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The Best Kneaded Eraser for 2023

best kneaded eraser

Also known as putty rubber, a kneaded eraser is a flexible erasing tool used by artists to remove or highlight mediums such as charcoal, chalk, pastel, and graphite. Other uses include pruning lines and performing other detailed works.

This article features six of the best kneaded erasers you can use today. Our team tried to conduct thorough research to find the most preferred kneaded eraser that aspiring artists and kids can use in their artwork. See the list below for more information.

Top 6 Kneaded Eraser Reviews

1. Prismacolor ArtGum Plastic Kneaded Erasers

prismacolor artgum plastic kneaded erasers

In this product from Prismacolor, you will get three premium erasers, including one of the most popular kneaded erasers for drawing that anyone can use. Aside from the kneaded eraser, you will get a latex-free plastic eraser.

This kneaded eraser works good with new artists. You will see every detail at the back of the product package, the ideal applications of these erasers. Contemporary artists can maximize the use of these three different erasers and their usage. And the quality is excellent too.

In terms of features, the kneaded eraser does an excellent job lifting the pigment off, especially charcoal. This effectiveness is achieved without damaging the paper. Kneaded erasers are also perfect for graphite and pastel projects too. Meanwhile, the gum eraser will remove graphite and the plastic eraser will get rid of anything.

I also like the combination of these three erasers and their functionalities. The vinyl eraser is the standard size. On the other hand, the kneaded and gum erasers are more miniature, but all three can be used for a specific purpose.

In terms of effectiveness, the kneaded eraser works as a kneaded eraser would. You will love kneading it, and it will definitely reduce your stress when used. Using the kneaded eraser alone is fine, but the other erasers can also work well.

  • Includes three different premium erasers that work with various purpose
  • Kneaded eraser easily molds into the size and space of what you are erasing
  • The assortment of eraser works with every type of artists
  • Excellent quality and properly packaged
  • Erasers work well on different applications
  • Size is small

Overall, this product is for a new artist looking for an effective kneaded eraser. As a bonus, it also comes with other erasers that can be used for various purposes. These erasers work well with aspiring artists, students, and even more experienced and advanced artists.

2. Faber-Castell Colored Kneaded Art Erasers

faber-castell colored kneaded art erasers

This kneaded eraser comes in a pack with three different erasers available in three different colors. I am impressed by the colored eraser, especially when you are drawing and sharing with your artist friends.

Faber-Castell is the most preferred kneaded eraser brand in the sense that it can also be used as modeling clay, fidget toys, and play dough. It is one of the easiest kneaded erasers to use with its softness and odorless feature.

This kneaded eraser is perfect for correcting and lightening charcoal, pastel work, and graphite pencils. This product works good for cleaning slides and final drawing touch up, making it an excellent choice for artists, sketching school use, and drawing.

Furthermore, this eraser is soft and highly kneadable and absorbent. This product has the ability to knead into any shape and will leave the surface smooth and clean while leaving no residue behind.

Lastly, this product also comes with a Faber-Castell sharpener making this product a must-have for aspiring artists. It is odorless and has the softness to provide excellent results. It also erases with no paper roughing and offers superb value for the users.

  • The product package includes three kneading erasers in three different colors
  • Perfect for correcting and lightening charcoal, pastel work, and graphite pencils
  • Built with softness and has the ability to absorb and knead into shape
  • Kneaded eraser leaves surfaces smooth and clean, leaving no residue
  • It comes with a tiny sharpener
  • Too gooey and sticky

This product is perfect for artists looking for a soft and odorless kneading eraser. It is ideal for cleaning slides and erases with no paper roughing. It is perfect for controlling line thickness or erasing completely.

3. Raymond Geddes 68122 Snack Kids Erasers

raymond geddes 68122 snack kids erasers

This product from the Raymond Geddes store is an excellent option if you are looking for a kneaded eraser for kids. It includes 36 kneadable erasers inside a plastic container designed to work on any type of paper.

This product is made for kids, and they will love them when doing art sessions. First, the erasers smell delicious and come in different scents. The erasers are very squishy and soft and stretch very well. It can even turn into kinetic sand should the children play with it.

I am also pleased by how well this kneaded eraser erased. A little bit of an eraser can erase a decent amount of pencil lead. You have the option only to use a small amount of eraser, or you can use the whole thing. Personally, it’s all about preference in how much size and quantity you will use in a container.

This kneadable eraser has the durability of rubber to help remove pencil marks. All you have to do is pull and twist the eraser to create a clean surface so that it will leave no eraser crumbs. These erasers are fun to stretch and mold well to erase pencil marks.

The product is also designed to be effective for different types of paper. Apart from removing writing mistakes, these erasers look cute as every child can knead, stretch, and smell the eraser while removing any writing mistakes.

  • Includes 36 different erasers packed in a single plastic container
  • Designed to work on any type of paper
  • Kneaded erasers come in six different colors and scents
  • Creates a clean surface that leaves no eraser marks
  • Stretch erasers
  • Erasers need better labels

This product is for parents looking for kneaded erasers for their kids. These erasers smell delicious and come in many scents. It also comes in various colors, is squishy, soft, and stretches very well. The kids will love them as an eraser or as a toy.

4. Mash Ups Scented Kneaded Putty DIY Erasers

mash ups scented kneaded putty diy erasers

This kneaded eraser from Mash Ups is what your kids need if they are looking for an eraser with scent. This knead comes with a scented smell that makes the kids happy while using the product in their various art activities.

I am pleased with the product packaging of this kneaded eraser. The child will get eight sets of erasers with eight different scents. It also comes with two additional putty erasers in the packaging.

What I like about this product is its effectiveness as an eraser. This kneaded eraser is helpful in any art activities for your kids. With its pleasant scent, your kids will definitely like them, especially with the availability of different designs.

