how to dye cotton balls

How to Dye Cotton Balls

There is no doubt that cotton balls are one of the most versatile and cheap art materials out there. Plain cotton balls are easily available on the market but the same can’t be said of …

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how to get grease out of paper

How to Get Grease Out of Paper

The most difficult thing to clean is grease, especially grease that has been absorbed into the paper. The task of removing oil stains becomes even harder when the oil that penetrated is of thicker consistency. …

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what are drafting pencils

What are Drafting Pencils?

If you are wondering what are drafting pencils, then take note that they refer to writing implements specifically made for precise drawings. These were quite popular back in the days before computer-aided design. However, there …

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what are charcoal pencils

What are Charcoal Pencils?

Are you interested in learning what are charcoal pencils exactly? You may have heard about these drawing tools already because they are among the most popular mediums for making art. Do they really just use …

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moleskine vs leuchtturm

Moleskine vs Leuchtturm Notebook

Choosing between Moleskine vs Leuchtturm might not be that difficult for beginners. However, those who have extensive experience in journaling know that choosing the right notebook will greatly affect the experience. If you want the …

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can you recycle staplers

Can You Recycle Staplers

If you are joining papers together, the stapler is the best mechanical device to use. But once the stapler is aged with broken or missing parts, the owner usually needs to be more knowledgeable about …

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