how to use a beading needle

How to Use a Beading Needle

A beading needle is an essential tool when doing off-loom bead weaving and other forms of beading projects. But do you know how to use a beading needle properly? In general, for you to be …

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how to use scissor sharpener

How to Use Scissors Sharpener

Scissors are a staple household tool. Whether it is for kitchen use or arts and crafts, you will find those sharp metal blades extremely handy for cutting various items. But when those blades wear out …

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mod podge matte vs gloss

Mod Podge Matte vs Gloss

If you are an artist, chances are you have tried or learned about decoupage. This form of art depicts the idea of a resourceful yet artistic and unique designing technique to rework furniture or personalize …

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