how to seal glitter on wood

How to Seal Glitter on Wood?

Do you love adding glitter to all your craft projects but you hate having to deal with bits of glitter always falling off and getting on all your other things? For instance, if you want …

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how to personalize pencils

How to Personalize Pencils?

As much as I love pencils, there are several instances when they look kind of bland. If you have school-aged kids, why not turn their pencils into something that could inspire them to learn more? …

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how to store construction paper

How to Store Construction Paper

Construction paper is popular for its versatility and is often found in schools, offices, and homes. Many people prefer to buy it in large quantities but don’t know how to store construction paper in an …

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how to use tacky glue

How to Use Tacky Glue

Tacky glue is a perfect adhesive for a lot of arts and crafts work. It is one of my favorite tools for simple arts and crafts or creative hobbies. But for those who don’t know …

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