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How to Clean a Silhouette Mat

how to clean a silhouette mat

A silhouette cutting mat is essential to hold various materials in place during the cutting process. There are two types of materials with adhesive backing, such as sticker sheets or vinyl, and those without backing, such as paper.

After using the mat in the machine, it is expected that there will be remnants or debris on the surface that needs to be cleaned. But how to clean a silhouette mat? This article will provide the most straightforward technique for cleaning the silhouette mat.

Using Paper Towel and Water

You can use a paper towel when it comes to cleaning the silhouette mat. You will need to dampen it with water a little to help remove the dirt. But you need to make sure to use your fingers sparingly during the cleaning so as to avoid scratching the surface.

The amount of paper towels that will be used will depend on the amount of dirt on the surface. The more dirt, especially adhesives, are in the mat, the more paper towel you will use to clean the silhouette mat’s surface.

After cleaning, you need to leave the silhouette mat for a few hours to make it dry. Please allow some time for it to dry before using it again.

Other Methods to Clean and Maintain Silhouette Cutting Mat

After using the mat, make sure that all material pieces sticking to the map are removed. You can remove different types of materials using a spatula tool. If you are using materials that are more fibrous in nature, other debris will be left behind. This can be carefully removed with a scraper tool.

But you need to make sure to press hard when scraping the mat. This precautionary move is to avoid damaging the adhesive surface. You can also use a disposable lint roller to remove the mat’s fibers if required.

Remember, you must avoid washing the mat as it can negatively impact the adhesive. When it is not in use you need to cover the mat with the original liner when it is not in use. The mat’s adhesive surface might collect dust or other particles if left uncovered when not in use.

Goo Gone

goo gone clean silhouette mat

Another item that can be used to clean the silhouette mat is a cleaning solution called Goo Gone. Specially formulated with Citrus Power, it easily cleans stains and other sticky debris found in the silhouette mat.
All you have to do is spread the cleaning material into the mat. After that, wait for about 15 minutes to scrape all the debris found on the surface. You can use a spatula or an old credit when scraping the surface of the silhouette mat.


Another unique way to clean a silhouette mat is to use wipes. Disposable wipes are very effective in cleaning various surfaces. From baby care, hand washing, removing makeup, and other features, wipes are an effective cleaning agent.

You can also use wipes to clean the map. But should you decide to use this item, make sure to use those bleach-free products so that you will not worry about damaging the surface of the silhouette mat.

Cleaning a Mat that Lost its Stickiness and Too Dirty

If you are using your silhouette mat repeatedly, it sometimes tends to lose its stickiness, affecting its ability to hold the materials. The mat’s surface may need a little scrub to make it more effective. You will need to put a little amount of dish soap and warm water over the surface while scrubbing lightly with a soft brush.

Finish the job by rinsing it with warm water. Using a sponge when cleaning the surface can be done but use a magic eraser. The reason? This type of sponge is soft, gentle enough on the surface, and excellent in removing residue.

There will also be times when the silhouette matt will be too dirty and lose all its stickiness. If this happens, you will need a stronger cleaning agent to eliminate all the debris on the surface. A lot of dirt has probably stuck to the adhesives making the mat lose its stickiness.

Using a degreaser can help in removing all the dirt on the surface. The only downside of using a degreaser is its tendency to leave a residue. So when cleaning using a degreaser, you need to clean it with soap and water.

After cleaning, you need to hang the mat and dry it naturally. Hanging it up will allow both sides of the silhouette mat to dry completely. Avoid using a towel when drying the mat, as it minimizes its effectiveness.


A silhouette cutting mat is an essential tool that needs to be properly maintained and cleaned. In this article, we presented various techniques on how to clean a silhouette mat easily using simple materials. I hope this article will help you make the silhouette matt last longer.

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