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How to Cut Paper Straight Using Different Methods

how to cut paper straight

Cutting a paper straight without enough hand dexterity, a guide, or the proper tools can prove to be more complicated than it looks. To have come to this article, I assume you’ve become desperate to know how to cut paper straight. With the methods I will share with you, you will be cutting papers straight in no time.

Method 1: Mark the Paper with a Pencil

For our first pro tip, you will need a ruler, a pencil, and a good pair of scissors. Get these things ready and find yourself a clean, flat surface where you can work. Ensure there are no bumps, so the paper lies completely flat on the surface.

With your pencil, lightly line along the side of the ruler onto the area of the paper where you want to cut straight. This will serve as your guide as you cut the paper. Using a pencil will also allow you to erase the line later on.

Now, set aside your pencil and ruler. Raise your paper to a comfortable level and cut along the line with a good pair of scissors. Correctly holding the scissors will also help in your cutting.

Method 2: Fold the Paper

fold the paper

With this next tip, you will not need other materials aside from your paper and cutting instrument. A pair of scissors or a box cutter would work best as your cutting instrument for this tip.

Determine where you want to cut a straight line and fold the paper creasing only both ends first. You then want to gently and lightly crease from the middle of the fold towards the ends with your fingers. If the crease is where you want it, then you can proceed to press on the crease more.

You can also fold the paper to the other side and run your fingernail along the crease to impress it deeper.

At this point, you have two options: Unfold the paper or keep it folded.

Cut the Straight Line with Scissors

If you choose to unfold the paper with steady hands, use your pair of scissors to cut along the crease you made.

It would help tremendously to hold the scissors correctly. Some scissors are specifically made to be used by right-handed and left-handed people. You will notice the holes on the handles are of different sizes, and the top blade of the left-handed scissors is on the left while it is on the right for the right-handed scissors.

Insert your thumb through the smaller hole and your index finger and middle fingers through the larger hole. Hold the scissors comfortably for a more stable cutting.

Cut the Straight Line with a Box Cutter

If you choose to keep the paper folded, on the other hand, it will be best to use a box cutter. Lay the folded paper flat on an even surface and insert the box cutter in between the fold of the paper. The sharp side of the cutter blade should be facing the crease.

With your non-dominant hand, hold down the paper. Slide the cutter through the fold with your dominant hand until you reach the other end.

What Do You Cut Paper With

what do you cut paper with

What do you cut paper with if you do not have a pair of scissors or a box cutter? There are various cutting instruments aside from scissors one could use to cut a straight line.

Craft Knife

craft knifes

You will also need a ruler, a pencil, and a cutting mat to use the craft knife. Make a straight line to serve as your guide as instructed in method one above.

Then, place your paper flat on the cutting mat and put your ruler adjacent to the line you just made. You will sort of trace the line, but you will use the craft knife instead of using a pencil.

Hold the ruler in place and position the blade of the craft knife alongside the ruler, and slice downwards.

Using a box cutter this way also works.

Tear the Paper Apart

Yes, you read that right, tear the paper apart. Now, you might be thinking about how to cut paper straight by tearing it apart? Well, let’s pick it up at the part where you unfold the paper.

Lay the paper onto a clean, flat surface. Hold down the paper with both of your hands. Each hand is on either side of the crease. Then, very gently pull on both sides, starting from one end of the line to the other.

I emphasize “very gently” as you can tear the paper outside of the straight line you creased. Although you can easily make a mistake with this method, it certainly is helpful when you do not have a cutting instrument available.


There is no more need for you to wonder how to cut paper straight. As you can see, there are other methods and tools you can use to cut paper straight. If one way does not work for you, then try another one. And why not get used to all of these methods while you’re at it. Be an expert in cutting paper straight.

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