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The Best Bullet Journal Stencils in 2023

best bullet journal stencils

Bullet journal stencils are a popular tool for creating clean and consistent designs for your bullet journal. It helps create a beautiful layout in your journal or even planner pages with precision. This tool comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

This article features six of the top-notch bullet journal stencils you can use today. Our recommendations are based on our experience using various stencils for journaling and gathering the best product that anyone can use. See our recommendations below.

Top Bullet Journal Stencils Reviews

1. ZICOTO Dotted Journals Stencils

zicoto dotted journals stencils

This stencil set from Zicoto comprises 15 versatile templates that allow you to create your own productivity planner. The templates include alphabets, letters, calendars, circles, and habit trackers. The stencils are perfectly aligned to fit with 5mm dot grid journals.

I am very much impressed with these stencils. They are so easy to use and have shown a lot of strength without the flimsiness. They are actually thicker compared to the other stencils that I used before. The small sections, like the letters, stay the same when tracing.

This product also comes with a nice little folder that allows the stencils to be easily removed from the folder when needed. If you are new to journaling, the product will provide a lot of templates that will allow you to make a layout, use various habit trackers, and so much more.

The stencils are physically sturdy without being cumbersome, making them space savers. I also like the fact that there is an abundance of options for you with the stencils. I am referring to the templates covering all the bullet journaling basics.

All these features allow the user to create the layout they need easily. Lastly, I am also impressed with the packaging, which looks adorable. It will enable the user to easily take the stencils in or out while keeping them protected when they are not used.

  • Built to align 5 mm dot grid journals, organizers, and notebooks
  • It contains 15 versatile and reusable templates
  • Includes habit and mood, time, exercise and meal, productivity, and savings trackers
  • Made with thick but flexible premium materials
  • It allows you to create an endless variety of designed journals
  • Emits foul odor

This product is one of the most common stencils for bullet journal. The packaging is attractive, sturdy, and thin. The 15 templates provide everything you need to add magic to your bullet journal, including month and week at a glance, habit trackers, and everything in between.

2. Sunny Streak Productivity Journal Stencils

sunny streak productivity journal stencils

This journal stencil set from Sunny Streak is designed to align 5 mm dot grid journals specifically. This product will allow users to organize using templates such as daily, weekly, and monthly calendars, to-do lists, and habit tracking.

These stencils fit perfectly if you use a dot grid 5 mm journal. This stencil set allows you to create a unique set of outlines that will help improve your productivity and cut down the amount of time each month when creating a monthly tracker and weekly pages.

I am impressed since most of the recommended spreads are found in this stencil set. I like that so many spreads can be used in the bullet journal. These stencils will make your journal simple but functional.

When it comes to the tracker, creating your own tracker is really fun using this product. The stencils are perfect for those who want to be creative when tracking their daily life activities. Furthermore, it is easy to use, clean and has the right thickness.

Lastly, the tiny monthly calendar alone made this set totally worth the price. It allows you to view an entire year of a single 2-page spread, and it’s motivating to show progress daily. Physically, the stencils should be very sturdy and come in excellent quality.

  • Built to be aligned with 5 mm dot grid journals
  • Made with mylar plastic which is known for its durability, sturdiness, and lightness
  • It comes with a variety of templates to allow you to create hundreds of layouts
  • It makes tracking more fun and enjoyable
  • Includes an e-book with instructions and inspiration
  • Smaller size

This bullet journal stencil is for users looking for a great tool to connect their journaling bullet layouts easily. You will be impressed by the calendar and graph stencils. It is easy to use and can be personalized.

3. Mengcube Journal Stencil Set

mengcube journal stencil set

This journal stencil set from Mengcube comes with 12 plastic planner stencils offering various layout options and styles. This product also comes with a stainless steel ruler that can be used to help with the journaling to make it so much easier.

If you are someone who loves bullet journaling, this product is an excellent option. Furthermore, the stencils are sturdy enough without being too stiff. The product comes with a ring to keep all the stencils properly organized and keep the stencils together.

In addition, the stencils are so easy to use. The tracing was easy, but in some spots, the tracing would be smaller, which will be a challenge. I went slow on the tracing to prevent bending the stencil. But with the stencil’s sturdiness, this problem should not be a big deal.

Another upside of this bullet journal stencil is the availability of so many designs. I like how each stencil comes in its package to protect all of them from breakage. But the sturdiness and the availability of so many shapes will really help in every journaling.

Lastly, this is the most preferred stencil for beginners, with all the designs and symbols you need for journaling and updating the planner. The only downside with this product is they are made of plastic which makes them bendy.

  • Built with 12 plastic planner stencils that come with a variety of layout and style options
  • Made of durable mylar plastic materials
  • Built with stiffness to not flex when used by heavy-handed users
  • With a metal ring that attached all the stencils together
  • Includes a stainless steel ruler
  • Made of plastic and bendy

This product is perfect for users looking for a starter set of Bullet journal stencils. The set is basic enough to be thoroughly helpful and specialized sufficient to offer various styles and layout options. The key ring and the rulers are an excellent bonus.

4. BulLine Bullet Journal Stencils Set

bulline bullet journal stencils set

This bullet journal stencil set takes pride in its thicker quality. Using the stencils impressed me as it has no unstable corners and curves while sketching in the dotted journal. It also contains all the keyboard symbols, power words, activities, and tasks that make journaling so much fun and easier.

My first impression of this stencil set is that they are perfect for kids and adults. The stencils are so easy to use, regardless of who uses them. In addition, they do not break the pencil tips in those tight corners. The stencils are flexible too, which prevents them from snapping. Also, the casing is nice and neat, and the stencils are numbered for proper organization.

