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Feeling Lucky? Specimen Art

Well hi there! Do you remember me?

I may have fallen off the face of the earth for awhile there into a big pile of kleenex, boogers, and craziness, but I’ve climbed back from the depths of it to make it here today to share a brand spankin’ new tutorial: Feeling Lucky Specimen Art!

I’ve fallen in love with specimen art probably just as much as I have fallen as much in dislike with subway art. I enjoy clean lines, order, symmetry, and having things in their order and specimen art is a marriage of all of those things. Keep reading to find out how to make your own version!


  • Feeling Lucky Print * Tacky Glue
  • glitter shamrocks * plastic gold coins
  • {Shamrocks and Coins were purchased at JoAnn and I found them at 50% off — cheap!}

1. Lay out the coins, leaving a space for the shamrock, and begin glueing them down.

2. Press the coins firmly down.

3. Glue the shamrock to the paper in the empty spot.

4. Allow the coins and shamrock time to dry. Feel free to admire the sparkly goodness while they’re drying. I sure did. 🙂

I am so in love with how this specimen art turned out! What do you think?

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