how to use balloon sticks

How To Use Balloon Sticks?

If you just look at it, it seems like anyone knows how to use balloon sticks. However, if you try using it yourself, it usually leads to the balloon leaking air. It may also stay …

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how to sharpen an exacto knife

How to Sharpen an Exacto Knife

An Exacto knife is handy when it comes to precision cutting. However, some users tend to throw it away immediately once it is getting dull to buy a new one. However, this situation should not …

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cardstock vs construction paper

Cardstock vs Construction Paper

Two materials come to mind when doing arts and crafts: cardstock and construction paper. But what is the difference between these two? In this article, we will discuss and compare cardstock vs construction paper and …

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how to use scissor sharpener

How to Use Scissors Sharpener

Scissors are a staple household tool. Whether it is for kitchen use or arts and crafts, you will find those sharp metal blades extremely handy for cutting various items. But when those blades wear out …

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how to use a bone folder

How to Use a Bone Folder

A bone folder is a perfect tool for crafters looking to find the perfect symmetry in every paper project they are doing. This tool is ideal for creasing, scoring, smoothing papers, and other many essential …

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how to use tacky glue

How to Use Tacky Glue

Tacky glue is a perfect adhesive for a lot of arts and crafts work. It is one of my favorite tools for simple arts and crafts or creative hobbies. But for those who don’t know …

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