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How To Draw A Notebook

how to draw a close notebook overview

It goes without saying that a notebook becomes a canvas for self-expression. It allows you to convey your thoughts, emotions, and ideas visually.

While it’s a useful piece that you might use everyday and carry everywhere you go, have you ever thought of sketching a “notebook” in your notebook?

Well, we’re sure it’s an interesting process that’ll leave you so much fun and creativity. Keep scrolling for our detailed step-by-step instruction to draw a notebook. From this simple sketch, you might let your imagination flow and customize it to your preferences. Have fun!

Difficult level Normal
Estimate time 30 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Brush
Painting materials Watercolor, Pastel
Surfaces materials Paper

How To Draw A Notebook – Step by Step

For the best illustration, here we’ll show you two different ways to draw a proper notebook – one is closing and the other is opening. Practice them both. It’ll appear much easier than you might think.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into the first journey!

Sketch 1: A closed notebook

Step 1: Create a basic look for the notebook

draw a notebook step 1

  1. Firstly, sketch a flat box for the base of the notebook.
  2. From the basic shape, start drawing slightly curved lines to serve as the cover and pages inside the notebook. Then draw an upside down “L” shape in the middle of the right edge to represent the button lock.
  3. Well you’ve just nailed a familiar look. Now let’s refine your drawing by tracing over the pencil lines. Yet don’t forget to form a realistic shape for the button lock (as shown in image 3).

Step 2: Time for extra touches and coloring

  1. Let’s see how random strokes elevate this drawing to the next level! Some places that need this extra spruce-up are the spine, the corners, and the pages on the right and below side. Next, erase any remaining pencil lines to clean up the drawing.
  2. Name your notebook anything that you like.
  3. Here comes the final step. Use colored pencils or markers to shade and fill in different areas such as the cover, lines, button lock, or and any additional details you’ve added.

Sketch #2: An open notebook

how to draw an open notebook overview

Congratulations on the first journey! What do you think about your drawing?

Next, take a deep breath and get ready for another round since we’re about to show you another stunning notebook drawing. It’s a bit tricky but we know you can nail it.

Step 1: Give the notebook a basic frame

draw a notebook step 4

  1. For this open notebook, draw a rectangle shape first
  2. Refer to Image 2 or our Book drawing tutorial to sketch the cover and page blocks on each side of the notebook. Here comes the funny part: some notebook is attached with a pen holder so why not add this creative detail to your drawing.
  3. To make your note more natural-looking, add extra touches such as the spine, rings and binders, sticky notes covered under pages. Then, make a real form for the pen.

Step 2: Final details and shading

draw a notebook step 5

  1. Erase any unnecessary guidelines. At the same time, draw extra lines to represent the pages.
  2. Add more details such as writing lines and extra short strokes for those areas in shadow.
  3. Last but not least, make your notebook standout by giving colors and suitable shading techniques.


Drawing notebooks is a perfect way to explore your creativity and practice your drawing skills. It also provides an opportunity to personalize your artwork by adding your own style.

If you want to practice more, try drawing it in other different positions and make it stand out in an intriguing background.

Find it magical? Share this simple tutorial for your kids or any art-obsessed fellows that you know!

how to draw a notebook final

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