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How to Draw a Spaceship

how to draw a space ship overview

Drawing a spaceship can be a fun and creative activity for science function enthisuasts, artists, or anyone interested in space exploration. While it may seem a difficult task, with a few basic guidelines and some practice, anyone can learn on how to draw a spaceship. Check out the step-by-step instruction on hoe to draw a spaceship below.

Difficult level Normal, Medium
Estimate time 30 minutes
Drawing materials recommendation Pen,marker, crayon, brush
Painting materials recommendation Color pencil, pastel, crayon

How to Draw a Spaceship – Step by Step

Step 1: Shape

draw a space ship step 1

Start by creating three straight lines that are parallel to each other. The lines should form a 60-degree angle when drawing a horizontal line. Then, you draw one perpendicular line at the top that passes through the original three lines. You can do the same below but draw two lines.

Then, start drawing the body of the spaceship. Please note that all of its parts are symmetrical, meaning it is made up of similar parts facing each other. Start drawing the body at the point in the middle line where it meets the small perpendicular line.

You can draw one side as shown on the figure and then draw another on the other. Then, after drawing the body, put a small circle at the center of the spaceship’s body. Then, you can add a design by drawing three curved lines at the top of the spaceship’s body.

After that, you can add the wings of the spaceship. As shown in the figure, the wings should look like a shark fin.

Step 2: Detail

draw a space ship step 2

The next step is to draw the other parts of the spaceship in detail. Draw the engine, connecting it to the bottom part of the spaceship. Then, you add the fire connected directly to its engine.
You can also add details on the engine and the fire. You can draw additional lines inside the engine and the fire at the bottom.

Step 3: Creating the Shape and Adding the Colors

draw a space ship step 3

The next step is creating the shape and putting colors on the spaceship. You can start by erasing all the guidelines you made earlier, leaving only the spaceship drawing. Then, start coloring the spaceship using any color of your choice. You can add shadows, highlights, and other details as shown in the image below.

Final Step

After putting on the colors, you can enhance your drawing by adding a background or adding some planets similar to the images below.

how to draw a space ship final

how to draw a space ship pin

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