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Can You Recycle Staplers

can you recycle staplers

If you are joining papers together, the stapler is the best mechanical device to use. But once the stapler is aged with broken or missing parts, the owner usually needs to be more knowledgeable about what to do with the old stapler. Does it need to go to the trash bins immediately, or are there things you can do to make it useful?

Or, can you recycle staplers? Most of the staplers are made of plastic and steel, meaning they can be recycled. However, you also need to consider the type of stapler that you want to recycle and look for the best method to make it sustainable for the environment.

Look for Available Recycling Programs in your Area

If you want to recycle a stapler, the easiest and fastest way is to look for the nearest recycling programs in the area. You need to check on the type of concept these recycling programs offer, including the types of contents, plastic, mixed materials, or both.

The jurisdiction of a recycling center varies from one area to another. But the best authority to contact is the nearest local solid waste management. You can have the option to collect your old stapler together with the used staples and bring it to the recycling center.

If you recycle your stapler, include the old stapler and staples from the office. So, aside from your old stapler, you can collect other old staplers from your office and bring them to the recycling center.

Manual and Electronic Staplers

You need to deal with two types of staplers if you plan to recycle: manual and electronic. A manual stapler usually comes with plastic and metal parts. As for the electronic stapler, determining if they are recyclable will be your responsibility.

Calling your local waste management agency or even local hauler is the key. These agencies will show you whether the electric stapler you own is recyclable. Some of them may even accept these staplers for recycling which should be suitable for your plans of recycling the stapler.

Another option is connecting with the nearest scrapyard in your area. Often, these scrap yards will accept items that waste haulers would not. The reason is that a scrapyard has the ability to break things apart and separate most of the metal components.

Repurposing your Staple

repurposing your staple

One way to recycle your stapler is to find another usage aside from its original functionalities. If you are already attached to the stapler, finding this tool for another purpose will not make the old staple useless.

There are many ways to repurpose a stapler. One way is to keep the tool in its original shape and use it as a paperweight. With its usefulness, the old stapler can retain its position inside your home.

Another way to repurpose a staple is to use your creativity. You can use your artistic side to use the stapler as one of the parts of your art-related projects. A good example is using the stapler for your art pieces that use metal leftovers.

The old stapler can also be used as a doorstop, a fishing weight, and a toy. Some clever people even use it as a weapon for self-defense, but that is another story. With all of these functionalities, repurposing the stapler offers many possibilities to make this tool stay in your home.

Look for Prospective Buyers

If you are still looking for a local recycling center in your area and want to keep the old stapler, then selling it will be an excellent way to recycle the device. Many individuals and companies sell all types of stuff with which you can connect.

One way is to look for an office machine collector online. Who knows, there are people out there looking for a particular model of a stapler which is similar to the one you own. You can also hop online and check the reuse center website that buys old stuff or accepts material donations. But make sure to check first if they are taking staplers.

Finding a way to recycle your old stapler is essential and should be your contribution to taking care of the environment. The stapler and stapler may be small, but they can cause harm to mother earth if they are not correctly disposed of.

Always remember that staples are not dangerous, but if you do not find a way to recycle them, throwing them in the garbage may cause so much damage to the environment. Since it is made of metal, a staple has the potential to create environmental damage if not correctly disposed of.


Can you recycle stapler? Yes, you can, and there are many ways to do it, as presented in this article. You can look for the nearest recycling facility in your area to do it. Another way is to repurpose the stapler, sell it to collectors, or give it to reuse centers. The possibility is endless, but the most important thing is to find a way to dispose of your stapler properly.

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