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The Best Glue for Popsicle Sticks in 2024

best glue for popsicle sticks

Why would you need a glue for popsicle sticks? If you like doing arts and crafts with your kids, or by yourself, you will need good glue. And the most suitable glue for gluing popsicle sticks is most likely good for all crafting requirements that you may have.

You can typically find glue for popsicle stick crafts in most crafts stores, but you can find more options online. However, what makes things difficult is that there are so many options to choose from, and not all of them work the same way.

This article will guide you through the whole shopping process so that you will be getting the most preferred glue for a popsicle stick bridge, or whatever craft needs you have.

The 5 Glue for Popsicle Sticks Reviews

1. Elmer’s Craft Bond Tacky Glues

elmer's craft bond tacky glues

One of the things that I have always loved about using Elmer’s glue is how easy it is to use. I have used a lot of glue over the years but this tacky glue is one of the best. As the name suggests, this glue is quite tacky even if it just got out of the bottle.

This is great for popsicle stick crafts because when it dries, the white glue turns completely clear. I have used this glue so many times on numerous art projects, and also for repairs, and it is almost invisible when cured.

The consistency of this glue is quite thick, so if you will be applying this on a vertical surface, it will not run. However, I still recommend that you use a spreader to distribute the glue evenly over the surface. This is to ensure that the glue will have a strong and even grip.

Unlike other glues, this one works on both porous and non-porous materials. Thanks to its rather thick consistency, Elmer’s tacky glue can easily stick non-porous items with relative ease.

However, I still recommend that you scruff the surfaces before applying the glue, just to help it a bit.

Even though I said that this glue dries clear, take note that like other clear plastics, this will still turn a pale yellow after some time. With that said, you should avoid using this on extremely light-colored surfaces, or at least try to keep the application as clean as possible.

  • Quite tacky even when still wet
  • Dries clear – It is almost invisible when cured
  • Has quite a thick consistency and it does not run
  • Can work on both porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Hard to keep the nozzle clean
  • The dried glue turns yellow after some time

If you have been doing crafts for as long as I have, then you already know just how useful Elmer’s Tacky glue is. You can use this iconic adhesive for whatever popsicle craft project you might have.

2. Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue

bearly art precision craft glue

Unlike other glue brands, you can change the applicator tip to suit your purpose. I prefer using the needle-tip applicator because of the high accuracy that it provides. I would sometimes use this when I am building plastic scale models. The needle tip applicator allows me to place a precise drop of glue wherever needed.

This is one of the most highly-recommended glues that you can use if you are into papercrafts. It is specially formulated to prevent curling, warping, or wrinkling of the paper. Even if you do not place a weight on the glued paper pieces, they will retain their shapes without any problem.

One of the nice things about using this glue is that it dries clear. This is yet another reason why this glue is one of the most preferred for use on delicate papercraft projects. Once this glue dries completely, and if you applied it properly, it will be almost imperceptible once dried.

Aside from drying transparently, this glue also gets tacky and dries quickly. As mentioned earlier, I like using this glue for scale model building. I used to use plastic cement and superglue.

However, I noticed that they dried way too fast. This particular glue gives me more time to position the pieces before it takes hold.

As much as I love using the needle-tip applicator, it is quite annoying how quickly the nozzle clogs. If you forget to replace the cap even for just five minutes, you can be sure that the needlepoint applicator will get clogged up with glue. If you are using this applicator, make sure that you have a pin at hand to clear the nozzle.

  • Comes with tips of different sizes
  • Formulated specifically to prevent warping or wrinkling
  • Dries clearly
  • Dries super-fast compared to other glues
  • The needle-tip dispenser clogs easily
  • The glue dries up too fast – This makes it not recommended for precision use

If you are an avid crafter, then I am sure you will love using this glue. Aside from having multiple tips that you can use, it also dries quickly and cleanly. This is the perfect choice if you focus a lot on papercrafts.

3. Supplies Topenca Craft Liquid Silicone Glues

supplies topenca craft liquid silicone glues

I have been looking for a long time for a glue that I can use on all craft materials. The Topenca liquid silicone glue is the closest to perfect that I have found so far. I have tested this glue successfully on all kinds of materials – from popsicle sticks, plastics, and even rocks.

One of this glue’s features that I appreciate is the way that it dries clearly. This makes it a great choice for most arts and crafts projects. I have been using this for a while and I found that this is the top glue for popsicle stick houses and other structures.

