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The Best Pencil Grips for 2023

best pencil grips

The best pencil grips can and will help your child learn how to write much faster than not using them. Some people might say that using pencil grips will cause a reliance on them, but that is not typically the case. It helps young kids who do not have enough grip strength to hold a pencil properly, giving them more control over their strokes.

Pencil grips are not just for kids. If you are suffering from Carpal tunnel or have slight arthritis in your hands, holding a pen might be quite difficult for you. If you use a pencil grip, you will find that you will not need to use that much force to hold a pen in place.

Top 5 Pencil Grips Reviews

1. Julbo Explorer Mountain Sunglasses

junelsy kids toddler children pencil grips

The JuneLsy pencil grips for kids are excellent choices because they have very ergonomic designs, making them easier and more comfortable to use. These pencil holders use soft yet firm silicone rubber material. They all have holes carved in them to keep the fingers cool and dry, making them comfortable and enjoyable to use for kids.

This product’s ergonomic design makes it one of the most suitable pencil grips for preschoolers. The holes are in the perfect position for writing. This will train your kids’ hands to always be in the correct position for writing. The holes are also not tight at all. They just guide the fingers to always be in the right position. They don’t hold them in place at all.

You can use these training pencil grips on any standard-sized pencil or pen, and the finger positions will always be correct. If you have a weak grip because of an illness or past injury, you will like how this assists you to hold your writing instrument in place with hardly any effort at all.

Also, it does not matter if you are left- or right-handed. You can still use the same pencil holder with either hand.

This would have been even better if the silicone could stretch out more to accommodate thicker pencils, like the ones that kindergarteners use. In addition, this holder is also a bit too big for smaller writing tools like thin markers and standard-sized crayons. It can only fit perfectly over standard pencils and pens.

  • Has a very ergonomic design
  • Made of soft and breathable material
  • Trains young kids’ hands to write properly
  • Usable by adults who have weak hand muscles or have nerve damage
  • Can only fit on standard pencils and pens
  • Might not work for all – The finger positions are kind of hard to get used to for some adults

This is highly recommended if you have young children who are just learning how to write. The JuneLsy pencil grip will teach your kids the proper way of holding a pencil. In addition, they will learn the correct habits when writing.

2. Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

booshow preschoolers handwriting pencil grips

This product is one of the most suitable pencil grips for kids. It will teach them how to hold their pencils properly. The Booshow pencil grip forces the fingers to be in the correct position.

The loop is for the index finger and there are indents for the thumb and middle finger. This will train the fingers to remain in the correct position even when you take the pencil holder out.

I wish that I had this pencil holder back when I was a kid trying to learn how to write. This teaches kids the right way to hold onto their pencils. This way, they will learn not to put too much pressure on their grip, promoting easy and effortless writing. When kids learn how to write comfortably, they will find it an enjoyable activity and not a chore.

Unlike the other pencil holders, this product teaches young kids to attain a more natural grip. There is only one hole, which is for the index finger. This will allow the child to position the thumb and middle finger more comfortably. However, the fingers will still be in the correct position, which teaches the child correct writing habits.

Although this product teaches kids the right writing hand postures, it will take longer for them to get used to using this. Because there is just one finger hole, young kids will need to learn how to grip the pencil firmly. This means that this might not be of too much help to people with nerve damage on their hands as a bit of grip strength is still needed.

  • A lot less restrictive compared to other pencil holders
  • Works better at teaching correct writing posture
  • Made from a soft and flexible material
  • Comes in a pack of 10 holders in different colors
  • Not as secure as other pencil holders – It will need a bit more pressure to hold
  • Takes a bit longer to get used to

If you have kids who already know how to write but they have bad handwriting habits, then these pen holders will help them. However, if you need something to help you write because you have very weak muscles in your hand, this might not be ideal for you.

3. ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses

firesara original handwriting ergonomic pencil grips

Unlike some of the other pencil holders on this list, the Firesara pencil grips train all five fingers to hold the pencil properly, making it one of the most common pencil grips for kindergarten. Most of the other pencil grips just train the thumb, index, and middle fingers, but this one also has a grip for the ring finger and pinky.

After a while, your kids will learn the correct way to hold a pencil, with all their fingers in the right position. Because of its design, the Firesara pencil grip can also help those with extremely weak grip strength.

People who have nerve damage on their hands often find it difficult to hold a pencil, but that will not be the case with this pencil holder. Aside from the holes that are for the thumb and index finger, there is also a pistol grip that will help your hand have a firm grasp of the pencil.

My kid liked to use this pencil grip not just because it is easy to use but also because it has a cute design. This product has a cute animal design that somewhat appeals to kids, promoting ease in teaching them how to write properly.

These grips also come in different bright colors. This is a good thing as it allows you to choose which ones to use depending on their mood for the day.

Because there are a lot of finger holes, it might be a challenge for young kids to get the hang of using it. However, with a bit of patience, your kids will find that this holder is actually easier to use compared to other similar products.

  • Trains all the fingers to hold a pencil properly
  • Ideal for people with extremely weak grip strength
  • Comes in different colors and has cute animal designs
  • Teaches the correct and natural way to hold pencils
  • Might seem tricky to use at first
  • The finger holes might be a bit too small for adult hands

This is one of the most ideal pencil grip holders for teaching kids the correct way to hold pencils and other writing instruments. I have used a lot of other similar products but I think this is the easiest to use by far.

