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How to Draw a Simple Ghost

how to draw a simple ghost overview

How can a ghost look cute? That depends on how well you portray their cuteness in your drawing. Should a ghost be carrying a pink heart or swaying to music? That will undoubtedly bring out its charm. How about giving them a touch of mischief to go along with their evil nature?

Whatever you have in mind, let’s get started with this how-to tutorial for drawing a cute ghost.

Difficult level Normal
Estimate time 15 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Crayon, Brush
Painting materials Watercolor, Color pencil, Pastel, Crayon
Surfaces materials Paper

How to Draw a Simple Ghost – Step by Step

Step 1: Outline first!

draw a simple ghost step 1

Our ghost should be cute, so it surely needs a head. Let’s start by drawing the outline of this ghost:

  • There are two parts of the ghost, head and body; you can draw two rectangles, one large and one small, to create a suitable proportion for these two parts (image 1)
  • Now, with the rectangle as the reference, draw the head and body of the ghost based on your preference (image 2)
  • Now, delete the rectangles to reveal your ghost’s shape.

Step 2: A ghost holding a heart!

draw a simple ghost step 2

Now that you know the outline of a ghost, let’s get creative with drawing the image of a ghost holding a cute pink heart!

  1. This ghost resembles a potato with a head a bit smaller than the body. So draw your outline.
  2. Now, add the heart-shaped eyes and cute smiling mouth for your ghost.
  3. Then, draw its hands holding the huge heart and decorate its coat with some details.
  4. Finally, color your ghost.

Step 3: A Halloween ghost!!!

draw a simple ghost step 3

Well, well, how about a ghost that is both scary and adorable? It will surely fit the Halloween festive atmosphere! This drawing can even be a sketch for your Halloween costume this year.

  1. Start outlining your ghost again, head and body.
  2. Now, you want the eyes to look mischievous, so draw two right rectangles facing each other. Add detail to the ghost’s coat, too.
  3. Then, draw the trident and color it; your ghost should be a little scary, right? Do not forget the two pointy horns.
  4. Complete the image by coloring the dark eyes with red eyeballs and a red tongue, too!

Step 4: A ghost swaying to music!

draw a simple ghost step 4

Another creative take for drawing a ghost is showing it enjoying some music:

  1. Just like the examples above, give your ghost a head and a body.
  2. The eyes and mouth of this ghost should match its sweet personality and love of music (image 2).
  3. Next, sketch the finishing touches like the headphones, music player, carrying hand, and coat waves.
  4. Now it’s time to pick a bright color and fill in the picture.

Step 5: A wicked ghost!

draw a simple ghost step 5

Another mischievous ghost as an inspiration for your cute drawing is here:

  1. Draw the ghost’s head and body with an ideal proportion
  2. Draw the black eyes and the cute hand for your ghost.
  3. Now, add the axe and the coat details, as you want your ghost to look a tiny bit scary.
  4. Now, choose the dark colors, like brown or gray for the drawing.

Draw your imagination

Your adorable ghosts can also do things like hold flowers, wear a bow tie around their neck, or simply smile and sing. It may be clutching a “booo” balloon or sporting cute sunglasses. It all comes down to imagination! Don’t forget to share this guide so you may draw lovely ghosts with your friends!

how to draw a simple ghost final

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