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The Best Reading Journal for 2023

best reading journal

Are you fond of keeping track of your reading habits? Do you want to do it through traditional pen and paper instead of using online tools? If you answered yes to both questions, then finding the best reading journal should be something you have to prioritize.

Investing in the best book-reading journal offers an advantage for those who consider themselves messy and are not that talented when it comes to organizing. With this journal around, you can neatly monitor and keep track of your reading.

It is your reading journal that will enable you to organize and keep a log of your reading while inspiring you to accomplish and successfully complete the goals you have set for yourself as far as reading is concerned. Find out about the most highly recommended reading journals today through this article.

Top Best Reading Journal Reviews

1. Regolden-Book Reading Planner and Journals

regolden-book reading planner and journals

Are you a book lover? Then I think getting yourself a piece of this Regolden Bookstore reading journal can help a lot. I found out how good this reading journal is after several uses. I even discovered that it is an incredible tool if you want to improve your reading habits and inspire yourself to make the habit of reading a part of your routine.

With this reading journal, you will be able to take hold of a handy tool that you can use in finishing your reading and ensuring that you come back to this habit fully prepared. It, therefore, contributed a lot to improving my entire journey in terms of reading.

I am greatly satisfied with how sturdy and durable the overall construction of this reading journal is. This is made possible with the help of the faux leather material used in creating its cover. It also features an inner pocket as well as an elastic band that both serve their purpose of helping you store and organize your stuff.

With its 160 pages, you will have enough space to record important things and details regarding reading and other related tasks. Each page is made of high-quality acid-free paper. This material is a good one as it gives you a silky-smooth surface for writing. You can also write here without worrying about the ink penetrating the paper.

Another highlight of this reading journal is the twin-wire spiral binding. It contributes to the smooth turning of the pages, allowing the planner to work efficiently for a long time. It also guarantees you comfort when writing regardless of where you are.

I am also happy with the size – standard A5 size. This size is perfect as you can easily carry it while still having a big writing space that you can use for planning and organizing your reading.

A downside, though, is that the spaces for writing are kind of small. However, it is something that most users expect considering the fact that this reading journal is meant to be handy and at a pocketbook size.

  • Sturdy and durable construction, thanks to its faux leather cover
  • Has 160 pages, giving you enough pages to write all your reading entries
  • Comfortable and smooth writing guaranteed
  • Easy to carry since it is made to be really handy
  • The spaces for writing are reportedly small

With the many features and benefits offered by this journal, I can say that it is simply an all-in-one reading journal, serving several purposes, like a reading list, reading tracker, or simply a page for writing the names of books and their page numbers. With that, finding data and information will be a lot easier.

2. Paper Peony Press Book Lovers Journals

paper peony press book lovers journals

Another incredible choice for those in search of a high-quality reading journal for book lovers is the Paper Peony Press reading journal. This reading journal features a simple yet captivating design, making it perfect for your coffee table book. You will not have problems displaying it on the table of your library or book nook.

One thing that impressed me in this reading journal is its sturdy and solid hardback. It significantly improves the durability of the journal. This hardback also has stylish foil lettering in gold. I am happy that when opening the journal, it will lay flat. The reason is that it makes it easier to write on it.

The fact that it is hardbound is also a big advantage as it allows you to write anywhere you want. You will never have problems even if you decide to write in bed as it will never cause any discomfort.

Every page of this journal also has a minimalist design. Expect it to guide you as you review and rate every book or novel you read with enough space that you can use in recording quotes, questions, and notes.

I am glad to say that this journal has an elegant and luxurious feel. It is mainly because of the linen-wrapped cover, which also comes stamped with the words “for the love of books”. Add to that the attractive gold foil integrated into the cover and I’m sure you will get to feel and witness its elegance and sophistication.

One more thing that you can find in this book readers’ journal is the elastic closure band, which you can use for more secure and safer travel and storage. There is also an add-on in the form of the satin page marker.

However, I hope that there is an option to select hours as far as the length of books for audio entries is concerned. It would have also been better if there was an option to record the narrator.

  • A simple yet captivating design
  • Gives you the option to rate, review, and keep track of your read books
  • Elegant and luxurious feel of the cover
  • Guarantees more secure and safer travel and storage through its elastic closure band
  • Lacks the option for selecting hours when it comes to audio entries’ length

Overall, I can say that this reading journal is worthwhile to include in the items you own. It gives you something physical that will help you monitor your reading goals and somewhat accomplish them.

