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How to Draw a Ukulele

how to draw a ukulele

Let music and art intertwine through a cute drawing of a ukulele! Excited to explore how to bring this charming musical instrument to life on paper?

While it might initially seem complicated, breaking it down into simple steps will make the process much easier. Here, we show you a detailed tutorial that will help you gain inspiration and master this dreaming artwork. Keep scrolling and get everything ready for the upcoming exciting time!

Difficult level Intermediate
Estimate time 30 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Crayon
Painting materials Color pencil, Pastel
Surfaces materials Paper

How to draw a Ukulele – Step by Step

Step 1: Give your ukulele a basic appearance

 draw a ukulele step 1

1. There’s no need to rush on any drawing. Take a step back and look at our initial sketch of a ukulele (image 1). Figuring out each part is an excellent way to help you understand its structure and nail the best drawing.

2. Make the process less challenging by starting with basic shapes. Sketch three rectangles to represent the instrument’s body, neck, and headstock.

3. From these blocks:

  • Outline the body: Slightly sketch a long curved line to form the ukulele’s body (it looks pretty like a peanut).
  • Shape the headstock: Ukuleles often have a distinct shape at the end of the headstock, so you can either keep it simple (as shown in the picture), make it rounded, or add a design element of your choice. After that, add four tiny circles on the headstock surface.
  • Use those circles to position the four tuning pegs (two on each side) we’re about to draw. Each peg is a compilation of a tiny rectangular block and a larger one lying upon it.

4. Draw a circle to represent a soundhole at the top of the ukulele’s body. Below it lies a small, horizontal rectangular shape that mimics a bridge.

Step 2: Add final details and spruce it up with colors

 draw a ukulele step 2

5. Draw horizontal lines across the neck to form the fretboards. Then, use a white pencil to draw four parallel lines from the head to the bridge to represent the ukulele strings.

6. Now comes the coloring time.

  • The brown hue is perfect for displaying the wooden material of traditional ukuleles. So, we’ll use it for several parts, including the neck, soundhole, and bridge.
  • Color the tuning pegs light gray to represent its metal material.

7. Choose a vibrant blue hue for the left part of the ukulele (including the body and headstock).

8. Do you want to add decorative details? Use different colors to paint anything you like. For example, you can add colorful rainbows to several parts of this instrument to give it an astonishing look

An additional tip: If you want to represent that the ukulele has aged and become worn over time, add tiny white patches to some parts to create that weathered effect.

Test another fresh decoration. Why not?

 draw a ukulele step3

You’re free to make your drawing any enchanting look. Besides the image of a rainbow in the sky, try flowers on the grass.

It’s simple and exciting. Start coloring the head and body parts green, then paint some white flowers to make them stand out. Weathered effects are also applied for a realistic look.

How about a super cute Minion ukulele?

 draw a ukulele step 4

In this drawing, yellow is the overwhelming color. Apply it to the body part. Next, create the familiar outfit by painting blue for the rib overall and adding some dash lines for additional details. Here, we see the soundhole as an eye and add a goggle prop around it. Looks fascinating, right?


Drawing a ukulele is a must-try since there are diverse ways to decorate it and make it pop and lovely.

We’ve just shown you three examples of coloring and decorating. If you’re still interested, create more drawings and make a colorful collection of your own. Or else, try to give your instrument a nice background. A perfect piece of artwork is just a few steps ahead.

how to draw a ukulele final

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