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How To Draw a Calendar

how to draw a calendar overview

Have you ever attempted to draw a calendar? I’m guessing the spring at the top/spine of the calendar keeps you from trying. The rest of the calendar, on the other hand, is relatively simple to draw.

So, how about we start with small steps and create a nice calendar that marks an important date we want to highlight? It is easier than you think.

Difficult level Easy
Estimate time 20 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker
Painting materials Watercolor, Color pencil
Surfaces materials Paper

How To Draw a Calendar – Step by Step

Step 1: Start with the frame

draw a calendar step 1

Refer to the image here for guidance in these initial steps of creating the frame for our calendar.

  1.  First of all, draw a rectangle with your pencil (red lines), then use this rectangular as the frame to draw the calendar looking from the left angle. It’s quite similar to a tent here.
  2. Delete the red outline, then connect the bottom lines of the calendar to create its stand.
  3. This step is a bit tricky, you can use the pencil to draw a straight line for the spring to align well when drawing. Or, you can place a ruler there. Now, use double lines to create every spring on the spine of the calendar. Zoom into the image if you want to see clearly

Step 2: Where are the dates?

draw a calendar step 2

Your task is quite simple now, as you only need to create the dates on the calendar.

  1. Use your ruler to draw a rectangle that takes up most of the space on the calendar’s front page. Divide them into 7 columns for 7 days of the week and 6 rows to fill in 30 days of the month.
  2. Pick a color of your choice to decorate your calendar. Feel free to add some cute details on its front page.
  3. Use darker shades of the same color to show the shadow between the calendar’s pages and its base.

Final Step: What is the special date?

Why are you drawing a calendar? Is it because you want to highlight a special day in your image? Well, you can always add small details, such as a heart shape around the date, and add some meaningful notes to the drawing.

A background with a table or a window with a clear sky can make the drawing more lovely. It’s about your creativity now!

how to draw a calendar final

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