In terms of the stencil’s size, they are perfect as it still allows you to use them even in smaller spaces. The stencils are flexible enough to maneuver around the insides of the book spines but not so flimsy that they are hard to handle or weak.

This product contains 15 different sheets of stencils with various templates and designs, including symbols, borders, flourishes, words, and phrases that will be perfect for journal headings. The sheets are also of excellent quality with the proper weight.

Lastly, this product also comes with a pouch that allows you to take it on the go. Most stencils available in the market today are flimsy, but this product is different. But these stencils are the sturdiest ones that I have experience using. Very impressive.

  • Built with thicker quality with no unstable corners and curves
  • With a unique size that allows easy maneuvering and free movement from planner pages
  • The size is made to use in all kinds of journaling
  • Easy to grab and use
  • A lot of designs to choose from
  • With misspelled words

This bullet journal stencil is perfect for users looking for a sturdy and reliable product. This stencil set comes with so many designs to choose from. This product can also be used for other projects as well.

5. Mr. Pen Bullet Journaling Stencils

mr. pen bullet journaling stencils

This journal stencil from Mr. Pen Store comprises 12 reusable stencils that take pride in being washable and reusable. This product is so easy to clean by using water and letting it dry for another round of usage. The journal stencil is ideal for A5 notebooks and other standard organizers.

I like these stencils because they are sturdy and do not move while tracing around small areas. And it came in excellent quality too. There is so much variety with the banners, line separators, corner designs, pictures, and many more.
Speaking of variety, a wide variety of symbols, lines, and curves are available in addition to quote balloons, letters, numbers, and punctuations. Symbols for social media platforms are also included, which is quite impressive. After all, a dozen stencil cards with so many design choices are alright after all.

In addition, I am also impressed by the overall size of the stencil. I love how compact these stencils are, which makes it easy to jeep wherever you want. The size will not be a factor in bringing the stencils wherever you go.

Lastly, besides having so much variety, some basic shapes and designs come in multiple sizes, which is nice. The sturdiness is enough that the stencils stay flat and do not bend when used.

  • Made to be easily cleaned with water and quickly dry
  • Washable and reusable
  • Made for A5 notebook and organizers
  • Design to allow the stencil to be attached to the journal
  • Excellent tool for journaling, gift card, scrapbook, and many more
  • Rough edges are difficult to trace

These bullet journal stencils are great for anyone using a bullet journal or even an art journal. It spreads with each since there are so many stencils. The product provides excellent value and comes with excellent quality.

6. Chinco Metal Journal Stainless Steel Stencils

chinco metal journal stainless steel stencils

This product from Chinco includes four pieces of stainless steel stencil bookmarks that come in various designs and patterns. The stencils are reliable, sturdy, flexible, and not easy to bend, making them last longer than those made with other materials.

Yes, these stencils are made of stainless steel but have the simplest design and sturdiness. You will find a lot of little icons that look very cute and modern that are perfect for daily journaling and other related activities.

The stencils even come with social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But overall, the stencils look very cute. Some are harder to use because of the smaller size, but using a very thin pen can solve the issue.

I also like the assortment of cutouts and the materials of the stencils, but the smaller size makes it challenging to trace. A perfectly sharpened pencil could do the trick. The stencils, especially the cutouts, are excellently made but require a very thin writing tip.

Lastly, these stencils are the perfect gift for those who like journaling because of their sturdiness. This product can be an ideal gift for kids, friends, and relatives for various occasions and situations.

  • Stainless-steel made stencils that provide sturdiness and reliability
  • A multi-purpose tool, It can be used as stencils, rulers, and bookmarks
  • It is built to last longer with its high-quality stainless steel materials
  • It can be used for a variety of occasions and situations
  • Perfect gift for children, friends, and relatives
  • Tools are small in size

This product is for users looking for a stencil that provides endless possibilities and is fun to play with. These bullet journal stencils are practical and provide other uses, such as being used as rulers. The stencils are well-made and should last for a long time.

How to Choose a Bullet Journal Stencil

best stencils for bullet journal

If you are looking for a bullet journal stencil, consider several things to ensure you find the perfect stencils for your needs. Bullet journal stencils are a popular tool for creating clean and consistent designs in your bullet journal, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

Sizes and Shapes

The size and shape of the stencil are essential considerations when selecting a bullet journal stencil. You need to consider the size of the journal you own and the size of the space where you will be using the stencil. I recommend choosing a stencil with a variety of shapes and sizes to provide you with more flexibility in the designs.

Materials Used

Most of the bullet journal stencils available today are made of plastic, metal, or silicone. Plastic stencils are lightweight and affordable but may not be as durable as metal or silicon stencils.

Metal stencils are more durable and long-lasting but can be heavy and pricey. On the other hand, silicon stencils are flexible and can be used on curved surfaces, but they may be more challenging to clean.


stencils for journaling

Bullet journal stencils come in various designs, from basic shapes to complex designs. CI recommend considering the design types you typically use in your journal and selecting a stencil with those designs. Also, choose a stencil with a variety of designs to give you more options in your designs.

Versatility Feature

You can also consider how versatile the stencil is and how many designs you can create. Some stencils are designed for specific purposes, such as creating designs or borders. Some bullet journal stencils ars intended for general-purpose applications and can be used for various designs.

Ease of Usage

Another consideration is the ease of usage of the product and how well it fits into the journal. Some stencils are too big or bulky to fit well into a small journal, while others may need help to hold steady while you are tracing. I recommend looking for a stencil that is easy to use and fits well into the journal.


The best bullet journal stencils are those that can fit well with your journal and your overall needs. Many types of bullet journal stencils are available in the market, but when you choose the one that fits your needs, it can provide an excellent journal experience.

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