3. JXSELECT Elegant Book Reviews Reading Journals

jxselect elegant book reviews reading journals

If you are a book lover, then I’m sure you will also fall in love with this reading journal from JXSELECT Store as it acts as a functional and high-quality reading tracker journal. With the aid of this type of journal, it will be easy for you to review and monitor all the books you read.

Among the details you can keep track of are the book title, genre, author, and even your ideas and thoughts. I am also satisfied with the number of pages in this reading journal. At around sixty review pages, along with wrap-ups every month and year, keeping each note associated with your reading in just a single place is possible.

The durability and quality of the paper used in this journal are also unquestionable. I found out that the paper is 120gsm, which helps prevent bleed-through. It also assures users that each note you put in the journal is readable and clear.

The size is also just right at 5.7” by 8.3”. It is compact enough that you will never experience any problem fitting it inside your purse or bag. The linen fabric hardcover also looks elegant, adding to the overall attractiveness and appeal of the journal.

I can say that this is a practical and functional choice as it also has plenty of add-ons – among which are a pen holder, elastic closure, back pocket, and ribbon bookmark. I like the addition of a reading tracker, too.

This particular feature has an index page and numbered page system for ease of navigation, especially when looking for reviews or notes. However, some users find the exterior feel of the journal’s cover too rough for their liking.

  • Functional and high-quality as it lets you review and monitor your reading
  • Comes with several pages, giving enough space for recording your reading details
  • Compact size that easily fits in your bag
  • The elegant look of the linen fabric hardcover
  • Some users find the cover too rough

In general, this journal captured my attention because of how good its overall quality and layout are. I am happy with the thought put into creating this reading journal.

4. Thymeless Designs Book Review Journals

thymeless designs book review journals

Another fantastic choice in your search for a good journal to keep track of books read is the Thymeless Designs reading journal. I am genuinely fond of this reading journal as it is hardback, making it sturdy and durable. Plus, it is capable of holding your ideas and thoughts for up to a hundred books.

The durability is unmatched with the aid of its hardcover capable of withstanding the hundred of reviews you intend to write inside it. I am glad that there is also a ribbon bookmark included in this reading journal, which helps in tracking the spot while reading.

What’s great about this journal is that it is compatible with Good Reads, Booktok, and Book Club. I am also satisfied with the more than ample space provided by this journal. The size is around 6-inch by 9-inch and each review for the book can span a couple of pages. This means you will have sufficient space to put your thoughts into writing.

Despite the sufficient space promised by this journal, it is still small and tiny that you will never have problems putting it inside your bookshelf or fitting it in your backpack or purse. I am also fond of how creative they have been in making the art for the back and front cover interiors.

Another nice thing about this reading journal is that it dedicates some space to your list of to-be-read books. The overall design is actually very simple, devoid of all insignificant prompts but the amount of space is sufficient for every book information and detail you intend to include.

I don’t find the page dedicated to book recommendations essential, though. I feel like it is okay if it is not included in the journal since it does not completely encompass every genre.

  • Hardback cover, boosting its sturdiness and durability
  • Small, light, and compact, making it portable and easy to bring anywhere
  • Has more than enough space for anything about books you intend to write down
  • Features a ribbon bookmark to monitor the spot as you read
  • Has a not-so-essential page, which is one dedicated to book recommendations

Overall, I can say that this journal delivers a good performance, especially for those who are looking for a fun, cute, durable, and exceptional way of monitoring book reading and jotting down notes.

5. KUNITSA CO Review and Track Reading Journals

kunitsa co review and track reading journals

Your choices for the best journal for books read should also include this high-quality reading journal from KUNITSA Co. I’m sure this reading journal can contribute to your success when attempting to make journaling a part of your everyday practice. Through journaling, you can pause for a while and be more mindful of your day.

One thing I like about journaling is that it helps in clearing and calming your mind. You can enjoy this benefit even more especially if you are using the best reading journal that you can flip anytime as the years pass by.

I am so happy to see that this particular reading journal has an unobtrusive and simple style and design. The design is so subtle that you do not have to worry about it causing distractions as you write.

One more thing that makes me so glad about this reading journal is that it allows me to use my creativity. The reason is that you are allowed to decorate the pages of the journal. You can even witness the wonderful pairing of pencils and brightly-colored tapes when you decide to invest in this journal.

I am also impressed with the combination of structure and the free-form style of this reading journal. It offers adequate structure while giving you the option to customize it anytime you want, so it will become uniquely yours.

In general, I can say that this reading journal is very comprehensive, timeless, and elegant. It gives a straightforward approach to reading and journaling. In addition, its build and size are meant to be compact and portable, so you can travel with it.

