring or spring-bound so that it will always lay flat on work surfaces. This just makes it more convenient to use. In addition, this will make it easier to tear out pages if you made mistakes.

It is all the more important to make sure that you get durable planners when you have multiple kids. This means that you can still use the old kids’ planners as a reference for what you will be teaching the younger ones.

Templates Provided

All homeschooling planners come with templates. However, not all come with the sections that you need. For instance, the calendar pages should have enough space for you to write down the important activities and milestones for the school year. If you are an absolute newbie at homeschooling, templates will be your best friend.

However, even if a homeschooling planner has templates for you to follow, it should also give you room to add more if needed. Keep in mind that one child’s homeschooling journey is not the same as the next, so you should have the option to change some things to fit your student’s needs.

Number of Students Supported

organized homeschool planner

If you have multiple students to supervise, it would be best if you only have one planner to deal with. This will make organizing your lessons easier since you will only be dealing with just one notebook for the whole academic year.

With that said, the planner should have page tabs so you can thumb through the different sections quickly. This is better than having to sift through the pages one by one. It is much quicker, too.


Of course, if you want a homeschooling planner made with quality materials, then expect it to cost a bit more than the others. If you want a planner that has thick paper printed with colorful templates, it will be almost twice the price of a base-quality one.

However, if you search hard enough, you can find a planner with above-average material that is available at a reasonable price.

Optional Requirements

  • Storage Pockets – If you are the type of person who likes taking your planner everywhere, having a couple of pockets or sleeves within the covers is a must.There, you can place whatever cards or bits of paper that you like.
  • Stiff Covers – A stiff cover will protect the pages from creasing. It will also allow you to jot down quick notes wherever you are.
  • Refillable Pages – Some homeschooling planners are sold as pages for ring binders. This is ideal because you can add more pages if you need to, like when you are homeschooling more than one child.
  • Guided Learning – If you are absolutely new to homeschooling, you can also find planners that come with short guides. They will teach you how to properly use them.


Homeschooling can be quite challenging but it does not have to be. With the best homeschool planners, you can organize your children’s lessons, academic activities, and more.

Unlike a regular notebook, a homeschooling planner already comes with templates and guides, helping you organize all the information needed for the proper education of your kids.

Now that you have gotten an idea about how these products can help, you can start your search for your next homeschooling planner. Even if the next academic year is still quite a way off, it is always good to get a head start.

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