how to store construction paper

How to Store Construction Paper

Construction paper is popular for its versatility and is often found in schools, offices, and homes. Many people prefer to buy it in large quantities but don’t know how to store construction paper in an …

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how to use a bone folder

How to Use a Bone Folder

A bone folder is a perfect tool for crafters looking to find the perfect symmetry in every paper project they are doing. This tool is ideal for creasing, scoring, smoothing papers, and other many essential …

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how to use tacky glue

How to Use Tacky Glue

Tacky glue is a perfect adhesive for a lot of arts and crafts work. It is one of my favorite tools for simple arts and crafts or creative hobbies. But for those who don’t know …

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mod podge matte vs gloss

Mod Podge Matte vs Gloss

If you are an artist, chances are you have tried or learned about decoupage. This form of art depicts the idea of a resourceful yet artistic and unique designing technique to rework furniture or personalize …

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