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How to Draw a Scientist

how to draw a scientist overview

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a scientist and peering through the lenses of their protective goggles. Have you ever wondered how to translate their remarkable essence onto paper?

Visualizing such a dynamic persona may seem like a daunting task, but fear not. This article is your key to unlocking the secrets of illustrating a scientist with finesse. From understanding their distinctive features to capturing their passion through posture and props, you’re bound to master them all.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your sketchbook, open your mind to the wonders of science, and prepare to create a scientist drawing that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Difficult level Hard
Estimate time 50 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Brush
Painting materials Pastel, Watercolor, Color pencil
Surfaces materials Paper

How To Draw A Scientist – Step by Step

Step 1: Build the scientist pose through stick figures and shapes

draw a scientist step 1

1. Your scientist needs a pose! Imagine she’s holding a beaker and sketch this pose using stick figures for torso, arms, and legs, and an oval for the head. Additionally, draw a vertical and horizontal line inside the oval to serve as guidelines for placing the facial features.

2. Replace the stick lines with blocks as shown in Image 2. For example, draw rectangular blocks for the torso and limps, polygon blocks for the feet, and triangular one for the pelvis.
Remember to modify the size and shape of these blocks to match the proportions of the stick figure. Plus, ensure that they are aligned and fit together naturally.

3. Now, it’s time to sketch their face expression. Scientists are passionate and curious about everything. Holding a beaker with a curious face, what makes more sense than that?
Refer our image to know where to place the eyes, eyeglasses, eye brows, nose, and mouth. Then, add hair to the scientist.

Step 2: Add finishing touches and refine

draw a scientist step 2

4. Scientists are often depicted wearing lab coats, so you can add that as well

  • Based on the blocks that you’ve built, sketch the coat and make sure that its bottom extend slightly below the legs.
  • Add collar and lapels to the lab coat.

5. After having a detailed framework, make it as clear as possible using blocks. Use too arches to represent the pockets as well.

6. Are you satisfied with the overall composition and details? If so, go over your pencil lines with a pen or marker. Erase any remaining lines after the ink has dried.

Step 3: It’s time for extra details and coloring

draw a scientist step 3

1. Finding a creative way to enhance the illustration? Include a thinking bubbles with details.

2. Now that you’ve nailed every detail of your drawing. Here comes the color time!

Select a color palette for your scientist. Begin with the skin tone, then color the lab coat (you can leave it white but adding a light gray is also a good option). Next, color the rest of her outfit, hair, and beaker.

3. Seem that it’s lacking in something here? Shading, absolutely! Add depth and realism to this drawing by shading areas that are naturally in shadow (refer to the Image 3).
Abracadabra! Your perfect drawing is done.


Dive into the world of art and science via scientist drawings. Why not?

Don’t be afraid to add personal touches or creative elements to your artwork. Start creating more versions of it by including a specific background, different poses, or additional laboratory equipments to capture the spirit of scientific discovery.

how to draw a scientist final

Example 01

how to draw a scientist final 2

Example 02

how to draw a scientist final 3

Example 03

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