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How to Draw a Crown

how to draw a easy crown overview

Do you ever find the crown to be such a fascinating symbol of power? Do you ever want to recreate something so gorgeous and majestic that appears in mythology, history movies, and fairy tales?

Drawing a crown might not be easy for beginners due to its many details. But if you follow the instructions below, it’s totally doable. Well, shall we start?

Difficult level Normal
Estimate time 15 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Crayon, Brush
Painting materials Watercolor, Color pencil, Pastel, Crayon
Surfaces materials Paper

How to Draw a Crown – Step by Step

Step 1: Simple outline of a crown

draw a easy crown step 1

We all know what a crown looks like. So, our first step is creating that simple outline with a pencil:

  1. Draw 2 similar curves and connect them. This curved rectangle will be the base of our crown.
  2. Draw one vertical line in the middle, it’s the center of the crown. Then, draw 2 lines each on either side of the middle line, they should be symmetrical.
  3. Add the curve to connect every two lines to shape your crown. It should go from one line to another and have some space in between.
  4. Now, connect the curve with tiny circles at the tips of the crown. You would want the middle symbol to be different, as it’s often a diamond-shaped gold piece.

Step 2: The crown has gems and decorations

draw a easy crown step 2

Let’s take the following steps to make the crown look majestic as it should be:

  1. To create a three-dimensional effect, draw two small lines parallel to the top and bottom of the base.
  2. Finally, join these lines, which will protrude slightly on both sides of the crown base.
  3. It’s time to add some basic details to the crown top; focus on the space directly beneath the curves. Then, onto the crown base, add a line of little rectangles.
  4. Now, add the base decorations and gemstones of various shapes to the crown.

Step 3: A gorgeous crown comes to life

draw a easy crown step 3

Without colors of gold and beautiful gemstones, the crown is not completed, so you are free to be creative on the next step to finalize the drawing:

  1. Before we begin coloring, let’s delete all the redundant lines that served as an outline, leaving only clear drawing lines. Do not forget to add the back of the crown (image 9).
  2. The crown is often golden, and the gemstones are in vivid and solid colors. So, pick the shades you want and start coloring.
  3. Add darker shades of gold to create the shadows of the top onto the crown itself.
  4. Finally, put white highlights to show the crown’s gleaming sections on the other side of the shade.

Final Step: The background is also important!

how to draw a easy crown final

Should we leave the crown on the paper’s white background? Probably not, because it will not provide the desired magnetic effect. So, what should we do now? The image below can serve as inspiration for an appealing background, with golden light emanating from and encircling the crown and gemstones illuminating around it. The crown could be gleaming against a beautiful blue sky. It’s time to let your imagination run wild.

And please feel free to share with others this drawing guide!

how to draw a easy crown pin

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