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High Temp vs Low Temp Glue Gun

high temp vs low temp glue gun

When buying a glue gun, the first thing to keep in mind is the temperature of the glue gun that you want to buy. You can have two options, the high temp glue gun or the low temp glue gun. But what is the difference between the two? This article will compare high temp vs low temp glue gun and what it brings to the user.

Feature Low Temp Glue Gun High Temp Glue Gun
Usage For Delicate Materials For More Challenging Materials
Glue With High Viscosity With Low Viscosity
Safety Fewer Chances to Get Burned Higher Chances to Get Burned
Purpose Kid’s Craft/Delicate Projects Normal Repairs/ Heavy Crafts

Low Temp Glue Gun

Overall, low temp glue guns are safe and easy to use. It usually runs between 250 to 300 degrees when it is heated up for the glue extrusion. This type of glue gun is the best to use when you need to glue delicate things, fragile, and those which have a very low melt point. Materials such as styrofoam, ribbon, and other similar items are perfect for low temp glue guns.

The best thing about low temp glue guns is the lesser risk of burning yourself due to their low temperature. This feature is why it is usually used in bonding heat-sensitive materials, arts and crafts, and some projects in schools.

Low temp glue guns do not bond as many things, but the lesser risk of burning is definitely an excellent advantage. To maximize the usage, you just have to identify what projects that require light use because it should fit well with a low temp glue gun.

High Temp Glue Gun

High temp glue gun comes with a broader selection of adhesive formulations that a user can choose. It usually runs between 380 to 500 degrees when it is heated up for the glue extrusion. This type of glue gun will bond more challenging materials such as ABS, plastics, polypropylene, acrylics, and even metals.

When you have a carpal tunnel or have some problem with your hands’ flexibility, the high temp glue is the best fit compared to a low temp glue gun. It also bonds more things which is an excellent advantage to anyone with more challenging projects.

However, the downside of a high temp glue gun is the higher probability that you will burn yourself in an accident. In my experience using different types of glue guns, I usually burn myself accidentally using the high temp glue gun.

Difference Between Low Temp and High Temp Glue Gun

difference between low temp and high temp

Comparing high temp and low temp glue guns with their features will be able to let you know the difference between the two. Please see below.


A low temp glue gun is perfect to be used on delicate materials. These materials include ribbon, burlap, styrofoam, thin foil, and kid’s crafts. All of these materials are known to be delicate and soft, which should be perfect for low temp glue guns.

On the other hand, high temp glue guns are perfect if you use challenging materials in your projects. Materials such as fabric, rocks, wood, metal, floral, and plastics should be perfect for high temp glue guns. However, the list I provided is not inclusive because these materials can be used interchangeably as long as you know the proper usage of the glue gun.


A low-temp glue gun comes with glue that has a higher viscosity or the thickness of the fluid. Apparently, when you are melting the glue using low temperature, the glue will have fewer chances to penetrate and has less burns. The glue will also have quick-drying properties.

Meanwhile, the high-temp glue gun is the complete opposite as the glue comes with low viscosity. This feature results will allow a stronger adhesion and a longer working time. In addition, hi-temp glue also dries hard, making it perfect for securing something very important.

Please take note that each type of glue gun is tailored for the temperature it provides. For you to use a low-temp glue gun, you need to use a specific glue stick made for this type of glue gun and vice versa.


When using a glue gun, safety can be an issue during the usage because one wrong move can get you burned. However, when comparing high temp glue guns and low temp glue guns in terms of the tendency to get burnt, I can say that the low temp gun has fewer chances of you getting burned accidentally because of its low temperature.

As I have said earlier, I have experienced accidental burning using a high temp glue gun. Although, you must also understand that while a burn from these glue guns will not send you to a hospital, it is still an unpleasant experience. For this reason, you will need to use the glue gun with care.


If you are doing heavier crafting and normal repairs, I suggest using a high temp glue gun. This type of gun provides a strong and unyielding bond. On the other hand, for kid’s craft and delicate projects, it will be perfect for a low temp gun. There will be no damage that will happen in those delicate materials because of the low temperature.


Learning the difference between high temp vs low temp glue gun is essential to choosing the right glue gun for every project. For kid’s craft and lighter projects, low temp guns can be used, while heavy craft and repairs are perfect for high temp glue guns. I hope you find this post interesting. If you want to know how to remove hot glue, we also have other articles about it.

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