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How To Draw a Happy Birthday Card

how to draw a happy birthday card overview

Birthdays are a special occasion we celebrate once a year to mark another trip around the sun. They are a time for reflection, gratitude, and, most importantly, celebration. While store-bought cards can be great, there is something extra special about receiving a handmade birthday card from the loved one. Not only does it show that they care, but it also allows for creativity and personalization.

So, why not put your artistic skills to the test and create a one-of-a-kind birthday card that will make the recipient feel loved and appreciated? This article will guide you through creating a personalized birthday card that will leave a lasting impression. Let’s get started.

Difficult level Hard
Estimate time 40 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Crayon, Brush
Painting materials Watercolor, Color pencil, Pastel
Surfaces materials Paper, Canvas

How To Draw A Happy Birthday Card – Step by Step

Step 1: Creating the Foundation of Your Drawing

draw a happy birthday card step 1

  1. To begin, let’s sketch the basic outline of your drawing in the center of the card. Please refer to the provided image as a reference guide.
  2. Next, fill in the outline with colors and add your desired text for the birthday greetings. Feel free to customize the text and make it as heartfelt or playful as possible.
  3. Take your drawing to the next level by incorporating shadows and highlights. Refer to the provided image for guidance on where to add these elements to your drawing.

Step 2: Upgrading your Sketch

draw a happy birthday card step 2

  1. Consider incorporating a tree in the background of your design. You have the option to create your own unique design or use the guide as a reference for inspiration.
  2. To enhance the tree in your drawing, consider adding some leaves. This helps create a more realistic and detailed representation of the tree.
  3. Next, add color to the tree leaves to make the drawing more detailed. You can create depth by using shading techniques to add dimension and make the leaves appear more lifelike.

Step 3: Adding More Details

draw a happy birthday card step 3

  1. Consider adding flowers to the tree and leaves to enhance the image further. This can add a pop of color and create a more vibrant and visually appealing drawing.
  2. Take inspiration from the sample image and incorporate flowers of varying sizes into your drawing.
  3. Consider adding color to the card’s background to enhance the drawing further. This helps create a cohesive and visually appealing design to make your birthday card stand out.


Creating a handmade birthday card is a wonderful way to show your loved ones how much you care. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a unique and personalized card that will be treasured for years. Remember, you can always add creative touches to make the card truly special and reflect your personality.

If you enjoyed creating this birthday card and would like to share your masterpiece with others, why not invite your friends and family to join the fun? You could organize a birthday card-making party where everyone can put their spin on the process and create a unique and heartfelt card for their loved ones.

how to draw a happy birthday card final

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