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Cricut BrightPad vs. BrightPad Go vs. Lightbox (The Ultimate Comparative Review)

cricut brightpad vs brightpad go

If you often work on intricate crafts, you probably agree that optimum lighting is crucial. Whether you weed vinyl projects, complete a diamond painting, trace detailed artwork and images, trim stencils, or perform rigorously on any complex art project, working on a lighted surface promotes more productive work and reduces eye strain.
Then, off you go to buy a light pad.

The next thing you know, you are contemplating your choices between Cricut BrightPad vs. BrightPad Go vs. Lightbox. Which is the best lighting source for your craft, then?
Lucky you, this in-depth guide takes you through their significant features and characteristics. In that way, you can figure out the ultimate product that best suits your needs and preferences.

Cricut BrightPad vs. BrightPad Go vs. Lightbox: What Are Their Differences?

Before you proceed with the comparative review, here is what you should know: Cricut BrightPad, Cricut BrightPad Go, and Lightbox share outstanding features in terms of versatile performance, reliable surface illumination, and durable and straightforward screen design. You can easily sift through the details of your fine crafts and accomplish them efficiently.
As you delve into their characteristics, you will find brightness settings and surface durability (or hardness) pivotal features that can ultimately set each one apart from the other.

  • Slim profile, lightweight, and portable. Has a non-slip base for enhanced stability
  • 11.5 inches wide and 9 inches long; 0.25 edge thickness
  • Features a mint back panel and a white front panel
  • Compatible with Cricut cutting machines
  • Rounded corners and sophisticated white bezel design
  • Slim profile, lightweight, and portable. Has a non-slip base for enhanced stability
  • 11.5 inches wide and 9 inches long; 0.25 edge thickness
  • Features an indigo back panel and a white front panel
  • Compatible with Cricut cutting machines
  • Rounded corners and sophisticated white bezel design
  • Sleek, lightweight, and portable
  • Sizes range from A4 to A2
  • Usually feature tapered edges similar to square or rectangular picture frames
  • Some brands have rulers as a guide for precise cutting
BRIGHTNESS 3 adjustable brightness settings; up to 3800 lux 5 adjustable brightness settings; up to 4200 lux Usually ranges between 3 to 5 brightness settings; up to 4000 lux
SURFACE DURABILITY 4H – moderate protection resistant to scratches and scrapes 6H – a higher level of protection against damages; resistant to scratches and scrapes 4H or higher
POWER SOURCE Corded/ USB Power Cable Cordless Cordless or corded/ USB Power Cable or both
PRICE Reasonable Expensive Available in affordable and expensive options


Cricut BrightPad

The Cricut BrightPad offers a straightforward design that features intuitive buttons for a trouble-free setup. There is one button for the power and two for the brightness settings.

Similar to a tablet, the BrightPad measures 11.5 inches wide and 9 inches long, which is suitable for letter-sized arts and crafts. The back panel has an attractive mint color while the front lends a vast space for bright and even light.

Moreover, it has sophisticated white bezels, smooth corners, and a 0.25-inch edge thickness for a sleek profile. This exhibits a slim and lightweight design for enhanced portability, allowing you to work remotely and conveniently whenever and wherever.

Aside from that, the non-slip base ensures stability, so you can work on trimming or tracing without any trouble. It includes a USB power cable.

Cricut BrightPad Go

The BrightPad Go is the updated version of Cricut BrightPad. Hence, it highlights a major upgrade on its design, primarily the power source; it is cordless. From the 3 adjustable brightness settings of the original BrightPad, this one offers more flexibility with its 5 adjustable brightness settings.

Apart from that, the BrightPad Go stands out with its distinct indigo back panel. The width and length are still the same as the original version (11.5 inches wide and 9 inches long). It is also incredibly lightweight, portable, and convenient to use with its non-slip base.


The size and design of a lightbox or a light pad vary depending on the brand. Typically, the size ranges from A4 to A2, allowing you to choose the ideal size and portability for your personal needs and preferences. Furthermore, the back panel and front bezels are normally in black color.

Aside from that, lightboxes usually exhibit sleek and lightweight features that resemble a tablet or an iPad. Although the functional buttons may differ according to the brand, lightboxes usually feature intuitive buttons for the power and brightness settings.

Unlike the BrightPad with rounded corners, lightboxes commonly have tapered edges similar to square or rectangular picture frames. Hence the name lightboxes. Some also have clear bezels while others have rulers on the sides as a guide.


Cricut BrightPad

The BrightPad uses LED lights that are adjustable in 3 brightness settings, rendering reliable brightness up to 3800 lux. It can deliver optimum illumination that adjusts according to your lighting needs, particularly when working on detailed and fine crafts. Thus, it reduces eye strain and elevates prolific work.

