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How To Draw a Paint Palette

how to draw a paint palette overview

The fun thing about drawing a color palette is that we can add the paint collection we love onto the palette. It could be pastel, vivid, vintage, or any combination that we want to show. A drawing of a palette can also help us learn about color theory and create a swatch for our drawing.

So, let’s start this exciting practice with the simple steps shown below.

Difficult level Normal
Estimate time 25 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Brush
Painting materials Watercolor, Color pencil
Surfaces materials Paper

How To Draw a Paint Palette – Step by Step

Step 1: Your color palette’s shape

draw a paint palette step

It all starts with creating the shape of the color palette. We are all familiar with this item, so the first step should be easy:

  1. Draw a square using your pencil and ruler. Then, use it as a guide to draw a circle touching its edges (image 1).
  2. Next, modify the top part of the circle to form the shape of the palette (image 2).
  3. Finally, add the thumb hole for your palette (image 3)

Step 2: Three-dimensional palette

draw a paint palette step 2

The drawing will be boring if we keep it a 2-D image, so it’s time to make the palette three-dimensional.

  1. Draw another line alongside the edge of the palette. Make sure you determine that the thick edge will show the angle of the item.
  2. Add several circles along the surface of the palette. Those are for the paints.
  3. As the palette is a wooden piece, feel free to add details such as wood grains on the surface and its edge.

Step 3: A colorful palette!

draw a paint palette step 3

These final steps are important, as they will show the uniqueness of your own drawing.

  1. Color your palette surface. Light brown is the best choice since you intend to draw a wooden palette.
  2. Add slightly darker shades of brown to highlight the wood grain, making the drawing more lively. Draw a tube of color right onto the palette surface. Do not forget to draw the spilled paint on the tube’s top.
  3. Then, paint the colors of your choice to the paint circles and the tube.

A complete drawing!

Remember the thumb hole? We can get creative by adding several paint brushes there.

How about a gradient background made of the paint combination shown on your palette?

It’s also a good idea to create color palettes of different shapes that showcase even more paint colors!

You have many choices to develop the drawing further and make it unique. Feel free to share the guide with others to start practicing drawing a gorgeous palette together!

how to draw a paint palette final

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