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How to Draw a Easy Snowman

how to draw a easy snowman overview

Is drawing a snowman hard? Of course not. Is it fun? Definitely yes. What shows the lovely and snowy winter better than an adorable snowman?

With the quick steps below, you can shape the snowman, draw his round and cute parts, then add all the small details, such as the scarf, hat, and stick hands. Finally, do not forget about the fun coloring time, too!

Do you have your pencil and crayons with you? Let’s start right away.

Difficult level Normal
Estimate time 15 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Crayon, Brush
Painting materials Watercolor, Color pencil, Pastel
Surfaces materials Paper, Canvas

How to Draw a Easy Snowman – Step by Step

Step 1: Build the snowman from squares

draw a easy snowman step 1

A snowman is all round and round, but to shape him, we should use various-sized squares.

  1. Draw three squares slightly overlap the edge of each other. The bottom one should be the bigger, and the top should be the smallest (image 1).
  2. Add one more square slightly to the left of the square head, as it will be the snowman’s hat. Then, add two more rectangular shapes as the two hands to the middle square (image 2).
  3. With all these building blocks, you can now draw the snowman’s round bottom part, body, and head, all contained in the three squares.

Step 2: It’s time for the details

draw a easy snowman step 2

What’s next? We have a snowman’s parts in good proportion, so now, it’s time to add the details.

  1. Draw the snowman’s hat and redo the round body, bottom, and head of the snowman while deleting all the extra lines of the original outline. Do not forget the wooden sticks as his hands.
  2. To the important and fun part, you can add the eyes (two black dots), his nose ( half-a-carrot shape), and his smile. Then, draw the thick scarf to cover his neck and some cute buttons along his body.
  3. Complete the drawing by removing all the unnecessary lines.

Step 3: Color the white snowman

draw a easy snowman step 3

Yes, the white snowman needs some colors to give out the festive vibe.

  1. Decide the parts you want to color.
  2. Start from the hat to the snowman’s nose, hands, and scarf. Pick the color combinations that you like. A small suggestion, though, bright colors will look lovely.
  3. Add the shading to the snowman and the ground to make the image lively.


We should not stop at drawing one snowman on white paper; you can take the drawing experience further by decorating the background. Did you learn how to draw the night sky full of beautiful stars and planets with our guides?

Maybe check that out. Or else, any idea for a snowy background and a cozy home with Christmas lights can all make your picture lovely!

how to draw a easy snowman final


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