This kneaded eraser will allow your kids to play while doing their artwork. The eight different scented erasers can be mashed together to create a new scent. This feature will make the child creative and enjoyable at the same time.

Overall, this kneaded eraser will make those art activities fun and enjoyable. With all its available colors, any kid can enjoy mixing and matching the erasers’ available colors to create a new scent.

  • Includes eight different scented kneaded erasers
  • With an additional two putty erasers
  • Allows the kids to mash the erasers together to create a new scent
  • Fun and useful
  • Smell suitable for the kids
  • Not soft

This kneaded eraser is for parents looking for a scented eraser for their children. This product is fun and valuable at the same time. It will allow the child to play since they can mix and match the different erasers to create a new scent.

5. June Gold Kneaded Rubber Erasers

june gold kneaded rubber erasers

This kneaded rubber eraser from June Gold is composed of 18 different colored erasers that anyone can use. These erasers are perfect for blending, highlighting, erasing, detailing, and shading. It also works well and is effective on charcoal, graphite, chalk, and pastels.

These erasers are an excellent option due to their more advanced features. First, they are far softer, which is perfect for arthritic hands. I also noticed that they pick up pencil marks better than vinyl erasers and still do great on colored lead.

Physically, these kneaded erasers come in vibrant colors and readily-kneadable textures. These kneadable eraser works wonder with students’ sketches and drawing activities. It can mold to any shape with no leftover rubber residue.

As an eraser, this product easily cleans by gently kneading the eraser between your fingers. Each eraser will mold in any shape leaving no rubber residue behind. They are also very soft, preventing the paper from tearing apart when used.

Lastly, this kneaded eraser can also be used as a toy for kid users. I have tried wrapping this around the pencil to make customized pencil grips that fit the hands perfectly. As an additional bonus, the erasers can also be used as a fidget.

  • Made with absorbent materials that erase and lighten the charcoal, chalk, and many more
  • Composed of 18 different rubber erasers in a single pack
  • It comes in six different colors
  • Easily clean by kneading the eraser between the fingers
  • It tends to mold to any shape but leaves no residue
  • A Little bit sticky

This product is for aspiring artists looking for kneaded erasers in bulk. A single pack comprises 16 different erasers that come in six different colors. These erasers are perfect for homes, schools, and offices.

6. Mr. Pen Kneaded Erasers Set

mr. pen kneaded erasers set

This product from Mr. Pen will give you nine different eraser sets in a single package, including three kneaded erasers. It also includes three artist gum erasers and three vinyl erasers to provide a complete collection of stickers.

This product comprises a good collection of erasers, including the kneaded one. Each of these erasers has its optimal usage, where each erasure is enhanced by using the right eraser. After all, a good collection and good quality are an excellent combination.

The kneaded erasers are very soft and can be used for rolling over a pencil sketch to lighten them. On the other hand, the vinyl erasers are perfect for pencil sketches over a dried watercolor painting. Meanwhile, the gum erasers are very gentle on any type of paper.

Aside from working great, the kneaded erasers are pliable and gummy. The only issue that I have with the kneaded eraser is its size. This eraser should come in a large size because it works well for me.

Lastly, this kneaded eraser easily molds into its preferred shape and size. With this special feature, this product can be used in correcting charcoal, pencil, and pastel. Overall, this product offers artists and designers a perfect assortment of erasers.

  • It consists of nine premium erasers
  • Kneaded erasers can easily mold into preferred size and shape
  • Gum eraser for removing smudges and pencil lines
  • Plastic eraser perfect for removing pencil marks
  • Perfect for artists and designers
  • Tendency to tear easily

This product is perfect for artists and designers looking for a complete set of erasers. Each eraser works excellently, with each type beneficial for a particular purpose. Overall, this art eraser set works well and will be very useful when doing any artwork.

What to Look for When Looking for a Kneaded Eraser

best kneaded eraser brand

Choosing the right kneaded eraser can be challenging with all the options available, but you must remember certain factors to select the properly kneaded eraser for your artwork. Please see the list below:

Ability to be Molded in Different Shapes and Sizes

One notable feature you need to look for in a kneaded eraser is its ability to be molded into different shapes and forms. The eraser should allow the user to form different shapes depending on how the user intends to use it. With this feature, the kneaded eraser is beneficial not only for erasing but for drawing as well.

For example, you can shape the kneaded eraser into a pencil point and use it to erase or lighten specific dots or small inconsistencies in your artwork. This feature of the kneaded eraser is very useful when you are shading or refining the drawing.

Ability Not to Leave Residue and Eraser Bits

Another feature you need to take for in a kneaded eraser is its ability not to leave residue or eraser bits. A kneaded eraser should not leave any residue or eraser bits on your artwork. The reason? This residue can disturb the drawing surface, especially when you are using charcoal.

Ability to be Clean Easily

best kneaded eraser for drawing

A kneaded eraser can pick up pencil dust anytime. So, when looking for a kneaded eraser, it should allow you to clean the dust easily by simply kneading it between your fingers to remove the dust.

Different Scents and Colors

If you are looking to give a kid a kneaded eraser, you could provide a kneaded eraser with different scents and colors. In this guide, we have featured several brands that offer scented erasers that are perfect for child’s use.

Some brands even offer a combination of different erasers, including kneaded erasers. With this option, aspiring artists can maximize the usage of having different types of erasers as options.

There are even other kneaded eraser brands that offer different colors and scents. Some brands even allow you to mix and match the colors to produce a new one. Some brands also offer different scented erasers in a single package.


A good kneaded eraser can help aspiring artists and designers perfect their artwork. Also kneaded erasers are also helpful for children with their art projects as they can also function as a toy with their ability to have a pleasant smell and mix with other kneaded erasers.

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