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Dr. Seuss Inspired Rhyming Game

Luke is growing up far more quickly than I had ever prepared myself for. He’s preparing to go into Kindergarten next year and I’d like to make sure that he’s good and ready and prepared. The thing with Luke though is that he loves to be involved in anything that requires a competition. Sure, he can sit and listen and follow directions with the best of them, but his heart truly lies where there is a game, a chance to win. I created a Dr. Seuss inspired rhyming game so he can get more practice with his beginning reading skills and with rhyming word practice.


It’s a simple game and it’s free for you after the jump!

The game essentially works like Memory. Turns all of the cards face down and the children take turns turning two cards over at a time. When the child finds a rhyming pair, he or she keeps it. The child with the most pairs at the end wins. Easy, right?

My son had a blast with this game and even began recognizing and reading words within the first few times we played it. My three year old daughter played with us with my help and I’m proud to say that she’s starting to recognize some of her letters since then!

You can find the download files HERE.

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