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How to Draw a Car

how to draw a car overview

Whether you are an aspiring artist, a car enthusiast, or just looking for a creative way to spend your time, drawing a car is a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you want to sketch a classic car, a modern sports car, or your dream car, the process of drawing a car can be broken into a few simple steps. While it can take some practice to master the details and proportions, with some patience and dedication, anyone can learn how to draw a car.

Drawing a car can also be a great way to improve your artistic skills and better understand perspective, shading, lighting, and perspective. With each car drawing, you can challenge yourself to try new techniques and improve your abilities.

Difficult level Normal
Estimate time 25 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Crayon, Brush
Painting materials Watercolor, Color pencil, Pastel, Crayon
Surfaces materials Paper, Canvas

How to Draw a Car – Step by Step

Step 1: Overview when drawing a car

draw a car step 1

At first, drawing a car feels very complicated, especially if you do not know what you are doing. However, in this tutorial, you will learn that simple geometry can help draw the car. As shown in the figure below, you only need to draw three simple shapes to create the foundation of your car drawing. These simple shapes can be drawn differently to create different types of cars, as shown in the image.

Step 2: Drawing the Foundation of the Car

draw a car step 2

This step will show you how to draw the car by starting to draw three simple shapes that resemble the three main parts of the car.

  1. Start by drawing three simple shapes to show the three main parts of the car. You can draw a rectangle for the main body and a quadrilateral figure to show the upper portion of the car. Then, you draw small circles below for the tires.
  2. After drawing the basic shapes, the following step is to outline and adjust your drawing to get the proportion or size of the car, as shown in the figure below.
  3. After drawing the outline, you can add more details to the car drawing, including putting metal lining, the windows, headlights, backlights, etc. Use your creativity in doing this step.

Step 3: Adding More Details to the Drawing

draw a car step 3

To improve your drawing, you can add more details to the drawing.

  1. You can add more details to the car. In particular, you can draw smaller lights and create doors.
  2. To enhance the car, you can also draw more lines to emphasize the texture and shape of the car.
  3. You can further enhance the drawing by putting the color of your choice.

Step 4: Adding Shades and Highlights

You can further improve the drawing by adding shades and highlights.

  1. To add depth and texture to the car drawing, you can put darker shades around the car. This will improve the overall appearance of your drawing.
  2. Finish the job by adding highlights to make the car appear ready to go.


Drawing a car is a fun and rewarding process that anyone can learn with practice and dedication. You can create a realistic and visually appealing drawing for your favorite car by breaking down the process into simple steps and using reference images. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, drawing a car can help improve your artistic skills and provide a creative outlet for your imagination.

Like in the image below, you can enhance the car drawing by adding backgrounds such as the beach, coconut tree, and many more. You can draw other backgrounds depending on your preference. Always remember to share this tutorial with others if you like it.

how to draw a car final

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