how to unbind a book

How to Unbind a Book

Unbinding a book gives you an easy way to save your worn-out books. Unfastening them and reorganizing the pages reinvent the book’s form, giving it a whole new life. Keeping your books in good condition …

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how to store homemade playdough

How to Store Homemade Playdough

Playdough is a must-have educational toy at home and in school. It helps children develop their fine motor skills and hand muscles. It also enhances their creativity and supports their social skills. You can easily …

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what are junk journals

What are Junk Journals?

So, what are junk journals? As the name suggests, a junk journal is a hand-made journaling book, often roughly so, using all kinds of scrap paper or other materials as the writing surface. Although junk …

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