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How to Display Canvas Art

how to display canvas art

There is no better way to feel accomplished and satisfied after finishing a canvas art than to display and show it to others. Many artists said that canvas pieces are the easiest artwork to display because you do not need any frame to display them.

But how to display canvas art at home? The popular way is to hang your piece on the wall. But if it involves several paintings, there are many ways to display it with artistry and creativity. Please see some of the methods you can see below:

Use a Picture Ledge

If you are still learning how to display art on a wall, then you can go the easiest route which is to use a picture ledge to display your canvas art. The advantage of using this display material is that you do not need to use so many screws upon installation, making it much easier for you.

It will be better if you use white as the color of your picture ledge because it will result in minimal visual impact. The less impact of the picture ledge means that the canvas art will retain the impact of its color and appeal in the spotlight.

If you plan to display multiple canvas art, you can play with the design according to your liking. Please note that the picture ledge also works well with small-size canvas art and its ability to conserve space can help those homes with limited displacing places.

Picture ledge shelves are also available in different designs, types, and sizes. So, make sure that you will use something that will provide enough space for your canvas art to be displayed well in your house.

Leaning on the Wall

how to display art on wall

If your canvas art is too big, the best option for you is to let the piece lean against the wall. But you can just lean it naturally as there are better ways to do it that provide a significant impact on the canvas art.

Also, when using this method, you will not need to drill holes in the wall, especially in large frames, which may require several holes. This method will also give you the freedom to rearrange the canvas art or even relocate it to your liking.

If you have multiple canvas art to display, you can try a layered design which arranges the pieces in different display patterns. You can be free to rearrange all the pieces until you achieve the look of the display you want.

Making your canvas arts lean on the wall gives you the freedom and the ability to keep your wall free from damage. But you need to make sure that your work of art will be safe from your children or pets if you have any at home.

Maximize Using Art Display Easels

displaying canvas on shelves

One way to display your canvas art at home is to use freestanding easels. Using this tool to display canvas art will enhance your creativity when it comes to maximizing the space available in your home.

Free Standing art display easels come in various sizes. So, if the canvas art you own comes in smaller sizes, you can use smaller types of easels in each one or use a large display easel to display everything in one single area. Again, your creativity will be important when arranging the canvas pieces.

Using art display easels is an excellent way to showcase your canvas art at home or in any other place for that matter. It can even be used in the classroom or an art exhibit should you decide to participate in those art shows.

When it is used to display at home, the freestanding easel can allow you to maximize the space availability inside your home. Then, you can also rearrange or relocate it from time to time, giving a new look to your house.

Displaying on Shelves

using art display easels

Another way to display canvas art is to put it on different types of shelves. It does not matter if it is a bookshelf, kitchen shelf, or any other shelf, as long as it can provide the much-needed space for your canvas art.

The benefit of using shelves is it allows you to maximize the space it offers. If you own smaller canvas arts, you can always play with how it will be displayed. You can even group them according to size or just find an artistic way to present them.

Of course, you can also rearrange the art pieces from time to time. Using the shelves to display your canvas art will give you the freedom to present the art pieces simply without damaging your precious walls.

Creating a Grid

Another way to display canvas art is to create a grid on your wall. But this method only works when you have a collection of canvas art in your position. Creating a grid in the wall, if done creatively, will bring a unique experience to anyone who will see the art pieces.

The unique advantage when displaying the art pieces in a grid is the unity it brings to the canvas arts. It will just create a feeling that all of the artwork pieces come in one singular piece of work. But this method only works if you have enough space on your wall.


Learning how to display canvas art is essential to showcase the beauty it brings to your home and its surroundings. The challenge of displaying canvas art provides endless ideas and creativity to anyone to make all the art pieces truly presentable to others. Displaying canvas art is also an opportunity to use all the blank spaces found in our home.

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