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How to Draw a Marker

how to draw a marker overview

Drawing with your own marker can be a fun challenge! With the instructions here, you will find it rather interesting and straightforward. We’ve outlined all the steps you’ll need to follow to finish your drawing, from shaping its parts to adding colors and completing the details. Check out the process below.

Difficult level Normal
Estimate time 15 minutes
Drawing materials Pen,marker, Crayon, Brush
Painting materials Watercolor, Color pencil, Pastel, Crayon
Surfaces materials Paper

How to Draw Markers – Step by Step

Step 1: Shape the marker

draw a marker step 1

Drawing the marker should start with creating its shape.

  • Draw a tall rectangle as the outline of your marker, then divide it into three parts: the head (about 1/4 of the rectangle), the body, and its lid.
  • Now, you want to add double lines to distinguish between each of these parts. Do not forget to make the marker lid’s edge a bit round.

draw a marker step 2

  • For the head part, you can divide it into three portions with a center line to mark the tip (red lines). Then, draw three parts of the head, with the tip being pointy.
  • Then, add a small rectangle to the lid’s side to create the marker holder.

Step 2: Make the Marker come Alive

draw a marker step 3

Now that you have the marker shape and parts, distinguish with the outlines, it’s time to add details such as the marker name, designs, and shadow to make it come alive:

  • Add the design details, such as small circles, thick lines, and even small stars or flowers, on the marker body. Then, write the marker brand name (Copic, Crayola, etc.) or simply write the word “marker.”
  • You can now erase the guidelines drawn with your pencil and add small lines to highlight the edge of the marker.

draw a marker step 4

  • Now, color the marker. It’s best you choose the same color for the lid and marker tip.
  • Finally, add a shadow to the left of the marker and highlights to its right. Draw some scribbles from the marker tip to show its writing.

It’s your time to be creative

how to draw a marker final

One marker cannot make the whole picture, you may want to create a collection for the image.

  • Use the same technique to draw markers of various colors, lying on the table or leaning at different angles.
  • Also, you can add several pieces of paper, with lines from the marker writing/drawing.
  • It’s nice to also add a brown background as the table surface to make the picture complete.
  • You can even add other small items to the table if you like.


With this simple guide, you can now teach yourself and your kids drawing and painting markers. Feel free to show this instruction to others and have fun drawing together!

how to draw a marker pin

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