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How To Draw A Castle

how to draw a castle overview

At least one time in your life you wish to live in magical castles like those in Disney movies. While it’s challenging to conquer this dream, you might create your own fairytale kingdom by bringing it to life on paper.

With its tall towers and intricate details, a castle might be daunting for beginners. But fear not as in this guideline, our fundamental steps will help you capture your building’s essence in a simple yet charming way. Plus, we will equip you with essential drawing techniques that make your dream and reality intertwine.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of castle drawing? Pick up your pencil and let your talent and imagination soar!

Difficult level Hard
Estimate time 45 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Brush
Painting materials Watercolor, Color pencil, Crayon
Surfaces materials Paper, Canvas

How To Draw A Castle – Step by Step

Guide To Capture Your Dreamy Grandeur

Step 1: Shape the castle’s structure

draw a castle shape

What makes sketching a castle not too complicated is that it’s still a collaboration of different types of shapes. From rectangle to triangle to trapezoid, these simple parts would be stylized and combined to form something more figurative.

draw a castle step 1

Step 1: Begin by using your pencil to sketch a formative shape for your tower, including three main parts:

  • The main body: a rectangular shape which is taller than it is wide
  • The middle: also in rectangle, right above the body, which is wider than its tall
  • The roof: the top part, in a triangular form

Step 2: Now, refer to our image above to see how to stylize the body block.

  • Connect the bottom side to the top part by drawing straight lines that slope inward slightly.
  • To make it look realistic, adding square-shaped patterns to the top line to represent the battlement.

Step 3: For the middle block, use a pen or marker to trace the second sketched rectangle yet except its below side.

Step 4: On top of the middle part, draw a conical roof for the tower. You can draw it pointy or slightly curved, depending on the style you prefer. Here we make it pointy.

Step 2: Add details and colors to the tower

draw a castle step 2


Step 5: Draw small windows on the walls. You can make them rectangular, arched, or any shape you prefer.

Step 6: Draw a flag at the top of the roof. First you draw a short vertical line to represent the flagpole, then complete the flag shape.

Color the castle:

  • Start by selecting the colors for the walls.
  • Here’s a hint: Think about the materials the tower is made of. Here we choose earthy tones for our medieval castle. If you want it to be magical or whimsical, opt for vibrant or unusual colors.
  • Next, select colors for the rooftop, windows, and flag. Our advice is to use contrasting or complementary colors to make these elements stand out.
  • Need to add a touch of dimension? Use darker hues of the base colors to add shading to the tower.

Step 7: Add texture to the walls by including couples of subtle lines or rectangles to mimic the appearance of bricks. These touches will give your castle more character.

Step 3: Draw the whole castle

draw a castle step 3

draw a castle step 4

Now that you’ve nailed the way to make a single tower. It’s time to create the castle of your dream.

  • Draw as many towers as you like by applying the same process above. You might change their sizes and shapes to create a more lively architecture.
  • Add extra connectors between towers to form a complete building.

Let the adventure continue!

how to draw a castle final

Why leave your kingdom lonely with couples of towers when you can add some extra details to complement the look?

Suppose that your castle is set in a landscape, then start drawing the surrounding elements. This can include ground, trees, grass, rocks, or sky.

Use a variety of greens, browns, and blues for these parts. You might blend the colors together to create a smooth transition between elements.

For the final touches, use a lighter shade of the base color or a white pencil or paint to add subtle highlights to the edges or surfaces that catch the light.

Get ready to make it straight out of a fairytale? Good luck!

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