This journal also has enough room to house over 50 book reviews, giving you plenty of space any time you wish to put quotes or your thoughts down into writing. However, one downside I noticed is that the washed-out gray print is harder to read. It would have been better if a darker shade of blue, gray, or black were used.

  • Works ideally for journaling and note-taking
  • Has a nice and adequate structure
  • Compact and portable
  • Has a timeless design, making it useful for years to come
  • Harder to read print as it is washed-out gray rather than darker shades of blue, bray, or black

To conclude, I am one hundred percent satisfied with the way this reading journal is designed and set up. It has a layout and format that is ideal for anyone who intends to write down detailed book reviews or be more creative in decorating the journal.

6. SIMSIMY Fillable Reading Log Review Notebooks

simsimy fillable reading log review notebooks

The SIMSIMY reading journal is also worthwhile to invest in. It gives you the opportunity to track your readings as well as your progress more comprehensively and efficiently. It is like an all-in-one reading journal as it contains plenty of details, including the reading tracker, index, books I’ve read, wish list, books I haven’t finished, and sections for different book challenges.

I am happy to say that this reading journal is compatible with every type of reader; hence, it is highly flexible. It has 104 pages for your book review, which means that if you are an avid reader, you will be greeted with abundant space for reading on the spot and sharing your thoughts.

I also immediately noticed the flexibility of this reading planner. It has the standard A5 size, which makes writing on it highly convenient. There is also an undated sturdy hardcover, which further enhances the stylish look and durability of the product.

With that, reading becomes more organized and fun. I am also a witness to the thickness and premium quality product of the journal. It has premium and thick 120 gsm paper, which makes it really suitable for writing minus the possibility of smudging or bleeding.

I am also very impressed with the inclusion of a secure binding. It prevents any note you have inserted there from falling out. There is even a pocket at the back, which you will surely find convenient when used for additional storage. In addition, there is an elastic band, which you can use in closing the journal without any issue.

One issue I have with this reading journal, though, is the somewhat unwanted smell from the first time I used it. It could be because of the prominent adhesive or similar material that’s used in the journal. Still, expect the smell to disappear without a couple of days of use.

  • Helps in comprehensively and efficiently tracking your readings
  • Thick and premium paper used on each page
  • Has a low risk of smudging or bleeding
  • Prevents inserted notes from falling out because of their secure binding
  • Has a somewhat unwanted smell at first

All in all, I am pretty satisfied with the nice feel and look of this reading journal. Its different sections are simply organized and it does not have too many extra sections that are not that significant. All the features here are useful.

7. Clever Fox Reading Tracker Journals

clever fox reading tracker journals

If you are fond of reading and you want to have a record of details related to the books you’ve read, and even those you are still planning to read, then the Clever Fox reading journal will be of help to you. As a matter of fact, it serves as the most useful tool in the arsenal of many book lovers.

It is an efficient and effective tool for monitoring every book you have read, organizing all your ideas, opinions, and thoughts, and storing them comprehensively. This means that it gives you a tool that you can access anytime for almost any problem you can think of.

It also supports anyone’s desire to analyze the books responsibly. This journal can hold up to 55 reviews for books. You can use two pages for every book you intend to record. The space per page is big enough that it can record every vital information regarding the book, have an additional one-liner for your review, and reflect on what I’ve learned and discovered.

As for the second page, expect it to be fully blank, giving you the choice to add quotes, notes, and your own thoughts. You can also use it if you wish to personalize or customize it.

The materials used in creating this reading journal are also top-notch in terms of quality. It makes use of a vegan leather hardcover, which makes the product sturdier. The paper used also has a thickness of 120gsm. Ensure that it is smudge-resistant and bleed-resistant.

There are also a lot of add-ons and extras – among which are an elastic band, pen loop, 3 ribbon bookmarks that are color-coded, and lay-flat binding. It also has a pocket intended for loose notes. In addition, the reading journal has a detailed user guide inside along with three sheets of stickers boasting of their rose-gold detailing.

  • Can hold over 50 book reviews
  • Has big enough space to record important book information
  • Allows you to personalize or customize a page
  • Good-quality and sturdy cover plus each piece of paper is thick enough
  • Nothing major that I and other users can think of

To conclude, this reading journal delivers on its promise to keep track of or monitor any book you are presently reading and the length of time you consume to read it. It gives you an effective non-digital means of tracking your readings.

8. Lamare Book Lovers Reading Journals

lamare book lovers reading journals

Through this book reading journal from Lamare Store, I think you will get an opportunity to retain vital details and information better as you can record it in a simple yet fun and exciting manner. It can even bring your entire reading experience to a higher level with the help of inspirational quotes and colorful and fun illustrations.

