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Frozen Inspired Pallet Art

Even though Frozen is over a year old at this point, it popularity hasn’t slowed down a bit in my home, much less anywhere else that I can see. I mean, how many Elsa’s do you think you’ll see on Halloween next week? That’s my point exactly. Now, just because we all won’t let it go just yet (yep, I went there — you’re totally welcome), it doesn’t mean that everything Frozen related has to be powder blue and sparkly. I created a piece of rustic pallet art for our Christmas decor that has a nod to the popular movie, but doesn’t scream I-Shoot-Ice-Out-Of-My-Hands.


  • Wood Pallet (get the tutorial to build your own pallet HERE)
  • Cricut Explore
  • Cricut Vinyl (2 – 12×12 sheets)
  • transfer tape
  • white acrylic paint
  • wood stain (mine is a maple tone from Minwax)
  • paint brushes


1. Build you pallet using the directions found in THIS POST.

2. Using your Cricut Explore, cut the design from the vinyl. You can use a single color of vinyl or multiple colors like I did. It won’t matter as you’re using the vinyl to create a stencil anyway.

3. Weed out the inside of the design to create the stencil. Apply your transfer tape. Cut out the individual designs.

4. I like to layout my designs before I adhere the vinyl just to make sure I like how it looks. It’s much easier to change things up before you stick the stencil down.

5. Carefully transfer the vinyl to the pallet. Now, it isn’t going to stick super great because the wood isn’t a smooth surface. This is okay! Just try to get it as good a seal as you can.

6. Carefully sponge the paint on top of the stencil, making sure not to go over the edges. Don’t use large gobs of paint as it will seep underneath the stencil. It’s better to do a few light coats of paint versus one thick coat that looks messy later. I actually had Reagan help me with the painting part and she was thrilled to be included.

7. Allow the paint to fully dry after applying the final coat. When it’s all dry, remove the vinyl to check out the design that’s been left behind. It may be tough to read, but don’t worry. The next step is where the magic happens!

8. Apply the wood stain to your board, wiping away the excess with a rag as you go. Make sure to pay special attention to your design and rubbing off the majority of the stain there. It ends up giving the design a nice rustic look in lieu of the bright white.

9. Allow the stain to fully dry overnight before displaying your handiwork!

This project was created as part of the Cricut Design Star contest. I’ve been paired up with some other awesome bloggers and for this round of the competition, we chose to go with a Winter Wonderland theme. See how the Frozen Inspired Pallet Art fits in?

I am always super impressed with all of the creativity the rest of my teammates show. Are you ready to check out some their amazing projects?

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