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How to Draw a School Bus

how to draw a school bus overview

Drawing a bus can be a fun and challenging task, whether you are an experienced artist or just starting out. With some basic shapes and a bit of creativity, you can create a realistic and eye-catching bus drawing. In this guide, we will provide some tips and techniques to help you draw a bus step by step. So grab your pencils, and let’s get started.

Difficult level Normal, Medium
Estimate time 30 minutes
Drawing materials pen,marker, crayon, brush
Painting materials color pencil, pastel, crayon

How to Draw a School Bus – Step by Step

Step 1: Creating the Basic Shape of the Bus

draw a school bus step 1

The initial step is to create the basic shape of the bus. Start by drawing a big rectangular figure for the bus’s body. A smaller rectangle will also be drawn, connecting the lower left side of the bigger rectangle. This smaller rectangle will be the front part of the bus.

Then, you can add additional boxes dedicated to the wheels, the door, and the bus’s windows. After drawing these boxes, you can start outlining the shape of the bus to give more details to your drawing.

Step 2: Adding Details of the Bus

draw a school bus step 2

After outlining the shape of the bus, you can start adding additional details about the bus. You can begin drawing smaller windows, creating smaller rectangles that serve as the bus’s windows. Then, start drawing lines to make the doors.

After the door and windows, you can also start drawing all the other parts of the bus. Start by drawing a mirror located at the front of the bus. Then, remove the lines dedicated to the lights and the metal pieces. After that, you can start outlining the effect of the windows and the doors.

Step 3: Coloring the Bus

draw a school bus step

The last step is to complete the bus by adding colors. Start by erasing the guidelines that you have made on the bus. You can add the color of the bus, which is typically yellow. Then, you add additional details like the shadows and the highlights of the bus.

Final Step

how to draw a school bus facebook

You can enhance the drawing further by adding additional drawings outside the bus. As shown in the image below, you can add a background or other elements to develop the drawing further. Drawing a bus may be daunting, but with practice and patience. Anyone can create beautiful artwork. Remember to start with the basic steps and gradually build up the details.

how to draw a school bus pin

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