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EZ Bow Maker VS. Bowdabra: Which is Better?

ez bow maker vs bowdabra

Did you ever wonder why those perfectly looking bows on presents or wreaths seem so effortlessly made? I bet you thought about that, too. Perhaps, you tried to do it yourself to spruce up your wreaths at home or decorate presents for your loved ones.

The truth is, making these beautiful bows is not always a breeze, especially if you try it for the first time. That is why many artists or hobbyists use innovative tools to accomplish this task seamlessly: EZ Bow Maker and Bowdabra.

But the question is, what is the best bow maker to buy? What are the differences between these two bow maker tools? We will talk more about that in this EZ Bow Maker vs. Bowdabra review.

What Exactly are EZ Bow Maker and Bowdabra For?

Apparently, EZ Bow Maker and Bowdabra are bow maker tools that can help you create bows like a pro. You can make flawless ribbon loops and ties, allowing you to complete gorgeous and professional-looking bows for wreath making, gift-wrapping, or even hair bows!

Of course, you still need to get your hands working, but much more easily because you have dowels as your guide. These tools typically feature a base engineered with sturdy dowels where you can create bows. You can tie them around these dowels until you form a ribbon design of your choice and size.

EZ Bow Maker VS. Bowdabra: A Comparative Review

ez bow maker


EZ Bow Maker

It comes with a long solid wooden base structured with three holes for the dowels. These pegs of wood usually come in different sizes, which allows you to create small to large bows. Moreover, it has a ribbon spool holder so you can work with your bows effortlessly. You can also create bows according to your preferred size using the ruler guide.


The structure and material are quite different from EZ Bow Maker. First of all, Bowdabra is made of sturdy plastic material in contrast with the EZ Bow Maker’s wooden base.

Instead of wooden poles, this one has four pillars affixed firmly to the base. You can see that there are very narrow spaces that set the four pillars apart, of where you should insert the ribbon to form a small or large bow.

Moreover, this innovative structure features a patented spring technology (which looks like a wand) that pushes the ribbon down. This serves as your third hand, allowing you to move your hands freely and create bows effortlessly.

Ease of Use


EZ Bow Maker

The setup only takes seconds and you are all set for bow-making! All you need to do is attach the dowels to their respective holes, including the ribbon spool holder.

The best thing about this bow maker is that you can tell right there and then how it works. You can simply wrap or tie the ribbon around these dowels or pegs until you form different bow layers.

What is also great about this maker is the ruler guideline. So if you are planning to make bows of different sizes, you can check their length in inches. Perhaps the only downside is that it does not usually include a tutorial video on how you can exactly use it.


Some are a bit perplexed the first time they see this bow maker tool. I actually had the same initial impression since the structure looks quite different from the EZ Bow Maker. Fortunately, it is not very difficult to use. Plus, it usually comes with tutorial videos for step-by-step instructions that you can follow.

The narrow spaces between the pillars are where you should insert the ribbon. First, you have to place a ribbon wire into the middle of the bow maker and push it down to the bottom. Then, you have to wrap the rest of the wire underneath it.

You can wrap the ribbon around these pillars to create layers. It also includes a wand that acts as your third hand so you can hold another wrap and layer for big and fluffy bows.

Unfortunately, it does not have a ruler guide although it is available for separate purchase. It may also need a little learning curve since you have to intricately place the ribbon within the narrow spaces. It can create some tension as you make ribbon loops, which can be slightly challenging as you build the layers.

Nevertheless, the structure of this bow maker reveals an innovative and thoughtful design that holds the ribbon firmly in its place as you make the loops.


EZ Bow Maker

It is small and lightweight. The dowels are detachable so you can put the tool away or move it around easily.


It is bulkier since the parts are not detachable. Nonetheless, it is lightweight and easy to carry around.


EZ Bow Maker

With the straightforward design in mind, it is much cheaper than Bowdabra. However, it does not compromise the quality of a bow maker because it has the essential features for bow making – sturdy dowels, spool holder, and a ruler guide. Thus, it can be an ideal option for beginners.


It is relatively pricier than EZ Bow Maker. Nevertheless, it is worth every penny. One more thing is that it usually includes different accessories that EZ Bow Maker does not have. Typically, a

Bowdabra kit includes a bow maker, a bow wire, a wand, and an instructional video for a bow-making tutorial.


After reading this EZ Bow Maker vs. Bowdabra comparative review, have you decided which one to choose? It can be a bit difficult to say as both bow makers have their respective remarkable features. Perhaps, the only significant differences in some features are the availability of a ruler guide, a third-hand wand, and the tutorial video CD.

The pricing mark also varies as EZ Bow Maker is cheaper than Bowdabra. It is also safe to say that EZ Bow Maker is much easier to use although this may still depend on the user. Needless to say, you can create beautiful craft projects and professional quality bows whichever maker you go for!

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