Cricut BrightPad Go

Since this is an upgraded version of the original, the BrightPad Go uses LED lights that can offer 5 adjustable brightness settings and light up the area up to 4200 lux (lumens). With the modified variable light options, you can freely customize the brightness settings that can let you work with the utmost comfort. This means reduced eye strain as well as more detailed work.


Modern lightboxes deliver flexible brightness settings that range between 3 to 5 dimmable light controls and up to 4000 lux. Besides that, they utilize LED technology to ensure efficient lighting and comfort in your eyes when working for long periods.


cricut brightpad vs lightbox

Cricut BrightPad

The surface durability or hardness rating is between 1 to 9 (typically written as 1H or 9H), with 9H as the highest that defines excellent resistance against scratches and scrapes.

With that said, the Cricut BrightPad boasts a rating of 4H surface hardness that offers moderate resistance against scratches and scrapes.

Cricut BrightPad Go

The advanced version BrightPad Go has a rating of 6H surface hardness, revealing a more resilient surface against potential damages, including scratches and scrapes. Thus, it renders a solid and durable surface for trimming or weeding work, especially with vinyl projects.


Depending on the brand, the screen design and material of lightboxes can either be acrylic plexiglass or polycarbonate glass. Both types provide strong, rigid, and scratch-resistant surfaces that normally present a rating of 4H or higher.


Cricut BrightPad

The Cricut BrightPad is corded or utilizes a USB power cable to light up. You have to plug it into a power outlet through a standard USB wall adapter, a laptop, or a power bank. Although the power source might limit the freedom to move places, this light pad includes a 71-inch long (around 6ft) cord for a comfortable setup and distance while weeding, cutting, or tracing. Moreover, the power supply is not limited.

Cricut BrightPad Go

The BrightPad Go is cordless, allowing you to work on your arts and crafts without plugging into a power outlet. This light pad is engineered with a built-in rechargeable battery that can deliver power for hours, depending on the brightness setting you use.

If you are using it on the lowest brightness level, it can last up to 12 hours and up to 2 hours on the highest brightness level. Thus, the slight pitfall of the cordless design is the limited power supply.


Although most lightboxes available on the market offer corded units that are powered by a USB power cable, the main advantage of lightboxes is their power supply. They can either be corded (USB power cable), cordless, or both.

Some lightbox brands present a maximum power supply that allows you to use the unit through a power outlet or a rechargeable battery. You can opt for whichever power source is the most convenient for you, especially if you travel or move around the house.


Cricut BrightPad

If you need an excellent companion for your Cricut cutting machine, you may find the Cricut BrightPad price range reasonable. It usually costs around $40, though the price may go higher or lower depending on seasonal sales.

Cricut BrightPad Go

If you do not mind investing more in an incredibly durable and brighter surface light for weeding types of vinyl, tracing, and working on any intricate craft, the BrightPad Go must be worth every penny.

It costs around $70, which some users might find expensive. However, the durability, versatile performance, and flexible light controls counterbalance the hefty price tag. Plus, it is a perfect match for your Cricut cutting machines.


Lightboxes may fall under affordable and expensive price tags. Any changes in the price might be due to several factors, including warranty, brand reputation, power source, additional smart features, and brightness level controls. The good news is that you can already have a reliable lightbox for around $20.

Which Product Should You Buy?

It all depends on your preferences. Whether you are contemplating Cricut BrightPad vs BrightPad Go or Cricut BrightPad vs Lightbox, the ultimate choice all comes down to your work demands and compatibility with your art tools.

If you need a perfect companion for your Cricut cutting machines, you can choose between BrightPad and BrightPad Go. Since they are both under the brand Cricut, any compatibility issues with your machines of the same brand would be the least of your worries.

Perhaps, you can opt for the upgraded version if you need maximum lighting, especially when tracing or working on an ultra-fine craft. With 5 adjustable brightness settings, you can get a much clearer view of the hard-to-see cut lines and intricate details.

On the other hand, lightboxes are not inferior options. In fact, there are brands that can match the features and versatile lighting options of Cricut light pads. However, you can take advantage of their affordable options, particularly if you are a budding artist for tracing, weeding, or cutting work.


Which of these light pads surpasses the features of the other? It can be a bit challenging to tell which one is the best since each of them can deliver outstanding light output. However, this Cricut BrightPad vs. BrightPad Go vs. Lightbox review revealed a detailed comparison of all the features and characteristics you need to know.

This includes the design, power source, brightness settings, surface durability or hardness, and price, which will ultimately help you decide which product to go for.

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