One thing that amazed me about this book-reading journal is how catchy and bright it is. This makes filling out the journal so fun and exciting. You can log your reading experiences and adventures here as it has the capacity to hold information for over eighty books. This makes tracking your reading more efficient and fun.

It is made of hardcover, too. In other words, no one can question its durability. It utilizes 100GSM FSC paper and comes with a ribbon bookmark and durable sewn binding. This significantly improves the overall structure and construction of the reading journal.

You can also choose from its two different colors that work whether you are a man or a woman. I am in awe of the simplicity of the layout of this reading journal, too. It does not come with any confusing layout or other unnecessary parts or sections, making it different from large journal books.

It gives you the chance to record or log only the essentials of a book, including the title, author, and rating. There is also a full page dedicated to summaries, conclusions, and other important notes as you go through reading.

Be extra careful when using markers in this book journal, though. The reason is that there is a possibility for it to bleed through.

  • Makes book tracking fun, thanks to its bright and colorful illustrations
  • Durable hardcover
  • Good structure and construction, thanks to its well-sewn binding and thick paper
  • Simple layout without any complicated and confusing parts and sections
  • Possibility of bleed-through when using markers

Overall, I find this reading journal cute. I am impressed with the overall theme and the colors of the journal. It also has a sturdy construction plus it makes tracking books, setting goals for reading, and taking notes for reflection easier.

How to Choose a Reading Journal

best book reading journal

Have you decided to invest in a reading journal? Then make sure that you select the correct one for your unique needs and requirements. In this case, you should look into the following when making your choice:

Number of books it can log

Make sure to look into how many books the reading journal you are thinking of buying can log. In most cases, the answer to this will depend on the journal’s size and overall format.

Similar to guided journals, a reading journal provides various writing prompt levels that serve as springboards for reflection. You can find journals that request the book’s author, title, and genre. Some also offer sample questions for discussions or motivate you to look for memorable quotes.

If you choose one that requires more complicated prompts, expect the amount of space to be consumed to be even bigger, too. If you go for simple ones, it is possible for you to log information for one to two books on every page.

Find out whether it is okay with you if there is not that much category or pre-assigned prompt. If that is the case, you can buy a blank journal and then commit at least one page for every book you finished reading.

Page size

It is also advisable to take into consideration the size of each page. You can go for those that have large pages (around 8-inch by 10-inch per page) if you feel like you need a lot of room for taking notes. However, if you prefer a more portable journal, then you can always go for the smaller one.

journal to keep track of books read

Type of cover

Make it a point to check the cover of the reading journal before buying, too. If you want your reading journal to be strong and sturdy, go for one made of hardcovers.

This kind of durability is good if you want to bring your journal with you anywhere. You can also find journals with softcovers. They are cheaper than those made of hardcover but they are incapable of withstanding wear and tear.

Preferred type of binding

Check out the type of binding used in the reading journal. If you want one that is not that costly and easy to access and find, choose any of those that have glue binding or perfect binding.

It would also be better if you could find a journal with a Wire-O binding since this provides the journal with more reinforcement. This is a good thing if you are really thinking of bringing your journal anywhere.

There is also another kind of construction known as the lay-flat binding. This promotes ease in writing since each page tends to lay on the surface flat. You may also want to check out the Smyth-sewn one as it has an additional level of durability with the sturdy stitching at the spine.

reading journal for book lovers

Details you plan to log

Another important factor to consider as you choose the right reading journal for you is the kind of detail and information you wish to log. It would not be a good idea to choose a journal, which will not let you catch all the details and information you intend to remember regarding every book you read.

Do you want a reading journal, which will also serve as your reading planner? Then select one that features a list of to-read books. You can also pick a reading journal that serves as a reading tracker. If that is the case, go for one that has forms for monthly or annual tracking. It should also have a calendar.

Add-ons and extras

Check out the add-ons and extras integrated into the reading journal. Note that most reading journals nowadays are made to be creative. Many even offer suggested reading lists, journal prompts, and reading challenges, among many others. Find out what is included in the journal so you will know if they are of use to you.


Whether you consider yourself a certified and true-blooded bookworm and bibliophile or just someone who likes to read occasionally, investing in the best reading journal can be beneficial for you.

You will surely enjoy these journals as aside from having over a hundred pages, you can also use them for logging at least fifty books. You also get the chance to pick one that fits your specific journaling requirements considering the many choices you have.

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