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Freebie: Christmas Prints

Happy Black Friday y’all! In case you’re like me today and refusing to spend money, I thought I’d offer up some free Christmas prints to start decorating your halls with today!

Each of these prints are sized to fit an 8×10 frame and are super adorable and kid-friendly.

Download Reindeer Print

Do you ever have an idea *after* the time it’s really helpful? After getting these all ready, I had a brainstorm. How adorable would they be jazzed up a little after printing? The bell on the Jingle All the Way print would be amazing with a little bit of gold glitter and I think that the reindeer print needs a little red poofy ball on the O in Rudolph, right?

Download Jingle All the Way Print

Make sure to check back tomorrow because I’m going to be offering up a sweet discount on my pallet art in the Sweet Rose Studio on Etsy as part of the Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday sales! These pieces of handmade art make for awesome Christmas and wedding gifts!

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