This glue is also easy to apply, thanks to its specially designed applicator. Even if you accidentally squeeze the bottle too hard, just the right amount of glue will come out of the nozzle. It might be a bit more than expected but it will not be a mess.

The best feature of this glue is that it is almost as strong as hot glue once it dries and cures completely. If you want an almost permanent bond between surfaces, this is the glue that you would want to use.

It is hard to find fault in this product, but if I have to pick one, it would be that it dries to a glossy finish. If you want something that would be completely invisible on a matte surface, this glue may not be the right one for you.

  • Can work on different kinds of materials
  • Clear on application and clearer once dried
  • Has a no-mess applicator that ensures that always the right amount is dispensed
  • Is quite strong once cured
  • Can bond into the fibers of clothes
  • Not ideal for matte surfaces as it is quite glossy

This glue has a huge variety of uses. It is not just for light and porous materials. This glue also has the same holding power as a hot glue gun but is significantly cleaner to use. If you are into crafts and other hobbies that require the use of an adhesive, it is a good buy.

4. Aleene’s Always Ready Tacky Glue

aleene's always ready tacky glue

This product lives up to its name. Aleene’s tacky glue is ready to go and is just the right tackiness straight out of the bottle. If you like using popsicle sticks for crafts, you know how important it is to use tacky glue to hold them together immediately. This is exactly what you will get when you use Aleene’s tacky glue.

If you have kids and they like to do arts and crafts as well, this glue is ideal. This tacky glue is water-based, so you just need to wipe it off with a wet rag. If your kids get glue in places where it is not supposed to go, you can just wash it off easily. However, you would not want to spill any amount of this stuff as it is wicked expensive.

If you mostly work with light and porous materials, this glue is perfect for that purpose. I have been using it for most of my papercraft and when I and the kids are working with popsicle sticks, it works great so far. The tackiness is just right to hold the pieces in place but it still provides some time for moving them before the glue dries.

I also like the adjustable nozzle, and by adjustable, I mean you can open up the nozzle by cutting it open a bit using scissors. Cutting open just the tip will allow for accurate dispensing of glue.

Cut the next section and the amount will increase a bit more. Cut until the end and you can use the nozzle for wide glue application. However, as you can tell, you will not be able to return the nozzles to normal.

Although this glue is effective at joining porous materials, this is not the case with smooth and non-porous surfaces. If you will be using this on plastics, it is best to scuff the surfaces thoroughly for the glue to adhere to them. Even with that, you cannot be certain that the glue will hold that long.

  • Already tacky coming out of the tube
  • Easy to clean messes – It only needs water
  • Works quite well with light porous materials
  • Easy to apply – You can easily open up the nozzle when needed
  • Not that effective on non-porous materials
  • A bit expensive compared to other glues

Aleene’s tacky glue has always been one of the favorite brands in most crafting circles. If you want a glue that can readily stick popsicle sticks together, you should buy this one.

5. Scotch MMM600824S Permanent Glue Sticks

scotch mmm600824s permanent glue sticks

Whenever I do any kind of crafts with my kids, I always make them use glue sticks as they are easier to use. After I found Scotch glue stick, this has become our exclusive glue stick. One nice thing about this glue stick is that it is mostly water-based. If my kids accidentally get some on their shirts, it washes off easily using just water.

Even though the glue stick has a cloudy white appearance, once it dries and cures completely, it turns translucent. Even if you mess up the application by accident, you will not even notice the extra glue that spilled out of place. This is great if you like making scrapbooks or collages. Everything will look clean once the glue dries.

I mostly use this glue for craft projects using paper and cardboard, and sometimes, I use this for popsicle sticks as well. Unlike liquid glue, Scotch glue sticks do not warp paper or cardboard.

Because there is not that much water in glue sticks, the pieces of paper that you stick together will not warp or wrinkle as the glue dries.

As mentioned earlier, this is the ideal adhesive for kids. Even young preschoolers who do not have enough dexterity with their hands yet will be able to use this. Just twist the bottom of the tube to dispense the glue stick. Rub it on the surfaces that you want to stick together. It cannot get any simpler than this.

As much as I like this product, it is not that good when sticking together popsicle sticks. Glue sticks are not that ideal when you want precision. These are made more for applying glue over a wide area, like clippings for scrapbooks.

