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How to Draw an Alarm Clock

how to draw an alarm clock

Let’s continue the journey of drawing everything around you! Today, we’ll show you how to master the alarm clock via three simple steps. It won’t take you a lot of time since only familiar shapes and strokes are used.

What are you waiting for? Grab your favorite pencil and follow our tutorial to create a brand-new piece of artwork.

Difficult level Intermediate
Estimate time 35 minutes
Drawing materials Pen, Marker, Crayon
Painting materials Color pencil, Pastel
Surfaces materials Paper

How to Draw an Alarm Clock – Step by Step

Step 1: Sketch the basic frame of the alarm clock

draw an alarm clock step 1

1. Before making every detail apparent and colorful, sketch the overall image of your alarm clock first by using light strokes.

Here, we sketch the traditional alarm clock, which includes a lock face with hands and numbers, a snooze button, a handle, bells, and legs.

2. From the primary sketch, draw a big circle to represent the clock face. Then, draw another circle outside the first one to form the rim.

3. Next, add some details to enhance the look:

  • At the top of the oval shape, draw the snooze button. It’s a combination of two small rectangular shapes, the horizontal one lying on top of the vertical one. You can make it lean a bit on one side to gain a more natural look.
  • Next, draw two half-oval shapes that represent the bells of the alarm clock (This is where the sound comes from when the alarm goes off). These bells will be connected with the clock body by two small rectangular blocks.
  • At the bottom, make the clock balanced by giving it two legs.

Step 2: Add the clock handle and draw its face

draw an alarm clock step 2

4. Don’t miss out on the clock handle to give it a more traditional vibe. Then, carefully erase any unnecessary guidelines and overlapping lines to clean up your drawing before turning to the next step.

5. It’s time to draw the clock face by adding hours. Please note that you can use regular numbers, Roman numerals, or minor tick marks to indicate this detail. Don’t forget to draw a small dot in the middle of the clock face to form the base of the clock hands.

6. Use arrows for the hour hand and minute hand. Remember that the hour’s arrow is shorter than the minute’s one. After that, add a light line to represent the second hand, pointing at any number you prefer.

Step 3: Make your alarm clock charming with colors and shading

draw an alarm clock step 3

7. You can color your alarm clock drawing using markers, colored pencils, or other coloring tools. Move to the next step after having your favorite color palette (or choose the same as ours).

8. Use a light pink or a creamy shade for the clock’s face. Then, color the rim and bells with a pop-up color like red or orange. Trace over the hours’ lines with dark hues of brown and yellow to make them easy to spot. For the left parts, a light shade of brown is perfect.

9. Add some white strokes to the bells and rims for highlighting. Then, use a darker shade of brown to shade those parts in shadow. You’ll make your clock more vibrant and appealing by nailing this technique. Finally, make any necessary adjustments or touch-ups to get the perfect drawing.


Fantastic! You’ve mastered a cute and inspiring drawing in your artistic journey. But it should not end here!

Feel free to add some decorative elements to your alarm clock. For example, you can draw buttons or knobs on the sides, lines or patterns on the clock face, or any other details you like. Even better? Draw a dream background (like your study corner or your nightstand near the bed) to complete your artwork.

Embrace the process and enjoy the journey of honing your drawing abilities. Find this tutorial helpful? Share it with others so that everyone can practice and dive into the exciting drawing journey.

how to draw an alarm clock final

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