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How to Draw an Airplane

how to draw an airplane overview

Up in the sky, the planes are taking people from one place to another. Now you want to show them on your canvas but are a bit intimidated by many details on a plane. Is it gonna be easy to draw an airplane? Well, the good news is that it’s not that complicated if you know what you’re doing. Continue reading!

Difficult level Medium
Estimate time 35 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Crayon, Brush
Painting materials Color pencil, Pastel, Crayon
Surfaces materials Paper

How to Draw an Airplane – Step by Step

Step 1: Create the shape of the airplane

draw an airplane step 1

It’s important that you create a frame of the airplane before getting into its shape and details so the drawing does not look sloppy.

  • Draw a rectangle showing the length and width of the plane body looking from the side. You should now determine the plane’s tail and head, then connect those two points (image 1)
  • Next, draw guidelines for the wings, making it look like a boomerang. The distance between the plane’s wings to its head should be about half the distance to its tail.
  • Using the rectangle frame and the guidelines as the reference, draw the plane’s body and wings (black lines).

Step 2: Add the engine, fin, and wing lines

draw an airplane step 2

Now that you have the basic frame for the airplane, let’s add more lines to form its parts:

  • Draw a small boomerang paralleled with the large wings to make the plane’s tail. Also, add two round engines under each wing.
  • Then, since you are looking at the plane from one side, there are parts of the tail and the wing cutting through the plane’s body, let’s add those lines (image 5).
  • Next, draw the fin at the end of the plane, like that of a shark (image 6).

Step 3: Complete all the details of a plane

draw an airplane step 3

You are now at the step to make your plane come alive with details:

  • Add the series of windows and the door on your plane. For the engines under the plane wings, make sure to add the engine bodies. Afterward, as we look at the plane from the side, let’s erase all the parts that you cannot see.
  • Then, add some design points for the plane, focusing on the wings and its tail.
  • To complete drawing, erase all the guidelines.

Step 4: Color and highlight the plane

draw an airplane step 4

It’s coloring time:

  • Use flat colors of your choosing to color your plane. It should be noted that most planes are not typically colorful.
  • To add depth, apply white highlights and shadows to the plane’s wings, tails, and body.
  • Finally, add some cute clouds to put the plane in the sky.

Final Step

how to draw an airplane facebook

Your plane should be flying in the sky, so a blue background with white clouds can help make the drawing look lovely. If you find drawing a plane an enjoyable experience with our instructions, feel free to share it with your friends. Have a relaxing time drawing together!

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