  • Washable with just water
  • Dries clearly
  • Does not warp or wrinkle paper
  • Easy to use – Even children can use this
  • Not usable on non-porous surfaces
  • Almost impossible to make precise and accurate application

For a glue stick, Scotch made one of the best. However, although it is somewhat usable for popsicle stick crafts, it is not the best. On the other hand, if you will be doing lots of popsicle stick crafts with your kids, they will love using this adhesive instead of regular glue.

How to Choose Glue for Popsicle Sticks

best glue for popsicle stick crafts

There are lots of choices available when you are shopping for glue for popsicle sticks and other craft projects. To make it easier for you, I have compiled a list of the key requirements for what I consider to be the best, and they are:

  • Gently remove the hook from the feeder pole or the tree
  • Empty all old seed first
  • Wash the tube by scraping all mold or hardened nyjer seeds
  • Old seeds become a breeding ground for bacteria
  • Dry the tube under the sun before you reinstall the feeder

Ease of Use

When you are dealing with popsicle sticks, you need an adhesive that is quite easy to use. The glue needs to be quite tacky so that the popsicle sticks would stick together immediately. This means you no longer have to hold the pieces together while waiting for the glue to dry.

Ease of use also pertains to how easy it is to dispense the glue. For instance, the nozzle should be adjustable so that you can control how much glue comes out of it.

Bond Strength

The glue should be strong enough that it will be able to hold the pieces together for a long time. This also means that the glue should also be able to hold the weight of the things that it is holding together.

In addition, the glue should be tacky enough right out of the tube, especially when working with popsicle sticks. The glue should be sticky enough that it can immediately hold the pieces together without having to wait.

Quick Drying

Arts and crafts should be quick and easy. When you’re creating popsicle stick crafts or any other craft projects for that matter, you want a glue that dries quickly. This means you can get more things done because you are not waiting too long for the glue to dry.

Also, if you are working with popsicle sticks, you will not need to hold onto the pieces for too long while waiting for the glue to get tacky enough.

Easy to Clean

Arts and crafts are always more fun when you are doing them with your kids. However, one cannot avoid getting messy when working on crafts projects with kids, and that includes getting messy with glue.

With that said, choose a glue brand that is easy to clean. When choosing glue for your kids to use, go for a water-based one. This way, if any amount gets on their hands and/or clothes, you can clean it off using just soap and water.

Personal Preference/Other Features to Consider

The points raised above are the absolute requirements for choosing the best glue for your craft projects. However, I also have a couple of things that you might want to take into consideration. These factors will not affect your projects too much, but they would make them better.

Size of the Bottle

If you are planning on making more than just one popsicle craft project, you should buy a bottle of glue that is big enough for however many projects you have lined up. There is nothing worse than running out of glue in the middle of your project.


Although you indeed get what you pay for, it is also nice to find great bargains. Some brands of glues work almost as well as the name-brand options but at a fraction of the price. This will take a bit of shopping around but you will find them.

What to Avoid

Since you will be doing crafts using popsicle sticks, it would be safe to assume that your kids will be joining you. If this is the case, you need to steer clear of glues that contain toxic ingredients.

Most glue sticks, especially those marketed for kids, are non-toxic, so consider getting those brands. In addition, when choosing glues for popsicle stick projects, it is best to avoid the ones colored or that contain glitter.

Yes, your kids might like them but they are not that good when sticking popsicle sticks together. In addition, colored and glitter glues are quite messy to use and hard to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

best glue for gluing popsicle sticks

Is Tacky Glue better than Regular Elmer’s Glue?

For holding together popsicle sticks, tacky glue is better than traditional Elmer’s glue. The latter is much thinner, so you have to wait for it to dry a bit before attaching two sticks.

Tacky glue will allow you to stick two popsicle sticks together immediately. However, it will still give you a bit of wiggle room to place the pieces in the right place.

Is Quick-Drying Glue Stronger than Regular Glue?

If the quick-drying and traditional glues all came from the same company, it will be easier to compare them. Typically, quick-drying glues are not as strong as regular ones. You had to make compromises to make the glue fast-drying.


Shopping for the most suitable glue for popsicle sticks might seem simple but you still have to choose carefully. The best glue is one that can hold the weight of a popsicle stick structure and then some. Now that you know what things to watch out for when shopping, you will undoubtedly be able to spot the best choice.

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