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Freebie: Cupcake Party Printables

I’m closing out the trifecta of Cupcake Party posts with what has easily become my go-to party item: the printables! As always, I’m offering these cupcake party printables up as a freebie; please make sure that you are only using these personally. Let’s keep the freebies coming by playing fair!

The set of printables includes banner panels for all of the letters and numbers, a blank invite, drink wraps, blank fancy labels, large party circles, and thank you tags. You can find all of the free printables HERE!

I’ve even included a set of panels that spell out “Happy Birthday” and “Cupcake.” You know what I love about this set too? You can totally use the thank you tags as Valentine’s!

All printables are for personal use only. Please do not sell, copy, or redistribute. Sweet Rose Studio 2012.

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