how to remove staples from paper

How to Remove Staples from Paper

Most offices need help dealing with documents that are stapled together. Most people need help to efficiently remove staples, especially on a thick pile of papers. However, there are simple solutions that you can do …

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how to clean a silhouette mat

How to Clean a Silhouette Mat

A silhouette cutting mat is essential to hold various materials in place during the cutting process. There are two types of materials with adhesive backing, such as sticker sheets or vinyl, and those without backing, …

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what to do with old notebooks

What to Do With Old Notebooks

When a school year ends, it could mean another pile of used and old notebooks. The same goes for journals, diaries, or other notebooks you have used up for writing down notes while studying or …

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how to unbind a book

How to Unbind a Book

Unbinding a book gives you an easy way to save your worn-out books. Unfastening them and reorganizing the pages reinvent the book’s form, giving it a whole new life. Keeping your books in good condition …

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how to store kinetic sand

How to Store Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is increasing its popularity as a toy because of the way it improves motor skills and the creativity of a child. However, this toy will get messy after the child plays with it …

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how to make a desk taller

How to Make a Desk Taller

A desk needs to have the proper height to be comfortable when working. Having a disk with an improper height can lead to discomfort and poor posture, leading to back pain and other body aches. …

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how to get grease out of paper

How to Get Grease Out of Paper

The most difficult thing to clean is grease, especially grease that has been absorbed into the paper. The task of removing oil stains becomes even harder when the oil that penetrated is of thicker consistency. …

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