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How to Draw a Potion Bottle

how to draw a potion bottle overview

Many fantasy films feature images of potion jars filled with shimmering liquid. They are fascinating to look at because they symbolize mysterious magical power that can either agonize or lend strength to the person who uses them.

Not only that, but these potion bottles are also fun to draw. Continue reading as we make our own magic jars and embark on a magical creative adventure!

Difficult level Normal
Estimate time 40 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Crayon
Painting materials Watercolor, Color pencil, Pastel, Crayon
Surfaces materials Paper, Canvas

How to Draw a Potion Bottle – Step by Step

Step 1: Outline the bottle shape

draw a tpe potion bottle

The beauty of these bottles lies in the fact that they can come in any shape, pattern, and color. Indeed, we should start with a basic symmetrical bottle with three parts.

  • Refer to the illustration image to choose your preferred bottle shape.

draw a potion bottle step 1

  • Outline the lid, neck, and body of your potion bottle. The proportion of each part can be changed, but typically, the bottle will be 2 – 3 times the height of its neck and 4 times its lid.
  • Then, connect the outlined shape to form the bottle.

Step 2: Add lines to the bottle

draw a potion bottle step 2

The next step will make the bottle look more like a potion jar containing shimmering in it:

  • Erase the outlines so the bottle looks smooth and completed.
  • Now, add lines to draw the inside of the bottle.
  • Then, pour the potion into the bottle.

Step 3: Add the nametag and lid, then color the bottle

draw a potion bottle step 3

This step will make the bottle look more like what you see in movies.

  • You need a name tag for the potion right on the bottle’s neck. And the easiest way to warn others of this dangerous dose is to add two “x” to the tag. The lid also needs small details as it’s often a wood piece.
  • The exciting part is here; you get to decide the kind of potion you are making, so choose a color to present it. Now, pick a lighter shade of that same 9. color to show the bubbles, both inside the potion and above its surface.
  • Color the glass using a grayish shade, then color the bottle lid and name tag.

Step 4: Complete the image

draw a potion bottle step 4

At this point, you want to make the jar more visually appealing to the audience.

  • Do so by applying a darker color to one edge of the bottle.
  • Then, on the other side, add white highlights to make it appear like a clear crystal bottle.

Let’s get creative

Is there something missing now? Well, yes. There should be a full shelf of mysterious magical potion jars, right?

You can get inspiration from our art below using the same techniques shown earlier. Do not shy away from creating a whole collection of beautiful potion bottles.

Also, feel free to share these steps and illustrated guides with others so you can have a nice time drawing the magic image from your favorite fantasy movies.

how to draw a potion bottle final

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