4. Oakley Oo9238 Rectangular Sunglasses

the pencil ergonomic training grips

The Pencil Grip kit comes with three different training pencil grips that will teach kids how to hold pencils and pens correctly. It will correct the bad habits that your kids may have developed while still learning how to write. Even adults can benefit from using this training kit. If you have developed bad habits, you can use this to correct them.

These grips use soft silicone rubber material, which allows them to fit over all kinds of writing implements. I have used them for regular pencils, jumbo pencils, markers, crayons, and other writing tools.

I find them very soft, so they are quite comfortable to use. I have seen kids use these grips while writing for almost an hour straight and I have not heard a peep of complaints about them.

I also liked that the Pencil Grip kit comes in a one-size-fits-all package. Small and big hands will find these grips convenient to use. This is quite unlike the other pencil grips where you might be unable to fit your fingers into the holders.

This kit is, in my opinion, already quite great, but it does have a couple of drawbacks. For instance, I do love how soft these grips are but they are a bit too soft that they can get ripped a little when you use them with a slightly larger pen.

  • A complete system that can help teach correct writing posture
  • Can immensely help people who have nerve damage on their writing hands
  • Has grooves that position the fingers in place naturally
  • The grips are ergonomic and soft, which makes them comfortable to use
  • A bit too soft, which is the reason why they tend to tear quite easily
  • Cannot be bought separately – When you lose one, you need to buy a new set

Whether you are teaching a young child how to write for the first time or undergoing occupational therapy for your injured hand, I am sure you will love this kit.

5. Julbo Sherpa Mountaineering Sunglasses

special supplies squishy pencil grips

The Special Supplies squishy pencil grips are the ideal choice for anyone, young or old, who has difficulty focusing. These pencil grips have a nice squishy texture that provides sensory inputs, allowing you to focus more on writing and preventing your mind from wandering away from your task.

This is the perfect solution for kids who do not want to practice their handwriting or are struggling when it comes to jotting down their notes in class. These pen grips are made from soft silicone rubber, a material guaranteed to be comfortable to hold.

When you buy this product, you will be getting an entire bucket of pencil grips of different colors. This will allow young kids to mix and match their favorite colors. You can use just one grip on a pencil or cover the entire length using several pencil holders with different colors.

These pencil holders are not necessarily for training kids how to hold a pencil properly. These are just rubber cylinders that give you a better grip on your pencil. These might still be of help to people who have weak muscles in their hands but they are not as useful as other pencil grips.

  • Provides sensory input, allowing kids (and adults) to focus
  • Comes in many bright colors
  • Has 50 pieces in one pack
  • The soft silicone material used for the grips
  • Not meant for teaching correct writing posture
  • A bit too soft, so it may rip after a week or so of regular use

Although not meant to teach children how to write properly, the use of these grips can still make the process a bit easier. The grips are also soft and very comfortable to use, so grownups would like to use them.

How to Choose Pencil Grips

best pencil grips for kindergarten

When shopping for pencil grips, there are some things you have to consider – the most important of which include the following:


One of the reasons why you wanted to use pencil grips in the first place is that you find holding pens and pencils uncomfortable. You might not notice this when your hands are healthy.

However, if you have nerve damage or arthritis, you will see the point of using this product. If you do not have a lot of grip power, you have to use pencil grips for dysgraphia. If you are teaching young kids to write, using a comfortable pencil grip will make them actually want to practice.

Teaches Correct Writing Posture

One reason why there are so many kids who do not like to write is that their hand posture is all wrong. A good pencil grip will be able to teach young kids the correct way to position their hands so that they can write more comfortably.

Ideally, the pencil grip should teach your kids how to hold their pencils correctly after just a couple of months of use. They should have developed the right muscle memory after practicing with grips. This means that their fingers would automatically know where to place themselves when writing.

Bright Colors And Pretty Designs

Kids will like to practice their writing skills more if they like how their pencils look. If you are buying pencil grips for your child, make sure to get those that come in their favorite colors.

Also, if they like to mix and match their colors, you can grab a pack that contains lots of different colors. Even grownups like using things that are colorful, so do not be ashamed to pick out your favorite colors if you are the one who will be using them.

Consider consulting an occupational therapist – Do this if you are thinking of getting a pencil grip because you are suffering from nerve damage or arthritis and you cannot hold a pen properly anymore.

Yes, you can get a pencil holder even without the advice of a therapist, but it would be better if you did. A professional can steer you in the right direction. You may even receive suggestions on the specific products that they think are pencil grips for occupational therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

best pencil grip for preschoolers

How to Teach Preschoolers to Hold a Pencil?

Traditionally, you just let them hold the pencil however they like and based on what is comfortable for them. However, they will benefit more if they would use learning aids, like using thicker pencils and pens and pencil grips.

When is it too late to Change the Pencil Grip?

Experts say that pencil grips should be switched out before the child reaches 8 years old. If the child is still allowed to use the grips, it will be kinesthetically engraved in their muscle memory, thus making them unable to use regular pencils.


The best pencil grips can help a lot when you are teaching a young child how to hold a pencil. They will help the child know where to put their fingers when holding a pencil. In addition, people who have very weak hand muscles will like using a pencil grip to make it easier to write.

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