why do kids eat glue

Why Do Kids Eat Glue?

Why do kids eat glue? Because they are relatively new to this world, kids are full of energy and boundless curiosity. Most kids, weirdly enough, even end up eating glue. Now, is this a phase …

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gorilla glue vs krazy glue

Gorilla Glue vs Krazy Glue

Glue is an essential tool when you are doing arts and crafts projects. Several types of glues can be used for different projects, with Krazy glue and Gorilla glue being the most popular ones used …

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mod podge matte vs gloss

Mod Podge Matte vs Gloss

If you are an artist, chances are you have tried or learned about decoupage. This form of art depicts the idea of a resourceful yet artistic and unique designing technique to rework furniture or personalize …

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